Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kindergarten sure has changed!!

Sadly, tomorrow is Pierce's last day of kindergarten at CAI. He has taken so well to school, and he especially loves his teacher, Mrs. Beckley (who by the way taught me in the 3rd grade!) I met with his teacher on Tuesday to discuss how he's doing and where his strengths and weaknesses are.

First of all, we did find out he is color blind. Poor thing, when you ask him about certain colors they are just grey. I thought for a while he was, but now I know it's for sure.

Second, is it just me, or has kindergarten changed or what?? While meeting we were discussing things like *Visual motor control *Visual recall *Body image *Long-term auditory sequencing *Articulation *Directionality *Intermodal Diction. I mean, really??? Mrs. Beckley also showed me the book that the kids will be reading by the end of the year, and all I can say is WOW!!!

We do need to look into some speech therapy for our guy, and work on some other things. She did go on about how advanced his visual-motor control is and what a polite well behaved child he is. Of course that warmed my heart. She said she's very sad to see him go, but understands God has a bigger plan for us. On his last day he gets to have "doughnuts with dads" and Mrs. Beckley has a special snack planned just because it's his last day. *tear*

On a side note, we're really getting down to business getting everything done. All I can say is, thank sweet Jesus for friends that are here to help. I don't know what I'd do without them. Friday we load up the truck and Saturday we leave for our new home. So, while I might reside in "big blue country" please know I will always bleed red!!!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

EPIC WEEKEND...Shopping bliss, girlie time, a miracle, cute kids and sushi.

So, in order to "ease" this whole moving away thing, Paul told me a while back that I could plan something special for a weekend. Well, you know what special means to me....SHOPPING. So, with that idea planted, Tracey and I set out for a weekend of girlie stuff. We decided we would hit Brown County. I had not been there in YEARS. The weather was great on Saturday, and it was a cute little town. Not really my idea of stuff to buy, but still fun.

Here we are, ready to go!!!! You can imagine in our heads, we're thinking..."really, no kids or husbands for a day?? Let's get out of here NOW" ;)

First things first...we had to get some good drinks.So, Tracey decided she would spend the time trying to find a new purse. Well, the majority of the purses in Brown County looked like this "gem"
This is where we stopped and ate lunch. Cute little place.
See, these are the kind of shoes that excite Tracey.....
....and these are the kind that excite me.

Insert more food and drink!!! YUM!!!!So, here's the purse that Tracey ended up with. SUPER CUTE.
So, for some reason I decided that I wanted to get a hat. I have NO idea where this notion came from, but you know how it is when you decide you want something, then you get all locked on that idea. So, we spent time trying to find me a hat, that I'll probably never wear. So, here it is.....
Me again, this time on the toilet. HA!!
Here we are leaving for home.....Thanks Tracey for such a great weekend!!!
Then I get home, and there's a great MIRACLE..... tee hee, love ya honey!!! Witness for yourself people....

Oh, and of course, greeted back by the cutest kids in the universe ;)
Ignore the boxes, just look at the cute boy!!THEN to top it all off, I met my sister for sushi!!! This is a new thing for me. I always thought sushi was disgusting. I.WAS.WRONG. Jo, and I have been trying for a long time to get together for this awesomeness, and we were so disappointed when it was all over!!! So yummy, and of course the company was great too!!!

It was a great, great weekend!!! Thanks Paul for taking care of our babies and letting me get all this fun time in. I love you!!!

**Disclaimer..Tracey was not looking at those crocs for herself, they were for Levi. She insisted I let everyone know that** hahaha.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's a great party look like??

So, the impending move is coming closer and closer. Just under 2 weeks. Last night there was a party held for us. I gotta tell you, it was weird to have this kind of party. I mean, we're only going 2 hours away, but yet all these people love us so much, that they wanted to do this. Really made me feel warm and fuzzy....

So, let's not get too mushy.....this is the banner they had made for us.....

I mean, how funny is this??
Tracey was a smart girl, and set up makeup remover, and tissues.
Pretty cake Tracey had made. Lots of yummy food, and pretty flowers.
Of course....lots....

Even corn hole.
More gabbing.

Close-ups of Tracey of course.THEN, Matt Murphy opens up the night for story telling. OH MY WORD. We were in stitches. Seriously, my face hurt from laughing so much and so hard.
Josh had us rolling.

More of Matt in action.....I did surprisingly well. Eric, Katie and JR made me cry, but other than that, I spent most of the night laughing. It was a great night, and we left feeling sooooo loved.
Oh, and and a word about this one. Tracey, put this thing together. She was what made it a great party for us. As soon as she came to terms with us moving, she said "I'm throwing a party" Brace yourselves I'm about to get super disgusting. I prayed for many years for a special friend. My life was upside down for many years, and then here comes fabulous Tracey. Great hair, cute shoes, I mean what more could a gal want?? I think what speaks so much to her character, is how much she doesn't want us to leave, but how supportive she is. So, thanks Tracey for throwing us a great par-tay. I'll never forget it.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A little hodge podge of memories.

So, you all know we have this new computer. Well years back we had an Apple, and we saved our pics on a thingy (making my dad proud with my knowledge) anyways, when the computer died, I wasn't able to see my pics. Yesterday when dad set it up, we got all the pictures of that thingy and I was able to see some of them for the first time in years!!! We have over 6,000 pictures!!! So, I decided to show (bore) you guys with some from time to time. Tonight is the first installment.

Hopie about 2 months old. CRAZY, her time as a baby I don't remember to well. Bad mommy.
Little guy just under 2 years old.
Just cute.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Look at this child's cheeks!!!! She had no neck!!!
I do remember this day. It was Easter, and Pierce was sick. I couldn't take the kids to church so I dressed them up at home and took pics. That face Hope is making, is just so her!!!

Little baby.

I was desperate for bows to stay in her hair.I mean, come on!!! He's just cute. I miss them being this age.
Stay tuned, memory lane is going to be visited for a while.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Once you go Mac, you never go back??

Let me explain something about my dad.....he's an APPLE fanatic!!! I don't mean the fruit either. You know like Steve Job's, apple logo, I mean seriously full out. I can't really describe it, except that instead of a football team that he roots for, he roots for MAC. Soooo, much to his disappointment I'm sure, we've had PC's for the last couple years. With the impending move, a gift he gave to us, was a new Apple computer. He wants me "all set up" when I'm down there. Of course most of what he's saying to me sounds Japanese, but I know it's a very nice computer, and that I'm super grateful. So, my first post here is a thank you to my dad. I'm super excited!!! Thank you "Daddy Mac" ;-)

Oh, and just cause they're cute....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bowling Green, Chuck E. Cheese.

I am not sure at all how Hope has come up with this, but when you ask her where we are moving, she says, "Bowling Green, Chuck E. Cheese"

What a crazy girl. ;-)

We're getting down to business here. T minus a month and we will live in KEN-TUCKY, (said in my best, hillbilly accent) The kids know we are moving and they seem pretty excited. Hope wouldn't care where we would live, even though she'll probably be let down when she realizes we are not moving into Chuck E. Cheese's. Pierce had some sadness about leaving his school, but now is looking forward to it. He's so stoked that we will live close to Dinosaur World, we already have plans to go there for his 6th birthday.

Paul's been commuting some back and forth, and I know he's ready to get down there and be Mr. Boss man ;) I guess I'm wrapping my mind around it slowly. I am learining to embrace change, even though I will ALWAYS be a Hoosier ;-)