Monday, July 30, 2012

I'm just rolling from one meal to the next.

Well, we are beginning to wind down here in Indiana, and our thoughts are headed home. It's been a great trip, but I'm ready to get back to my home, and my Rico. 

There are so many things that I haven't blogged, because I'm not sure how to put a creative spin on it. I'm never sure how to blog, "Hey look! We had ice cream for the 65th time this week!"  But with that said, I just had to point out how much I have been eating out this week. I mean, for reals you all, I'm just rolling from one meal to the next. 

Take a journey with me through a fraction of my meals, and fun moments this week.

Meeting the bestie for dessert and drinks one night. 

FINALLY having a real sit down, face-to-face, conversation with Beth, a blogger who I adore! I secretly read Beth's blog for a long time, and lo' and behold she was reading mine as well.  I'm not sure how many years it's been now, I'm guessing 3 or 4, needless to say a LONG OVERDUE meeting. It went great. 

A much needed sushi night with my beautiful sister.

A gathering of the fam to break bread.

A fun night of catching up with some old high school friends.

And a quick lunch with my sister today on her lunch break.

I'm thinking a detox is in order when I get back, but thankful for the extra pudge I may have gained, because it's been fun getting there.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

If you must run, do so in a tutu.

Part of my plans while in Indiana, did NOT include running. Yeah, I don't do that. But the thing about me? If an opportunity arises to go have fun, I am in. 

My general thoughts about running to do not equal fun. However, running in a tutu? Now, THAT is my idea of fun. 

Jami had mentioned to me months back something about The Color Run, that would be in Louisville, while I was in town. At the time she mentioned it, I didn't really think I would be interested so I didn't sign up. Fast forward, a few months, and Jami was all trained up, and ready to run. When she came to visit me last week, she mentioned that one of the girls that signed up, couldn't run after all, so there was an open spot. And well, just like that I was in. No training, no running shoes, no athletic ability. 

But there were tutu's, and that's all I needed.

We met up bright and early, and were all clean and cute!

We had quite the group!

And guess who our fearless leader was? Miss carrots herself! (Sorry Alicia about the closed eyes)

For something that I had no preparation for, I sure was giddy.

The energy was palpable. People as far as the eye could see, and LOTS of excitement!

And just like that, we were off!

Needless to say, WE WERE EXCITED. 

And all we could really think about was, WHEN WILL WE BE ATTACKED BY COLORS? And then in the distance you see the smoke wafting through the air, and suddenly you pick up speed out of excitement.

You don't dare take pictures while they are squirting you with that stuff, unless of course you are smart and bring a waterproof camera. But here I was after the first surge.

And after that first attack, you are ready for more! Because, seeing as how I DON'T RUN, I need something to entice me. Apparently I would run for colors? Or cookies, hoop earrings and Bon Jovi tickets.

I have done several 5k's before, but this one was different, it was basically a big giant party.

The whole tutu idea? Yeah, lots of other people had that idea too, along with fairies, and super hero's and the occasional afro..... YOU NAME IT.

Here's the thing you must know about a tutu though. You simply cannot wear one and be in a bad mood. IMPOSSIBLE.

And that was my primary feeling throughout the run....


And I think the others would agree with me.

By the end of the race, we were covered pretty good, but we were still in for more.

Each runner gets a packet of color to hang onto until the end of the race. 

All the runners are gathered in a large area and then we each throw our colors into the air, and holy cow, you think you might possibly suffocate.

But the end result is worth it. 

I told Jami we looked like coal miners.

So that my friends is my thoughts on running. If you must run, do so in a tutu.....

And by all means go with a crazy fun group like I did, because it was a BLAST.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Who am I to deny?

Pierce had two requests for his time in Indiana.

1) Go to Madagascar 

2) Go to Chuck E. Cheese

Number one? Not a problem at all. Number two? Please bludgeon me with a dull knife. 

BUT, who am I to deny? 

 So I forged on, and we headed to hades for a portion of our life savings to be spent on bad pizza, and plastic junk. 

Thankfully, I had some reinforcements to make the time there more enjoyable.

So, with my friends and Neena in tow, we made the most of it.

Kids were de-lighted to play games...

And spend time with their friends.

This was Maggie's first time to be a big girl running with the bigger kids. She's tough stuff now!

Pierce and Levi play so well together now. Pretty cute stuff.

And Hope was tough stuff too. Winning tickets left and right...

And for the first time ever, being very brave and having fun with that rat  awesome Chuck E!

Both of Pierce's requests granted? CHECK. And thankful for fun friends to join along side.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Silly blogging girls.

Sometimes you have grand ideas how to blog something, but then you download your pictures the next day, and realize that just ain't gonna happen.

So last night, this sweet, and crazy gal, on the right offered her home for some of us bloggers to gather, and do what we do.

Which is hang, talk, and eat.

 When I downloaded the pics today, I did manage to have a few "normal" pictures in here.

Okay, so maybe only two.

The rest, is just how we really act. Right, Janelle?

Downright, silly!

And I especially had fun at the expense of Alicia. Alicia does all these "healthy living" posts, and has even started a blog specifically for healthy living. Seriously, she is insane. But like, a good, I wish I could be that insane kind of way. Her portions of food are what I sniff in a day. She did eat some junk last night, but I bet she ran 645 miles at 5 a.m. and will only eat 2 grapes today.

 Back to the pictures at hand.  Did I mention how silly we are?

And not just us. Somehow Daniel even managed a picture or two.

Thank you, Daniel.

So, as you can see, we are a silly group of gals. A group of gals, I only get to see about once a year, and that's too bad, because we have fun. It's neat how blogging can bring people together, that you would never know otherwise. Thanks for the fun night, girls!