Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Look at this sweet child. How could this face do anything wrong? I do believe, I had my worst 'mortified' moment in parenting yet. I went to Jazzercise and of course the kids went, and went into the child care room. Apparently there was also a game of 'duck, duck, goose' going on, and I guess the game got heated up? Hope didn't like that one of the girls she was playing with was saying, "you're in the pot, you're in the pot" and guess what she did? SHE PUNCHED THE LITTLE GIRL IN THE FACE. Did you hear me? SHE PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE. Hope also had a ring on, and the ring left a mark on her face!!! I seriously could have died, like crawl in a hole from mortification. Oh my little girl......

Monday, June 27, 2011

Another visit has come and gone.

Between stinky boy fishing, and girlie pedi's we managed to do a few other things with Paul's parents while they were here....

LOTS of game playing, Memaw is great for playing with the kids
She even taught Pierce a game on the computer, he LOVED it.
And she let Hope beautify her, as only Hope can.
Kids got to show off in the pool. Can't even begin to count how many times the kids said, "watch me!!!"

We went to the Nashville Zoo.
And Grandpa sent them on a train ride that they never had done before.

Too fun!!!We had a wicked game of putt-putt, Boys vs. Girls. Whoever won, had to serve the other team all day long and bow while serving...... We were feeling pretty strong.

Of course the boys were talking a big game of smack.
Girls came out strong, oh yes we did...
But those stinky boys....OH those STINKY boys!!!
Oh yeah, we had to serve, and bow. Don't you know they MILKED THAT.

RICO and I got to go out on a date....seriously, he is too much ;)Somehow we ended up in a honky tonk store and tried on cowboy hats. I'm telling you what, he's trying to suck me into being a 'ken-tucky' woman!!!

But I did see this shirt and think of you Jaime Mac. You'd fit right in down here!! ;)But the best thing about Memaw and Grandpa's visit? Just spending time with them.

Thanks for everything Memaw and Grandpa, we are counting down until the next visit.....

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Tellin' fish stories.

The 'no girls allowed, stinky fish and stinky boy trip' has come to a close, and it was a HUGE success. Pierce had a great time, and is chomping to go back, I'm so glad he got to go do this with his dad and grandpa. I was also glad to hear him say, "maybe the next time we go, mommy and Hope can go with us?" He warms my heart ;)

I am telling this from a second hand account, so I can't take as many liberties with my story tellin' You know my fish stories would me greatly embellished ;)....All of these pictures are from Paul's cell phone, he was sweet to take a lot of pics for me. A view of the lake from their little house they stayed at.

I think I may have added this one on an earlier post, but I think it's too sweet. Pierce and Grandpa sharing a moment, man to man.They grilled out, and had a nutritionally deplete meal of hot dogs, chips and junk.
This was also where they stayed, how cute is this??

Pierce running around in the rain :-)On the morning of the fishing trip they got up at 5:00 in the morning, to head out. They caught 9 total fish, but could only keep three. Here's one of grandpas :-)
Little skipper. :-)
Pierce caught 3!!!

Notice the chocolate all over the teeth? Paul said Pierce would randomly grab an Oreo and say "Hey, it's boy time, I can eat whatever I want, whenever I want, even when it's dark outside!!" HA!! Nothing like breaking the rules to make it a good time :-)

Here they are!! The 3 fish they brought back, and they are good eatin'!

First he was able to drive the boat with daddy....
Then all by his self!! BIG STUFF!!
He conked out and slept the 2 hour trip back.
When he walked through the door he chest kind of 'puffed up' and he was SO proud of his self. Gone away, and had a big time with just the boys. I'm so glad he got to go do this, these are the memories that will last a lifetime.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Play along if you wish....

There's a group of us that have "blog off topics" from time to time, and Jaime Mac gave us all our latest assignment. Anyone reading this FEEL FREE TO JOIN :-)

Topic this time, is FAVORITE FOOD and RESTAURANTS. *Since I have company, and lots of things to post, I am going to go ahead and do mine a day early* ;)

1) Mexican. I can't say that I really have a favorite one though, I like lots of Mexican joints, even though I must say Puerto Vallarta is really yummy. I'm kind of a boring Mexican eater though, I always get chicken soft tacos, I know, YAWN. But I think it's delish, and I could eat my weight in chips and salsa, that's my absolute fave.

2) Italian. Again, I don't have a favorite place, I like it most any place. The Old Spaghetti Factory is good, but I also love The Spaghetti Shop, YUM!! I love good ol' lasagna and garlic bread, and baked ziti!! Does Pizza fall in this category too? If it does or doesn't that's also a favorite, and my favorite place to get pizza is Pizza Hut or Wick's, YUM!!

3) Hubers. I don't really know how to categorize this, I guess I'd call it home cookin'? I love their fried biscuits with apple butter, and fried chicken and chicken and dumplings, mmmmmm.

4) McDonalds. Oh yeah, it's true, and I'm not ashamed to admit it. I love me some McDonalds. Give me one of their hamburgers, fries and a diet coke, HEAVEN.

5) And my absolute favorite?? Sushi. (all you haters, need to shut it down ;)) I love it at Kansai, I know there are lots of other wonderful places to get it, but I love Kansai. I used to also be scared of sushi, and just thought it was nas-ty, but finally one day I gave it a chance and I wondered, "what is this party in my mouth?" My sister also tried it around the same time, and we started to share about this new heaven we had found! There's really no way to explain it, but all you sushi lovers out there no what I'm speaking of, testify with me people!!

So, that's it for my favorite food :-)

Until next topic.....

Thursday, June 23, 2011

First day of Summer was June 21st, right?

Today was a continuance of NO BOYS ALLOWED, and our agenda for today was to do some shopping. We headed out for Meemaw's favorite store....

Time to peruse the knick knacks and find a trinket we just might HAVE to buy. Of course, we were greeted by Fourth of July displays, makes sense right? Seeing that it's summer and it's right around the corner....
And you know the first day of summer was only MONDAY June 21st, that would be a mere 2 days ago, just getting started in our summer fun, right??

So, imagine our shock when we turned a corner and this was down the isle...."Oh surely, it's just this display."
I know I've seen Christmas out in August, but NEVER have I seen in out in JUNE!! People!!!
And not just a little.....

Even the big man himself. You know I love Christmas like crazy, but this is extreme.Even though I found Jami and Tracey's Christmas gifts. A COLTS nutcracker. You're welcome girls.
Once we got over our shock it was time to get back to shopping at hand. I wonder if she sees me taking lots of pictures??
Taking pictures of all the awesome things she found.

Until an isle of mirrors drew her in like a moth to a flame. She was strutting her stuff up and down, watching every minute of it. Can't you just hear Ru Paul singing "you better work it girl"OH MY WORD.
A little girl's paradise.

The exact sentiments of our day ;)
Happy to say that the boys are back from their trip....stinky, fishy pictures to come :-)