Friday, February 6, 2009

Some funnies.

Pierce has been saying some funny things lately, here are a few....

Couple days ago, out of the blue

"Mommy when you die Piercy's gonna be so sad"

(I'm thinking how sad/sweet he knows he would miss his mommy, I need to go hug him, but he clarifys himself)

"You wont be here to make me food anymore. I'll have to cook and I'll get burned"

I started back to Jazzercise this week and of course I take the kids. When we were leaving today Pierce was walking through the room where we work out and says
"Mommy it smells in here"
"Oh yeah, what's it smell like?"
"It smells like excercise"
I also started the choir this week, and in order to prepare for this Sunday's song I've been listening to the song over and over this week.
Naturally the kids start to sing along. Here's part of the song...
"We are not ashamed, no we are not ashamed of the GOSPEL....."
Here's what I hear Pierce belting out...
"We are not ashamed, no we are not ashamed of the GOLF BALL......"