Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Life according to kids

Pierce: "Mom, you are grumpy in the morning and late at night, but during the day you are really good."

Hope: "Mom will you be alive when I get married?" 

We've been discussing me getting a bike..

 Pierce: "Mom you really should go on and get one now, you are 41 and I'm just not sure how many good years you have left."

Hope: "Mommy do you know what I do when I have to take a gross medicine? I close my eyes and envision a brownie or an iPod, then I just down it. It really helps."

My friend Brittany is pregnant and Pierce heard me saying she was going to the doctor...."Mom, did Brittany go to the doctor for an inspection?"

Hope: "Momma I'm gonna ask you something, I'm sure you'll say no, but go big or go home I say."

Speaking of Brittany having a baby, Pierce lets me know: "Mom not to be offensive, but you are too old to have a baby." 

Hope: "Mom if you were younger that would look good on you." (Apparently my kids are obsessed with my age.)

Pierce: "Mom we had to take a WRITTEN test in PE! What's this country coming too?!"

Me talking to Hope....

"Hope! Your handwriting on this paper is so nice!"

Hope: "Mom this is fourth grade. No more messing around." 

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

From 6 to 6th

Look at this little fella about to experience his first day of kindergarten, for the second time. I remember he picked out his outfit, he was a little anxious, and I cried a bucket of tears.

He was six years old and I dropped him off at school I knew nothing about, didn't know a soul, and then I went home and imagined horrible things. You know because that's what moms do, we imagine the worst. 

In all my horrible scenarios I never saw this. 

A well adjusted child who would soar. 

And ask me how glad my neurotic fears never came true. Just ask me.


Pierce finished out his fifth grade year with straight A honor roll.

He's also in gifted and talented, but he really doesn't care about that. He was most proud that he finished the mile first in all of the fifth grade classes. Priorities mom!

From 6 to the 6th grade. 

My neurotic mom heart is happy. 

Monday, June 27, 2016

No more brace face

My little fella with his little fella teeth. 

My friends and I have discussed this many times, baby teeth are nice!

Straight and oh so white. 

But eventually they gots to go and make way for the big boy teeth.

Of course as his mother I always see cuteness

Without a doubt though, that mouth needed some work.

Around two years ago we began the process

That meant teeth pulling, spacers and all that hideousness. 

Then finally the first phase of braces. 

Mommy once again found this adorable.

It's so amazing how quickly the teeth move into place!

So here is an official before: Bless it, those teeth needed help

And official after.

Now we have a boy with a really confident, beautiful smile. All mom prejudice aside.

Now we take a breather for a hot minute and then start the whole process on Hope. But for now, no more brace face in the house.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Turn it up for nine

Oh hey, remember me?

I do believe this is the longest I've ever gone between posts. Listen sister is busy, and the ol' blog life is generally last on the list. I apologize to you faithful readers (grandparents) and do vow to ATTEMPT to keep up once a week. ATTEMPT being the key word.

I left off with my little love note to my sweet Hopie poo in regards to being a big 9 year old now. Much has happened since that day, but first I must backtrack. You know the kids moan about my picture taking, yet they do love to look back and read about their little lives on this blog. That's why I keep on keeping on here.

So here goes..

Not a joke, Hope starts the countdown to her birthday in February.

We did some gifts here at home before we had something special planned. How cute is this I had made for her room??

She opened some gifts from her Meemaw and Grandpa..

Jewelry and a diary! Fun!

She wasn't excited or anything

Really how can you not be happy watching your kids get so pumped?

The thing she had been begging for for months? An iPod. In her words "not that shuffle kind, I want one I can hold like a phone." 

She's asked for a phone and we always say no, so she shot for this one...

And what do you know

Mommy and Daddy came through.  Oh happy day!

We decided to do a little thing with some of her friends

Hot mess excited



Bless it they are sweet little girls 

After a fun time jumping we headed back to the house for a slumber party 

I made sure to belt out Happy Birthday in a fashion that would mortify her

Mission accomplished.

Embarrassed or not I think she had one of the best nights of her life.

This freckled nine year old is worth it all.