Friday, August 28, 2015

In which TWO kids run.

In May Pierce started asking, "mom when does running start back up." 

And for two months it was that question OVER and OVER. 

He really loves to run, so when the EXCITING news came in July I almost couldn't hold him back. SON IT'S TIME TO RUN. 

Now we as a family had been working on running together, and well, as you can see, IT WASN'T PRETTY.

I've said it before, I will say it again, I've never enjoyed running. I have tried many times to get it, but I just don't, and I thought Hope was like me. We asked her many times over last year if she wanted to join running club and she always gave a firm no.

But then this year I noticed she would jog along the group. But still would give a firm no on joining. WHATEVER HOPE.

Then one night she sheepishly told me, "mom I'm gonna join."

And then she was in it to win it, with all the hype leading up to the first run.

Early on a Saturday morning, both nervous. 

Hundred of kids at this race.

Somewhere between 150-160 kids.

Eventually I lose them in the sea of bodies.

But then you hunker down at the finish line and wait to see your child.

I heard a friend say, "I see long sleeves, it's Pierce" and I was uh, no way.

He came in 9th place, out of 150.

First place for Natcher.

His improvement from last year is huge.

And then here came Hopie. She seriously rocked it! She came in 56th, and smoked many of the boys! Considering she just joined, I was really impressed.

And once she completed it, she was SO glad she did it.

So for the next couple months we will be watching them cross finish lines

Looking extremely pained while doing so.

But seriously sweet watching them dig in and give all they got.

Not sure how long the running thing will last

But as a non-runner who always envied runners, I hope they can stick with it.

Besides we are having fun.

And making the best memories.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Operation pergola

Weeks before we moved into our house Paul told me that he was going to build a pergola. I personally had no idea what a pergola was, but of course googled it and then decided that his idea was good. We only had a small slab out back and really did need something else, so sure let's have a pergola.

He didn't want to tackle this job alone, and I sure as heck wouldn't be of much use to him, so he summoned his crew and they agreed.

And really what kind of friends drive two hours, to help you build something OUTSIDE when it's 8 gazillion degrees by 7 am?  THE BEST KIND.

They were here the night before so they could get a really early start that morning.

It really was over 80 degrees at 7 that morning, such a HOT day.

I felt really bad for them, so I offered them water and stuff.

And you know cheered them on.


And they had that thing whipped up in a few hours.

They really are handy bunch.

And see that little boy in the bright neon shirt admiring Matt?

 It was so fun for him to be included all day like one of the men.

Even harassed and picked on like one too.

 And he loved every minute.

And let me tell you what I am loving.

One night when I got home Paul had set up lights out there for me.

We have a hammock and lights and it's just a little piece of lovely right out my back door.

Operation pergola, a great success!

Friday, August 14, 2015

5th & 3rd

Well that was a quick summer. 

But hello, what summer break is NOT fast. It's just the nature of the beast, and also getting OLD. "Where has the year gone??" Hello, how many times a day does old lady G say that? 

And then you really want to get old, well just have some children and literally you will always wonder, where have the years gone? Just get on Facebook at any given moment, and every mother since Eve is saying that. 


But um, our son is in 5th grade. Where have the years gone? 

Last Sunday was open house to find out who his teacher was, etc. He really had no preference who his teacher was this year, just wanted to remain in class with his friends. 

Hope on the other hand was hoping for Pierce's third grade teacher, and she did get her. But that only sort of outweighed the fact that her best friend wouldn't be with her this year. Sad face, she's at a different school this year. 

 But we've just tried to keep it positive. Her friend still lives in the area so they will still see each other.

And Pierce did get in a class with all his friends, so they both left feeling pretty pumped.

Last year was such a great year for Pierce, and prayerfully this is also a great year.

 Same goes for Hope, prayers for a great year. I always pray with them that they shine a light to those around them, and reflect Him.

So here we go, 5th and 3rd.


Monday, August 10, 2015

Holiday World

The day we had been talking about for WEEKS, finally came. (Oh you know, back in JULY) The kids were up super early, bouncing around, screaming, and thanking me for "this opportunity." And you know, Holiday World is an opportunity! AN OPPORTUNITY TO HAVE FUN. 

My kids had never been, so I think they were just a little extra excited.

Pierce and I didn't waste any time, and we were in life for his first coaster.

I personally had not been on a coaster in about 15 years, so I wasn't sure how my 40 year old body would handle it.

But I wasn't gonna let that stop me.

AFTER HIS FIRST COASTER. Yeah, it sorta tripped him out, but he told me he would ride it again, so it was all good. As far as me? Um, my body was screaming at me, YOU ARE 40 NOW!

The park was pretty crowded that day.

But the weather was perfect.

Not all that hot for a July day.

We spent hours in the water park, Splashin' Safari. The first big ride that we took the kids on was a water coaster, and it FREAKED Hope out, so I was sure she was done for the day. But after an hour or two, I convinced her to ride a slide with me.

She kept looking allll the way up there and would get scared, but I knew if she would take this one on, she would have fun.

But nerves and tears.

But it was an easy slide, and as soon as we got down she asked to ride it again. SUCCESS!

Bad thing about hanging in the water park is no pics of it, but it really was so much fun.

We opened the park up that day, and we closed it out too.


But such a fun day.

The kids heard me talking about going to Disney, and they spoke up and said, WE WOULD RATHER GO TO HOLIDAY WORLD.

Well you know that would save me a few thousand dollars, so I'm good with that.

They have both told me it was one of the best days of their lives, so I'm sure it will be something we do every summer. 

And for the record today is the very last day of summer break for the kids.

Tomorrow begins 5th and 3rd grade! Whoop!