Friday, February 28, 2014

Flashback Friday!

There was that time that I told a four year old Pierce to "go get dressed" so we could go on playdate....

And he came out proud as a peacock, for not only getting his self dressed, but also for getting fancy for the event. 

Tie with a shark shirt?


Hold my baby sisters hand until she screams?


And I regret to inform you that I made him take that tie off before we left.


Wednesday, February 26, 2014


This sweet boy....

Oh me, he's growing up and changing.

And he stinks.

And as of now, he officially wears deodorant.


Monday, February 24, 2014

I'm not trying to abduct my own son

So was the weather amazing Saturday or what?

I would pretty much call it PERFECT, and the kids agreed with me. They begged me to roll the windows down, and it was like, oh yeah we are freeeeeeee

Saturday in general was pretty perfect for Hope.

Paul decided he would take her to see Frozen, again. Oh me, cue the little girl EXCITEMENT. Paul hadn't seen in yet, and you know how it is when you love something and you just want the whole world to experience it with you? Well her going with her daddy was perfection.

Of course I demanded asked for pictures.

Um, look how little her hand looks drinking that water bottle, it's still sort of chubby and everything. You know what that does to a mommy? It ruins her. In a good kind of mommy way.

So yes, fun date with daddy.

This left time for Pierce and I just to hang out, and I was really excited. We rarely get time just the two of us, so it was extra sweet.

I threw around a few ideas, and you know what he wanted to do? GO ON A RUN. Really?


And off he went into the sunset. Literally.

We made it up to the pool, and got all sentimental for what's to come.

But I had a hideous great idea, and we went and cleaned out the car. I'm a blast like that.

But I rewarded him with something he loves.

He frequently asks when we get close to home, to get out of the car and run home. I don't get it, but he thinks it fun, so whatever.

As he was running beside me while I slowly followed with him, it dawned on me how this could look to others:

A) What kind of cruel mom makes her son get out of the car and run home while her lazy rear sits in the car?!

B) OH MY GOSH, this child is being chased by a stranger who wants to abduct him!!! Someone call the police!!

The po-lice might come knocking one day wondering what kind of sick mom I am.

Thankfully I have a strong alibi.

Friday, February 21, 2014

A special package

So I've had a tragedy at my house. 

A tragedy of epic proportions. 

My Keurig died :( 


But yesterday, a special package arrived....

And we all gathered around it like we had never seen a package before.

And I took poor quality photos like I don't own a real camera. But you see that beaut? That's my NEW Keurig that my in-laws sent to me! Such a sweet surprise! And I'm ready to replace my old one like right NOW, because I move on fast like that.

While Paul was setting up my new love the kids decided to play in the box.

Kinda sweet to see them do something simple like that.

But enough with the box...

Because I have a new coffee maker to break in. HOLLA! Thank you, Pam and Tom!

Thursday, February 20, 2014


On Monday morning, when I was sure I was dying a slow death, we crammed ourselves into a hot gym to watch a little performance by our jumpers. 

This performance was a little more nerve wracking for the kids because they weren't just performing in front of their parents, but their peers too.

Nerves were really strong

 But once they all got going you really couldn't tell.

Of course I was excited to watch both Pierce and Hope, but I was maybe a little more excited for Hope since she missed out performing the last time.

This was her big moment, and she kept telling me how nervous she was.

Funny how small she looked in that gym, especially hanging out with the "big girls."

 But being small doesn't seem to stop her from bossing anyone around.

There was some sort of drama, but she seemed to handle it pretty well.

And perform she did!

She's good!

Sorry the video is far away, but check out her little feet going every which away! She's the furthest on the left...

And then theirs speedy gonzales.

They have really loved this jumpin' thing

And they seem to love the performance part too. (Hope scouring the crowd not for me, but for her friends. Of course)

Oh, and I wasn't dying, but I did have an ear/sinus infection, so close enough.

Monday, February 17, 2014

I'm a lovely Valentine

I went to work prepared to see and most importantly smell a deluge of flowers on Valentines Day. 

But did I honestly understand just how many flowers I would be helping handle on Friday? 

Not a chance. 

This was at 9:00. A.M.

Every few minutes more would come in.

To the point that the floor had to be used

Because all the tables were full.

These are kids in high school

Pretty shocked that high school kids get this much stuff!

But it was a fun day, and I enjoyed being in the thick of all the squeals and ooooooohs and ahhhhhhs.

And I was even part of the squeals myself when Paul surprised me at work.

And I in return have spent the weekend sick so he can take care of me.

I'm a lovely Valentine like that.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Today we will be bombarded with flowers

So today is my first Valentines Day at WEHS, and apparently I'm in for quite the production. They said the flowers will be rolling in by the dozens, and we will have to set up an assembly of some sorts.

 Not gonna lie, sorta excited about this. 

I set up a little something, something for my babes to wake up too...

All three of them.

And I'm going to make some cinnamon rolls.

And that's about as romantical as it's gonna get here.

 But I'm betting after spending hours looking at flower deliveries I might come home and demand a foot rub or something.

And maybe I'll ask him to sing a love song while he does it.

I'll keep you posted.