Friday, November 28, 2008

Chris and Gretchen's B-day Party

(Jo, this post is for you, now you can get off my back, lol)

Me and my brother always celebrate our birthdays together. My brother was born on November 18, 1965 and then I arrived November 17, 1974. Actually he's never forgiven me for ruining his 9th birthday. My mom went into labor during his party and had to leave for the hospital to give birth to me (sorry Chris) Here's a little glimpse of our combined party.

Always cute....

Seriously, when did "Cody Bear" grow up???
What a wild party, there were naked girls there!!!!!


The girls are ready for cake!!

Me and my bro opening gifts.

Seriously, how cute are these two?? Remember, young love?!?!?

Come on, you know you want cinnamon for your birthday!!!!!

Me and my honey ;)

Norman Rockwell??

Another Thanksgiving come and gone. I just love this time of year and hands down my favorite meal of the year. Why do I stuff myself as though I will never eat again, I wonder this every single year. I have PLENTY to be thankful for. Without a doubt the thing that I keep thanking my Lord for is that my husband is healthy this year. I think this is the first Thanksgiving he hasn't been sick at in years. A healthy spouse is something I would imagine most people take for granted but after years of watching Paul suffer I can't help but wish that this is just the beginning of many Thanksgiving's that he is well.

Here we all are. Another wonderful Turkey day, of course my dad is not in the picture, but I
think we kind of look like a Norman Rockwell picture!
This one you can see my cutie pie Hope
Yes, Hope was in her pajamas and she was grumpy for this photo shoot.

Gotta love my brother in the back!

Who taught you how to put on makeup?

Any parent knows that when it gets quiet that it's time to get worried. Tonight, the dreaded quiet!!! I went in search not knowing what I might find.

Turns out Hope was practicing her makeup techniques.

"Look mommy, I'm going to love mascara just like you!"


So, I married a hunter. UNBELIEVABLE. I never was a fan of hunting, but it's in his blood and he loves it. Now we go to Michigan every year in November for "opening day" which happens to fall on my birthday too. Of course this is a good reason to go see his parents and for me to relax, but the main reason is so my man can shoot Bambi. Thought I'd share a few pics (I actually have lots more and I will share later) here are a few of my son, (whom I believe will also be a hunter, YIKES) and Hope (still unseen what she will think of hunting).....................BEWARE, IF DEAD DEER BOTHER YOU DO NOT LOOK AHEAD...........

My cutie pie ready to go....

Hope ready for the cold!!
The "hunter" after his kill....

This "hunter" wants nothing to do with it....

"Shooting" the deer!!

Petting the poor dead deer...

SHe was fine with those things from a distance!

Passed out on the way back to Indiana.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


So, yesterday was my 34th birthday, YIKES....

I really believe I am beginning to feel older. It was just a few years ago that I was the "young one" out there strutting my stuff. Now I see these girls walking around with half their clothes off and I want to say to them "cover up your belly, does your mother know you dress like that?" Or wasn't it just yesterday that I would be getting ready to go out for the night at 10:00, now I am a zombie and in bed by 10:00..... and wasn't I the one who was always up on the "cool music" and now I hear that stuff and wonder "what is that noise" ......I do believe I am getting old.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm in mourning.


Pierce's nap time

October 2004-November 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

We're in Michigan

Not much blogging here lately. I actually have a lot to say and lots of pictures to post, just haven't had the time. Now we are in Michigan visiting the in-laws (Memaw and Grandpa) and hopefully I'll have some time later to update.......

Something interesting in the blog world. Through my friend Jami I've been reading a blog of someone I don't know at all (I'm sure all of us bloggers do this)
Anyways I'm stolling down the aisles of Target the other day when I see a girl I'm sure I recognize, but I'm just not sure I know. She's also starring at me, I assume thinking the same thing. Then it dawns on both of us "hey I know you, BUT yet I don't know you" then we just stood there and chatted and knew all these things about each other but had never met. It was starnge but very cool. It's neat how this blogging thing connects us to one another in ways we would never expect!! It was nice meeting you Megan.......

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Moments I Never Want To Forget.

I guess all moms and dads have these moments. Moments you never want to forget. Those days your child looks up at you and says something that you either think is hilarious, sad or just so stinkin' sweet. Humor me while I share a few........

**At a birthday celebration over the weekend we were having potato soup. I put the bowl of soup in front of Pierce and said "here you go" "mommy, I don't eat soup" oh you don't, why not?" "SOUP IS FOR GIRLS"

**A whisper in my ear at 6 a.m. "You are the best mommy ever"

**Calling a fly swatter a "fly spoon"

**Telling me stories "When I was a little boy"

**Hearing my little Hopie say "mommy, mommy, mommy" every morning

**Listening to her squeal in delight when she finds her paci "der it s"

**Every night looking out her window, "Moon, night-night"

YES, we've all got the moments, just hope I never lose the memories.

Monday, November 3, 2008

My Best Friend....

Saturday night Tracey took me out for my birthday and what a fun night it was! We started out with dinner at one of my favorite places, Olive Garden. Then off to do my absolute favorite thing in the world, SHOP! Tracey gave me money to buy whatever I wanted, so we headed to Louisville to shop and ended up with some luck at Kohl's, and what night would be complete without dessert?!?
Tracey, I thank God for your friendship! You're such a blessing to me and all those around you, a great wife, mother, and friend!! Love you bunches!!!

Yummy, Olive Garden, mmm....

Hello, lover :)
"Watch out Eric, you know this is pure sexy"

"Um no, I cannot fill that out"

"If the purple one wont do it I'm sure this one will....."

Texting mama's......


Perfect ending to a perfect night!!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Cowboy and Tinkerbell

Of course last night was Halloween and Pierce was a cowboy and Hope was Tinkerbell. This is actually the first time either one of them has actually gone trick or treating and needless to say it was a big hit. We went over to Pat and Amy Martin's house and it was a great time. Lots of yummy food and desserts, kids everywhere dressed up, and tons of sugar too get high on. Overall a wonderful night to make memories......

First stop of the night, Neena and Papaw's house.
How cute is that from behind?Posing in front of a POSH playhouse!! (That thing has hard wood floors, heat/air, t.v.)Heading up for the loot! Hope got brave enough to go up on her own once she realized what she was getting!
Jo, Amy, me and Hope.Paul and I starting to think "how much candy do we get for all this walking!"Here we all are posing in front of the cemetary, SCARY!!
The girls!Kiddos wearing their "scary glasses"Are you ready for your close up, pretty girl?!