Friday, March 29, 2013

Let the baseball madness begin

Along with starting work this week, the long season of baseball also began this week. 

This is the first time that Pierce has played in the county league for the spring season. 

And it's a big deal apparently, with 5 coaches for ONE TEAM. Geesh.

I keep hearing from everyone how tough this league is.

And we all know how well I deal with tough sport situations.

You may find me with my head in the sand, but I will do my best to put my big girl pants on and handle the pressure.

But thankfully and most important, Pierce is beyond excited for the challenge. 

Let the baseball madness begin.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Working, thus far

So, I'm three days into my new j-o-b, and so far, so good. 

I do have min-anxiety attacks every so often, like when it dawns on me that I don't have anything for the kids Easter baskets, or I still need to birthday shop. Oy.  When do you full-time working moms do all that stuff? 

I started working during a fun week, with each day a different theme. Day #1? College day! I went supporting my Hoosiers, but I did wonder if my allegiance, in a land full of UK and WKU peeps,  would get me fired. 

I've tried to make my work space a little more like home...

With G touches here and there. (My adorable print from sweet Katherine)

And today is hat day, so I took to Twitter and IG for a poll.  So far IU is winning out, but if the suspense is killing you I can do a blog post about that.

You guys I'm tired, and it's only day 2.

My brain is used to laundry and scrubbing toilets, and now suddenly I'm throwing information at it like it actually still works.

My blogging may eventually just come down to things like hat contests, cause I value my sleep way too much to stay up late working on posts. In the words of Sweet Brown,  AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The end of the story

All stories have an ending.

Be it good, or bad, at some point there is always an ending. 

And for these boys, the end came on Saturday. 

The last week for them was full of pomp and circumstance.  They were given opportunities to see and experience things they never would have known otherwise. 

Like meeting Indiana legend Billy Keller, and hanging out where the Pacers do.

But all the 'attaboys' and movie references aside, there was a big game looming.

And I would love to know what they were thinking all week, because all of us on the other end were DYING. But they eventually had the boys in a secret location so they would not be bothered, you know from all of the annoying AUNTS people wanting to just wear them out about it.

It was just one article and link after another, all about the big game, and many of us were feeling pretty discouraged going in. Triton was favored to win by 7, with their main advantage a player by the name of Clay Yeo who was just named Mr. Indiana.

The last article I read said that the only chance for Borden to win was for Cody to shut down Yeo. Cody of course, took on that challenge with confidence, but it made the rest of nervous. Not that he couldn't do it, but just worried that it was too much pressure on one person.

But finally, all the talking, the stories, and the rehashing was over.

It was Saturday morning, and it was time.

And when I walked up I began to tear up, I swear my emotions alone could have powered a small plane.

Thankfully, the WHOLE family was able to make it up for the game.

But I was seriously bummed because I somehow managed to leave my camera at my parents house.

ME! How could I manage to forget that? I wondered out loud if it was a bad omen, and my brother quickly put me in my place about that.

And maybe it was for the best? Cell phone pics could still work, and it was one less thing to hassle with.

Nathan was sweet and hung with us for a little while before he left us for the student section.

And I sat myself right next to Jo where we could neurotically comfort each other.

And I understand these pics are terrible, but just maybe you can sort of see what we saw?

The lights went down and there was music and strobe lights, just like an NBA game. THIS WAS THE REAL DEAL.

And the energy in there felt much different than in a high school gym. Hard to explain, but I really didn't like it as well. 

And I found myself watching the game mostly on the jumbo-tron. For some reason it felt safer.

Borden came out on fire! And after the first two quarters we were all feeling pretty good.

After the half it finally became a much tighter game, and that's when I went into a texting frenzy with Brittany, Jami and Tracey. I just had to have distractions.

But Borden never trailed, and with some key shots at the foul line, it was official.

The Borden Braves were State champions! The unfavored team won. The small town school won.

Do you know how exciting this was??


Maybe reading it feels anticlimactic? But just take my word for it, it was EPIC.

I have never screamed so much or ever so loudly. 

I have never been more nervous or anxious.

And I have never been a part of something this big in my life. 

And straight from Indianapolis to Borden we went. 

It was time for a homecoming.

And oh me

The horns and sirens were a blowin'

People were coming from all around.

But what else do you do when you want to welcome home the STATE CHAMPS!

I swear this felt like a movie.

And I'm glad at this point I did have my camera to distract me, or the tears would have been flowing.

And I cannot imagine how these boys felt on their end.

I would imagine a little like rock stars. 

But you guys, I still had not seen Cody.

Sure I was loving the energy

But I just wanted to see Cody.

And finally..

I really wanted to run out on the floor and hug him, but I refrained myself.

There were speeches to give

And tears to be shed.

But maybe now I could finally get to Cody, right

Well when you are a state champ, guess what?

People won't leave you alone.

But I patiently awaited my turn, with maybe a threat thrown in there, and then FINALLY....

A sweet moment with Cody.

For each of us.

We all feel so invested.

And proud.

And not just of Cody, but of Nathan too. They are both fantastic boys!

And as I stood in that gym, I couldn't help but think of what a story this has been.

A story about setbacks and climbing your way back up. 

A story about friendships

And bonds that can never be broken.

A story of boys who have played ball their entire lives

And dreamt of this moment.

And a story of a small town school who made it to the top. 

And on Saturday night the end of the story was finally written. 

The end

**Some photos courtesy of Brandi Hart