Sunday, September 27, 2009


Saturday night was a great night!! The wedding was beautiful, the bride beautiful, the groom handsome, ring bearer adorable, food wonderful, and the party a blast!!!!

First of all let me brag on my son. He went down the isle great, and stood up there during the ceremony like a little trooper. He must have given us the "thumbs up" about 20 times, dropped his pillow twice, yawned several times, and then would say "AMEN" at the top of his lungs anytime a prayer finished. It was sooooo cute, but he did great!!!

Then there was the was a blast. We haven't danced like that in a long time. Paul of course was one of the first ones out there, my husband knows how to have fun ;) Anyways, it was great night, and so happy to see Christopher and Jaclyn become husband and wife. Enjoy the pics, there's a ton.

A little silly time before leaving for the wedding.....
She was being such a "diva" in this picture....

This is more like it!!!!

My pretty baby girl.

I love this one of her :)


Two handsome men ;)

Jaclyn was gorgeous. It stinks that cameras really dont show the "detail" of things. Her dress was gorgeous.

More cute kids...

Hope sat like a little lady during the ceremony.

Chris and Jodie coming down the isle.

Cody and Nathan...what little studs.

Here he is....making his way down. SO cute.

The bride's entrance

Mr. and Mrs. Robinson!!!!

Showing off her rings!!!

Me and the sis!!!

Of course have to take some self-portraits!!!!

Me and my party animal!!

First dance as man and wife.

I know this is difficult to see, but Christopher and his mom dancing. She sobbed the whole time, so sweet!!!

Cake time!!!

Me and my little man.

LETS PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My brother and Christopher getting down!!!!

Paul jumping right in....

My dad getting down....

Yes even my mom getting down....

Jo and Paul taking control of the dance floor!!!

Oh yes, mama can still get down (dont I look like such a white dancer here?)

Getting down with my boy!!


Mom and dad.....


And this is how the night ended...My husband belting out a karaoke tune...he's a nut!!!!

Congratulations guys....we love you!!!!

Saturday, September 26, 2009


We went Friday to try on the tux. Here he is, my little man.


Thursday night was the rehearsal. My camera didn't take great pictures in the sanctuary so I didn't get much of the "practice" but overall it went great. Pierce walked down the isle just fine, so we will see what tonight holds!!! I can't wait to see my nephew get married, and to officially welcome Jaclyn as a "ROBINSON"

Here's the future, Mrs Robinson. Isn't she a doll??
Daddy and Hope watching the practice.

Here he is. My baby nephew, who is not at all a baby anymore....

Me and my honey.

Me and my sister. We don't look alike at all!!!!

At the dinner...

I just wanted everyone to be a witness to my son. Here's his first visit to a bar, he 'bellied' right up there.

Oh how proud I am...all three of them at a bar.