Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The year of the comeback

My love for the fall season is true. 

I love all things fall, especially an awesome fall night.

You know what makes an awesome fall night? Three parts chili, two parts pumpkin, and one part bonfire.

And let me tell you about a fall shin-dig that is on point.

The Miller's, Tracey's mom and dad, always put on a fall festival every October. It's an outreach for their church and seeing as I have inside connections with the fam, I always score an invitation. And do you wanna know what's ridiculous? We hadn't been in SIX years.

But this was the year of the comeback.

Here's something else that's awesome (How many times can I use the word awesome? Basically until it's not awesome)

Your kids running off to go play.

Tracey's parents have so many fun things at their house.

And it's so AWESOME of them to open all this up to their friends and family. Over 200 people showed up!

Let me tell you about church cookin'

It's legit.

After I had eaten enough food that my pants needed to be unbuttoned, we just hung out and enjoyed the night.

Some of us seemed more excited at times than others.

But hanging out with your homies will do that to you. 

 Excuse me while I tilt my head like an Olan Mills portrait.

Kids told me they had so much fun!

And I have to agree, it was such a fun night.

I must say we are pretty spoiled

Thankful for friends in Kentucky who love us, and friends in Indiana who love us.

And thankful for an AWESOME fall night.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Days of celebrating

You know what's exhausting? 

Turning ten.

Turning ten is also shocking.

And turning ten, involves days and days of celebrating.

It's basically, LET'S CRAM IN AS MUCH AS WE CAN.

Gifts began to arrive earlier in the week, (thanks Meemaw and Grandpa!) and Pierce began sporting his "birthday outfit" earlier in the week as well. (Excuse the horrid flash photography.)

Mommy booked her way on out to eat brief, but fun, lunch with her birthday boy and his best friend on the actual birthday.

Ten year old conversations are interesting.

We got lucky and Hope got to join us for about ten minutes. She in turn graced me with a food in her mouth photo.

And the pinnacle of all this celebrating ended with a joint party for Pierce and his Neena.

2014 sees a lot of major milestones birthday's in our family: Camden, 1. Pierce, 10.
Nathan, 16.  Cody, 20.  Gretchen, 40.  Dad, 70.  Mom, 70.

Even though I'm pretty sure my parents are just turning 40, and I'm turning 20.... right?

Anyways, the party.

 Pierce decided it was going to be another Patriots party, I mean why mess with perfection?  As you can see, someone was getting tired of brother having all the attention, so a photo bomb was in order.

 Check out the homemade pie! HOMEMADE CRUST! I stood by while mom did almost all of it helped a lot!

It was a sweet day and Pierce was just tickled with all of it.

I really can't believe my parents are 70, and no smoke blowing here, no WAY do they look it!

And my boy is 10.

Let me try and finish this post without getting all mushy...

Can I do it?


Happy Birthday you guys, I LOVE YOU TO PIECES.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014



Ten years ago I was in my bed watching an episode of MASH, when a sudden sharp pain took over my body. That sharp pain was the beginning. The beginning of our time together, and the beginning of a love that I had never experienced before. 

Oh me you are so excited to turn ten! This is a pretty epic birthday what with entering the double digits and all.

When you were born I always imagined what you might be like at this age, and you are so much more than I ever imagined. Specifically your heart.

When I recently told your sister that I couldn't buy her a movie that she really wanted, it was you that spoke up and said "I will buy it for her." Completely unprompted by me, and with your own money.

When we were walking around looking in a store and you decided you wanted to buy me a gift, that was all you.

When you saw me crying about the loss of a co-worker, you quickly came to comfort me "mom it was part of Gods plan."

Between those tender moments we do experience lots of first born behavior.

Driven in your academics, you do very well, but sometimes you get so frustrated. We've been working on that.

And there might be a little bossy behavior at times.

ESPECIALLY when it comes to your sister. We have to constantly remind you that you are not a parent, because I'm sure you think you co-parent with us.

But all of it makes me smile.

YOU make me smile.

And maybe that explains why the last decade with you has been the fastest decade of my life. Because you know what they say, time flies when you are having fun.

You are a treasure and a gift to me. I hope you always know that I am your biggest fan, and no matter where life takes us, I will always be rooting for you. Always.

I love you with all that I am.