Saturday, December 31, 2011

On NYE, we hiked and sat in Corvette's

When trying to find something to do, DURING THE DAY, on NYE, you don't have that many options. Apparently, most things are shut down, or either they assume you will only want to do things at night that involve alcohol. We tossed around many options, and finally decided to take the in-laws to a local cave. Unfortunately, the water was too high for a boat ride, but we decided to go ahead and hike the trail. 

Christmas was still up there. Sniff, sniff, it makes me sad that it will all be down soon. 

 Remember our last visit there? There was much adventure and all the things that creep me out! Not much different this time, but today I decided to be a little more adventurous. You know, adventurous for a middle aged white mom, that wears mom jeans.

 Pam started the day, saying she found dinosaur poop that had become a fossil. More like an ugly rock actually, but dinosaur poop sounds much better.
 Thank goodness, Hope decided to fore go the walking stick this time! Last time she and the stick became one. Only Pierce was our Moses.
 Can I just say that the weather is bizarre! It was in the 60's today! I thought we should get home and dye some Easter Eggs!
 The kids really LOVE doing this kinda stuff.
 Climbing and being adventurous.
 And feeling like they conquered small little mountains, and in turn convincing their pitiful momma to give it a try.
If this isn't a sight, I'm not sure what is. My back end trying to climb slippery rocks.
 But I did it, and I did not fall on my face or backside.
 And the kids were pretty proud of ol' momma.
 Now here is where I just about came undone. Paul had both my offspring down here in this large ravine. They were climbing, scaling walls, and making me a nervous wreck. Hope decided she wanted to be with the big guys, doing EVERYTHING they did. I mean really? Do these children know how hard they were to come by?
 Paul, Tom and Pierce...
 And Hope giving it her all...
 And finally success for her! And success for me too, because I am happy to report that she is with me tonight, safe and sound. :)
 And maybe just maybe, this outdoor  stuff is starting to rub off on me.
 After we had all acted like Bear Grylls for a while, it was time to go to our next place of fun. The plan was the Railway Museum, but they were closed. So, we went to the Corvette Museum instead.
 None of us had ever been here before. And while it's not really my kind of thing, it was fun to get a chance to sit in a Vette! Even Tom had to try it out. Looks good Tom!!
 Can't you just see me guys?! I could just make the kids ride in the trunk.
 And check me out can't you see me, laid back listening to some Jay Z? Who am I kidding, more like Celine Dion.
 They had lots of nice displays
 With Corvette's throughout the decades
 And check this out. Representing gas from the 50's, and there wasn't even a place for a dollar sign. I could handle that!!
 And success for us girls! A purple Vette for us!! :-)
It's been a very full NYE for us, and now I'm just wondering if we can all stay awake to ring in 2012. :) Happy New Year everyone!!!

Date Night!!!

So, my wonderful, fruit cake makin', in laws offered to watch the kids Friday night, so we could go on a date. We ran out the door as fast as we could before they changed their minds gladly took the opportunity to get out, just the two of us for a while. 

We ate at Shogun, and went and saw the movie, 'We bought a zoo.' The movie was soooooooo good! I loved it! And the company I kept wasn't too bad either. Even if he makes ridiculous faces....

Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas break=play and fruitcake

Well our week can be summed up like this.....

Play with Meemaw

Play with grandpa (aint that a sight! 3 generations of men playing x-box)
Play at a play land
Because dancing always fits into a week.
And fruitcake.
I just want to take a moment and defend fruitcake. I know that fruitcake is kind of like mother in laws, they both generally get a bad rap. However, there ARE good mother in laws, and there is good fruitcake I say!! My in-laws make it every year, and I love it. So in-between play and dance, I eat fruitcake.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

RIP toaster

I got this toaster right here when I was 19 years old, so that would make my toaster a mere 18 years old. And while it has served me well for 18 years, it's pretty well, um, nasty. Plus, this toaster would not toast bagels, or at least you would have to hack up your bagel so it would properly fit into it. Yet, I just never would bring myself to replace it. New toasters are just not high on my priority.

But yesterday my father in law declared he was buying me a new toaster, it was time to move on. So, here she is, my red beauty. I'm excited about my new toaster, BUT only I, miss sap could get attached to a toaster, and be a little sad to bid her goodbye. She's served me well. Lots of toast over the last 18 years, and hacked up bagels. RIP dear toaster.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas 2011, just may never end

Hey kids, why don't you stand here and pose for the 65787756 time in the last 48 hours for me?
And guess why? Because Meemaw and Grandpa are here, and we are going to celebrate Christmas AGAIN!!!!
We are very happy to report that Paul's parents made it safe and sound last night!! Yea!! Within less than an hour of their arrival we dove into some more presents.
I think it's so fun to watch other people open their gifts.
And I would say even Hope agrees with my feelings. Do you see her little smiling jumping self in the corner of the picture? She was so giddy when her daddy opened the beef jerky that she picked out for him. Too cute!
Big enough knife Paul? Good griefness.
And I got some very sweet gifts, that my children picked out just for me!
Please enjoy my slide show....
Enough with me already! More of the cutest people in our house....

I include the one on the left, as one of the cute people.
And our pride and joy for the night was receiving the gifts that Pierce had painted for us. Sweetness!
I'm thinking that these should be framed!

And I would say that the best part for the kids, is having their grandparents here to spend time and play with them.

We have a week to spend with Pam and Tom, and I would say that we are all in for a rude awakening after they leave. Back to reality for sure! For now though, we are going to make the most of this week. Tonight, we are going to watch 'The Help' so if you hear sobbing, just ignore it, it will be me.