Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Prayer By Hope

I want to be sure and document my daughters prayers so I wont forget, here's how they usually go:

Jesus, amen.
Jesus, amen.
Jesus, amen.
Daddy work.
Pierce, um, um, play ball.
Dordan (Jordan) go poo-poo on da flo.
Plane go night-night.
Food hot.
Ball down, get hurt.
Mami (Jami)
Pooper (Cooper)
Chuch with Me-Me
Now might break into a song

There are times I'm almost in stitches by the time she finishes. I love it.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Our Cubbie Graduates

Pierce has completed his Cubbies for the year and Sunday night was the awards ceremony. He memorized 24 Bible verses over 7 months!! Paul and I have been so happy to see how he's loved it, and are looking forward to it again next year. It's a great way to reinforce what you are teaching at home, and I'm so pleased our church has such neat programs for the children.

After the ceremony we took him out for pizza at Pizza King and let him play games, and then headed for ice cream. It was a great night.

**On a side note.... Paul, Hope and I were waiting for the ceremony to begin and sitting in the pews. People were everywhere and Hope was looking around, all of sudden Hope says to me "wook der's Macy" I look at the row over and there sits a little girl that's in Hope's class, and in fact her name is Macy. I was stunned. I couldn't believe that Hope knew a little girl in her class, and that she knew her by name!! She floors me***

Waiting with his other cubbie friends, and his teacher that he adores!!!

Looking back trying to find mommy and daddy.

Performing a song that they learned............it was so adorable!!!

Kind of frowning here about something?!?

So proud!!!!

Hope looking cute as usual ;)

After the awards..... our little cubbie.

Mommy and cubbie.

Checking out the menu at Pizza King.

I look a little crazy in this pic....

Wating for the train.

Having a blast!!!

End of the night, being silly....... we love our boy!!!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

An Announcement

Pierce comes to me today and proclaims:

"I will no longer be calling you mommy, mommy...... from now on it's mom"

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hope's 2nd Birthday Party

We celebrated Hope's birthday on Saturday and it was a gorgeous, perfect day for it!! She's still a little young to totally understand what's going on, but she did really enjoy opening her presents and eating her cake........ Of course she got a ton of presents and clothes, (especially from Neena and Papaw, she'll have to change outfits a couple times a day to get through them all) Thanks to everyone who made it, the gifts, and for helping us celebrate our little Hope.

Sitting pretty, waiting for her party to start.

Rocking the shades.

Kids enjoying the bubbles.

ESPECIALLY COOPER.... he loved them so much he actually was trying to eat the bubbles straight from the jar ;)

Levi posing for me.

The guys playing cornhole.

Hope wanting to play too.

Present time.

Adorable sunglasses.

The night ended with Paul making donuts. Pierce patiently awaiting.....

Hope actually has powdered sugar in her hair. What a day for sugar!!!!!

Thanks again everyone for coming!!!!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

How does a girl spend her 2nd birthday??

Out on the town, of course!! Jo, Paul, myself, Hope and Pierce went to Cracker Barrel on Hope's b-day (really it was more of an excuse for us adults to eat lunch out)

Here's a look at lunch.................

Little miss cutie rockin the piggie tails...

I LOVE this picture.... she looks so bored with her birthday lunch!!

Awwwhhhh, lovin on the birthday girl :)

Little man......

Sorry for the bad pic Paul, but this is all I had!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Hope

April 16, 2007, 2:12 p.m.
Hope Elizabeth Bush entered our world!!
Two years later now and I cannot imagine a world without her!! The best day of my pregnancy with her was the day we found out she was in fact a girl...... I so wanted a daughter and a girl had not been born in our family in over 30 years!! So when the technician said "looks like your little boy is going to have a sister" I just about jumped off that table!!
We were actually told by several doctors to not get pregnant again. We were told that because of Paul's meds that our child would have deformaties, yet God had other plans. Our "hope" was born perfect and we knew that God had that child written in our lives.
So here's a look down memory lane......
I love you Hope Elizabeth Bush

Came out fiesty!!!
Now a family of four!!

My grandma was able to meet and hold all of her great grandchildren.

Look at how much Pierce has grown too!!!

Talking to his baby sister.

Momma and Hopie.

Hanging with Neena.

I love this picture!!


Loves her aunt Jo-Jo.


Playing with her brother!!

Hope and Tigger

First Christmas.

Having fun!!!

Just chillin'

AWWHHHH again!!

Here we are today....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY HOPIE!!!!!!