Friday, March 18, 2016

And she jumps

In the morning before school, she jumps. 

After school, she jumps. 

Right before bed, she jumps. 

IF THERE IS A SPARE MOMENT TO BE HAD, Hope will be jumping rope. It's just a guarantee. 

Here we are another season coming to a close soon...

The kids had a little skating party to celebrate another fun season.

I feel badly I haven't posted much about this season.

This has been Hope's second year on the Demo team and she's really hoping to make the Performance team next year. Onto bigger and better jumping events!

The social aspect for Hope is huge, she just loves being with her sweet best friend, and the bus rides and days out of school don't hurt either. Ha!

Grandparents rejoice, I finally have a couple videos uploaded for your viewing pleasure. 

This one is Hope getting a shot to jump with the Performance team, which was a BIG deal. I know you guys love watching your little jumping bean as much as we do.

More to come soon!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Here's a subject I never blog about, my work life. 

And actually I'm not about to start.

But let me tell you something I will carry on about in regards to my job, MY WORK FRIENDS. 

I would dare to say, I work with the best.

We have SO much fun, and I can't even begin to tell you how many times a day I laugh-out-loud with these peeps.

 See the girl on the right? She's one of the ring leaders in our crew, and we decided a night out was in order to celebrate the end of another weight loss challenge.

We may have talked about this night FOR DAYS. I didn't join the weight loss challenge this time around, but no matter skinny or chubby I'm pumped for food.

And you know I brought the selfie stick, and obviously it was just OUT OF HAND.

I mean we practically had it strapped to the ceiling.

 Yeah we were ridiculous, but it was a blast.

 I spend more time with these ladies in a week than I do my own family

And I can honestly say I enjoy it.

I mean if you're gonna work, you might as well have fun.

There is no better group than these #offdutyofficeladies.