Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Hope Elizabeth,

Today you are officially SEVEN! Heaven knows we start counting down to your birthday generally around February, so by the time we get here it sure feels HUGE! 

And considering I still see you like THIS, seven is huge.

Your sixth year of life has brought many changes.

Probably the most obvious is all the teeth you've lost.

And I have just loved seeing that toothless smile.

You have almost completed the first grade, and it's been a very awesome year.

You are a free spirit and march to the beat of your own drum, but you always harness all that and buckle down when it comes to school. You've only been in trouble once this school year and that was for passing a note.  Considering how many notes I used to pass when I was in school, I couldn't be too upset about that. 

Your love of reading has continued to grow and you are in the top reading group in your class. You've also stuck with the jump rope thing the entire year and you are really good! 

You have become obsessed with sharks this year, and have told me you might want to study them when you grow up. You are also still considering being a teacher and a mommy. 

When you tell me all these ideas I just want to encourage you to soar.

You are my baby girl, but yet I never want to stop you in life.

This last year we've started talking more about your personal relationship with Jesus and God, and you've let me know that you believe.

I know that your faith is still young, but I pray that it becomes deeper as every year passes.

Your daddy and I love every part of you. The sassy, the messy, the emotional, the funny, the naughty, the sweet, the entire you.

We thank God for the gift of a daughter named Hope Elizabeth. Happy Birthday, sweet girl!


Monday, April 14, 2014

It's just part of life

Sometimes the internet get a bad rap, you know? 

Stories about people who befriend you online only to to lure you into an alley and make a skin suit out of you. 

Or maybe that's just what I think about internet lurkers at times.

But in actuality the internet is full of people like you and me. You know, relatively normal. 

Remember that time me and some of my friends drove to Nashville to meet up with an internet friend, who I lovingly refer to as Grass? It was a fun time, and she didn't make a skin suit out of any of us, she was totally normal! And here we are two years later and I consider Katherine a friend. 

Well imagine my delight when Grass sent a Frozen bracelet in the mail to Hope. Hope was so happy about it! You know they can't even keep Frozen merchandise on the shelves? The demand is SO high for it. 

Hope has no idea who sent it to her, she just keeps telling people that "Grace" sent it to her. :-) Thank you, Katherine! 

The Frozen bracelet came just in time for a Mommy and Me tea that we had scheduled for Saturday. 

Hope was so excited about going and had been talking about it for days.

But when we got there she acted kind of reserved and quiet. Not really like Hope.

But I think she was just wanting some of her friends to show up.

Because with her friends by her side she was her spunky self.

I guess the older they get the more they will want their friends around to make them happy.

We had a really sweet time together and I told Hope I didn't want her to grow up, but she put me in my place, "mommy, that's just part of life."

While Hope and I were off playing, Pierce was playing a baseball game.

Apparently it was a great game and the team went to McDonald's afterwards to celebrate.

Pierce even got the game ball.

I'm so sad I missed it, but thankfully daddy took a few pictures for me.

When I saw these pictures I got sort of a sick feeling, I mean why they gotta be getting so big?

I guess Hope is right, it's just part of life.

Friday, April 11, 2014

A new season. A new league.

As of last night our baseball season is officially underway. 

Nothing quite like that first game, you know?

The excitement, the jitters, the feeling you might jump out of your skin. And I'm just talking about myself.

I do know Pierce was somewhat nervous. This is a new league this year, and it's pretty serious business.

And speaking of new territory, Paul has had to step into a coaching role.

Since I'm a Christian and all I will keep it nice and just say that our coaching this year has been different.

Even though Paul didn't sign up for this, this is where we are and he's been great to just step up. And actually Pierce is very happy about it, so I will call it good.

And you know who just stepped back into her role like she never skipped a beat.

Making friends like the extrovert she is.

Probably the biggest event of the game last night was when Pierce got hit by a ball. This is kid pitch league so it's naturally going to happen for a while, but still seeing it happen? You know my insides screamed, GET UP AND RUN TO YOUR BABY! And while you are at it, HOLD HIM AND ROCK HIM LIKE A BABY.  I would totally do that if I could. 

But I kept my cool, as did Pierce.

I guess we are both growing up.

Excited for a new season! Let's do this Yankees! (And yes he is Kaepernicking)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Break has come to an end

Our Spring Break has come to an end. 

But what a good end we had!

Tracey and Jami came to see us. 

Crazy to think these two boys have been in each others lives since birth. And just look at them now!

It's of course one thing to watch your own kids grow up, but it's also pretty cool to watch your friends kids grow up.

Like I've said 8 gabizillion times before, always appreciate when they make the effort to come see me.

Wasn't long after everyone arrived that we all loaded up and invaded Brittany's house.

Thankfully she's sweet like that and didn't mind being invaded.

Lots of intense playtime!

With a Frozen break, oh you know to watch it for the 876,994,838 time.

Funny though, at some point all the little kids had quit watching Frozen and had run off to play, and wouldn't you know who we find sitting and watching it. These two big boys who try and act like they don't like it all all. And no they hadn't just gotten out of the shower, that's just pure nasty sweat.

The reason? Some pretty intense games of basketball.

And somehow Jami and I got drug into a game.

Not gonna lie, it wasn't pretty.

But all those stinky kids are worth it.

And yes, I am a sap.

But I love all these girls deeply, and all of their offspring too.

Spring Break 2014, in the books.