Monday, July 21, 2014

Back the pity train up

So our Summer is about to come to an end. 

This is my last full week off of work.

And I know everyone says this, but for realsy it's gone too quickly.

It's been fun, but just too fast.

I've got that "Sunday night" feeling in my stomach, and I'm seriously considering having a fit.

I mean what other time of year can you jump into a pool with your clothes on? Uh, never. Because you have to be responsible and go to work the next day.

Playdates are quickly coming to an end.

Along with just plain ol' all day playing.

Who is dramatic?


But I'm going to back my pity train up, and say how thankful I am to have had this time off.

We've made sweet memories this summer, and when I'm dragging my feet first day back I will just attempt to focus on that. Oh, and eat my feelings.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Not left as orphans

This here is our small group. With all of us, including children, we don't appear so small do we? 

We meet about twice a month, and Paul is our fearless leader.

We study together.

We pray together.

We laugh and cry together.

And just do life together.

Life that is taking some to China to adopt an orphan.

The ladies of our group all prayed over a doll that Cindy had made for sweet Emaline and Brittany. We also wrote notes for Brittany to read and I'm sure one day share with Emaline. We surprised Brittany with the doll at our last social and she was completely shocked.

Just as you do a pregnancy journey with a friend, we are all a part of this adoption journey with Brittany and Blake. It's starting to feel like they are in their final trimester and we are all about to meet this little girl.

THIS little girl right here. Just as God doesn't leave us as orphans,  Emaline Joy An will not be left an orphan. She is prayer for, loved, talked about, and she's not even here yet.

Just wait little girl. You have no idea....

For this child I have prayed-I Samuel 1:27

Monday, July 14, 2014

My spontaneous sister

I text my sister first thing every morning, you know just to check in and make sure she's okay. We generally text throughout the day and usually cover a few important topics such as: the weather, what's for dinner, and what the plans are for that evening. We sound hideously boring, but we're not. Okay, maybe we are. 

Anyways, so on Friday she asked me one of the usual questions: Plans this weekend? I remember I answered her and then set the phone down for a while to do some stuff, so when I came back and saw her mention coming down, I was pleasantly surprised. 

Now here's a little fact about Jo, she's very spontaneous. And a little fact about me, I'm not. So when I asked her when she might come, she flipped and flopped about when, what time, etc. But then I finally got the word. Okay, we were set, she would be here Saturday morning. I can plan accordingly! 

But then remember, she's spontaneous.

Suddenly at 8:30 Friday night she texts me this....

My non-spontaneous eyes may have bugged out for a brief second. Notice she told me to stay up? She knows me well. I was in my pajamas already, and may have actually been considering bed, but once I found out she was on her way I perked up.  I had a sister visit soon!

She was only here for about 24 hours, so we swam and crammed in a trip downtown.

 There was some sort of car show going on.

It was a very quick visit, but we loved having her here.

I'm thankful for my spontaneous sister!

Friday, July 11, 2014

I hate goodbyes.

I do not do goodbyes well, in fact I'm terrible at them. Just ask Jami about the time I came to say goodbye to her before we moved to BG, "Well this is it Jami, I love you and well, SEE YA" as I quickly ran out the door.

It's just how I cope. And when it came time to saying goodbye to Pam and Tom I sort of did the same thing. "So you are leaving, okay, well bye!" Just rip the band aid off quickly I say, and run away if need be, well because I hate goodbyes.  

My kids seem to have caught the same thing, except they just let their feelings out. There was much crying and pain. They are going to miss their game buddies.

A week of play equals some happy children.

And silly children.

Every single day there was some sort of game playing

And lots of laughter.

And even patience as Grandpa took the time to teach Pierce a very hard card game.

I gave up quick on that game, but Pierce never did.

I'm sure they will always fondly remember all the games they play.

And I will always fondly remember all the time they spent entertaining them.

But alas our time is over.

We can't wait till our next visit, and praying it's not another YEAR.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Busy with the cheeseheads

JaimeMac left a comment on my last post that made me realize that I just kind skimmed over the fact that my in-laws moved from Michigan to Wisconsin. Yes, they are now cheeseheads, or whatever those WI people are. They moved way up north in November of last year to take on a new church.  Still Michigan people at heart, but now a cheeseland address. As far as how that will affect gun shooting and deer season, we shall see, but of course the boys are hopeful! 

In only a matter of days we have been very busy with the cheeseheads. 

Playing games, seeing movies, and hikes that makes us bang our chests like gorillas.

Our girly girl can put bows aside and get right in there with the boys.

She def doesn't get that from me.

But I did appreciate the pretty butterflies.

However I did not appreciate my offspring in a hole.

But I've learned to just go with it.

Whenever I get too nervous, I simply walk away or quit watching. Denial works well for me.

Not that there was really anything to be that nervous about.

Mostly just fun stuff with Meemaw and Grandpa.

But it was hot.

Like way hot.

And you know what cures that...

Oh yeah.

Of course you know they just hated having an audience to show off for.

Yeah they sort of live for the attention.

But the cheeseheads grandparents have loved giving it.