Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life according to kids

Pierce: "Mom, you are grumpy in the morning and late at night, but during the day you are really good."

Hope: "Mom will you be alive when I get married?" 

We've been discussing me getting a bike..

 Pierce: "Mom you really should go on and get one now, you are 41 and I'm just not sure how many good years you have left."

Hope: "Mommy do you know what I do when I have to take a gross medicine? I close my eyes and envision a brownie or an iPod, then I just down it. It really helps."

My friend Brittany is pregnant and Pierce heard me saying she was going to the doctor...."Mom, did Brittany go to the doctor for an inspection?"

Hope: "Momma I'm gonna ask you something, I'm sure you'll say no, but go big or go home I say."

Speaking of Brittany having a baby, Pierce lets me know: "Mom not to be offensive, but you are too old to have a baby." 

Hope: "Mom if you were younger that would look good on you." (Apparently my kids are obsessed with my age.)

Pierce: "Mom we had to take a WRITTEN test in PE! What's this country coming too?!"

Me talking to Hope....

"Hope! Your handwriting on this paper is so nice!"

Hope: "Mom this is fourth grade. No more messing around."