Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I've been reprimanded.

Not once. Not twice. Three times.

My legions of fans (thanks Jami, Tracey and Jaime ;)) have given me a gentle (or maybe not so gentle, you know who you are) tongue lashing, for not updating.

So, here goes....

We've been busy. Thanks to a super cool friend, we've been swimming in a super nice pool!! I don't think I'll ever be visiting a public pool again!!! We've been back to the zoo, that was today actually. Today's visit was LONG, we were actually there for 5 or 6 hours, the weather was wonderful and the kids had a great time!! We've had play dates, and just the usual day to day activities. Oh, I also took Pierce to the doctor for his kindergarten checkup. Ridiculous. How can he be going to school?? It was a big visit for him, he had to pee in a cup for the first time, that was a hoot!! He had a vision and hearing test, and then had to get some shots. The doctor said everything is perfect and he's ready for school!! Also, Hope's started playing with an imaginary friend, her name is Katie, and she gets in trouble a lot, hahaha.

About me...I got to upgrade my phone last weekend, I got a newer version of a Blackberry. It's crazy how much nicer it is!! Just a couple years makes a huge difference in a phone. Ohhhh, and I have a new obsession. GLEE. GLEE. GLEE. I heart Glee.....

So, there you go, my loyal stalkers, I finally updated. And um, I don't plan on visiting the library to upload photos (yes, you know who you are) but I'll work on getting some pics for you....oh, tell me something, can you get pics of Facebook and upload them to the blog?? If so, tell me how you computer savvy ones ;-)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm not one to complain, but since you asked...

So, let's get to it. What erks me??

1) People who are late all the time..... We all run late on occasion, no big deal of course. However, there's a group of people who never run on time. You know what I think that says?? "Your time is not important, but mine is" I also believe if you're running late, you should call to let the other person know, just common courtesy.

2) When someone rides your tail driving..... You know what I'm talking about?? You look in your rear view mirror and all you see is the back end of someone's car because they are that "up in your space" If you do that to me, I will slow down to my slowest speed possible, just to aggravate you. Oh, and then if you go to speed up to pass me, I will also speed up. Cause I'm petty like that. ;)

3) Whistling....Yep, whistling. I know it's weird, but something about the tone of a whistle that just gets under my skin. Here's the thing too, sometimes when Paul and I have arguments, he'll whistle. You know like, "Oh, I'm Mr. Happy go lucky, I don't care that you're mad at me" Ooooo, I want to shove a sharp object in that little whistle hole when he does that.

4) Judgmental/Critical People....So, let me first start by saying, I am judgmental and critical at times. I fail in this area just like the rest of us, but I remind myself daily that my faults are no different than the next person's, and I am no better than the next person. However, there's a group, especially in
the Christian community that takes judgment and criticism to a whole new level. Jesus referred to these people as Pharisees. The one's who use their Bible's as a weapon, and who are always ready to tell off the next person, you'll notice the long line of wounded souls in their path. What was it Jesus said?? You can know it all, but if you don't have LOVE, you are noise. "Giving grace is the rule of the Kingdom" I don't know about you, but I'm so grateful for that grace, and I'm so grateful for the ones that the Lord has put in my life that example that grace. The others who are around to tear down and show you their misery, can take it elsewhere.

So, there you go...there's my pet peeves. I don't know about you guys, but I'm looking forward to discussing my favorite things, ahhhhhhh ;)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Giving up my right arm.

Okay, so here's the deal people. I quit Facebook.

I can hear the collective gasps.....

So, let me explain. Facebook is a fun, fun way to stay in touch, find people you haven't seen in years and learn about all their worlds in the click of a mouse. I've been on it for over a year, and well, at first it was just all kick and giggles. However, over the last few months I've started to feel like it's just sucking my time. I get on their countless times a day, and it's also on my phone, which I also check countless times. Now, if anyone reading this does the same thing, believe me, I'm not judging you. I just started having strong convictions about it. I'm not the kind of person that can only get on there once a day, nope, I don't have that kind of willpower. So, when I realized that I would rather give up my right arm, than Facebook, I knew that I had a problem. It's been taking up too much of my mommy/wife time, and well, I need to get back to the basics for a while. Will I give it up forever?? I don't know, but for now if you need to reach me, it's gonna have to be the old fashioned way. Good old telephone baby....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm still here.

Have you been missing me??

Well, I have a couple reasons for my absence.

First, my in-laws have been here. They live in Michigan, so we see them on average about 4-5 times a year. I know there are many horror stories about in-laws, but I love mine. I'd say after my mother in-law and I lived together for 3 months, that our relationship was established!! The kids loved having them here for their undivided attention, and our time was packed with things to do. Oh, I have lots to blog about with our visit, and well, that takes me to the second thing....

There was an accident. A horrible accident. MY computer, my laptop that I upload all my pics on, was in an accident. It was attacked by a diet coke. Yep, the kids and I were goofing around and it landed right on the keyboard. HORRIBLE. The thing still turns on, but the bottom half of it doesn't work. SOOOO, until we either get it fixed or get another one, I may not be blogging very much.

Don't cry for me children. Life must go on. I've faced much worse, but it is a real kick in the pants aint it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Be afraid.

Remember what I said about my athletic skills??? I aint got none......So, why was it my bright idea yesterday to go play tennis I ask you?? Temporary insanity maybe?? Reliving the old glory days of my youth?? Remember I was one of the girls on the team that was putting on her lipstick before a game, yes, that's how I warmed up.

Anywho, we went and hit the courts yesterday. I'm 35 years old now, and well, people it wasn't pretty. Balls were flying everywhere, but thank goodness we have two little spawn that are willing to run in 800 degree heat to fetch all our balls. Here's the crazy thing tho, I want to go play again!! It was actually quite fun, so who knows, watch out Stefi Graf.... Oh, and the pics leave a little to be desired. I had a 5 year old taking them of me ;)

This was my opponent. Look at that form, I finally had to yell at him and make him play like he was hitting with an elderly woman.
Yeah, trying to look like I know what to do.
Hi-larious. I don't even see a ball anywhere....just my booty...

Oh yeah, more of my backside. Nice.

This one I love. I'm sure I just managed to get the ball over the net, and was having myself a victory party.

Finally I set my sights on the small ones. Heck, if I can't play, I'm gonna make my kids. I'll force him to play like Andre Agassi, yep, that's what I'll do!!!

At least I had a cute ball girl.

So, that's it my friends. Not much to show, but I'm thinking you should be looking out for me soon. I plan to dominate. Be afraid.