Thursday, April 16, 2015


Hope Elizabeth,

You are now officially EIGHT! Well, at 2:12 this afternoon to be exact.

Baby girl, you have changed so much this last year.

Probably the most obvious change to me is your physical appearance. You've really "shot up" as I say, and you've lost that baby look.

But besides your looks changing a lot, you've emotionally changed.

You went to your first friend sleepover this year and when I walked in to pick you up, you burst into tears because I was there. I think you would have stayed for days if I would have let you!

I remember when we could never be apart, but now you want your independence. With a little mommy on the side.

Your opinion on clothing slays me. 

Sometimes we have words about all that, because you are sure I don't know what looks best. 

I'm learning to let some things go, I guess we will keep figuring it out together.

You are still my avid reader. Many times I won't see you and once I go looking for you I will find you hiding out with a book. Then you will tell me all about how Junie B Jones got herself into trouble again!

You are still my sidekick. Even if I'm just running to Kroger to grab some groceries, you always ask to tag along.

I think it's pretty sweet how you will play almost any game your brother asks, just so you can play with him. X-box, basketball, whatever it may be, you give it a go. Yes, you usually end up in a fight, but I know you really just want to be his buddy.

And that's the thing about you, you just want friendships. You are a relational person and I think that's such a great quality.

But that's just it, your daddy and I think you are full of so many great qualities. You are our Hopie-poo, our daughter, our joy.

I'm grateful for another year with you, and I can't wait to see how year EIGHT unfolds.

Love you,


"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows." James 1:17

Monday, April 13, 2015

Our April peeps

As we do every April, we set aside some time to all get together and celebrate our April peeps. 

Some April peeps are more excited than others to celebrate....

While others would rather we not acknowledge their age...

And others turned a monumental age this year....

But only ONE had their picture on the table.

Yeah, she's spoiled.

But you are only young once, let's celebrate it up!

Speaking of young, I'm gonna eat this little guy up with a spoon BECAUSE HE IS DELICIOUS. But he doesn't really like me, he prefers his mom. Whatever.

But yes, we celebrated our April loves.

I wonder if other families do all this? The birthday person has to sit in the chair at the front of the room while the rest of us watch on as they open their gifts. Then we oooooo and ahhhhhh over what they got. Is this normal?

And yes, some people in the family get more gifts than others.

Jo's sad face, and Hope's happy face, are a dead give away 'bout who that might be.

Some members of the family are less amused with presents and find the stairs more appealing.

But for the rest of us, we enjoy the show.

But the show really takes off for us when we head over to sing and have cake.

Or pie. Whichever it is you prefer.

My brother sings at the top of his lungs, and it is AWFUL.

Like THIS awful.

But the kids think it's HILARIOUS.

I guess we are a little crazy, but I happen to love it.

Happy Birthday my April loves! Life would sure be boring without you three.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Have Apple, will travel

Somewhere between Christmas and now the busy switch has flipped on in our lives. Like crazy town busy. And for the ten people who read my blog (HI PARENTS!) I apologize for my infrequent blogging, I know you want to see your grandbabies. 

So what better way to get back into the swing, with my parents visit a couple weekends ago. 

It had been six months since my parents had been here, so we were all itching to have them here for a visit! Especially the two smallest of the family.

Mom and Dad went to have lunch with the kids at school, and fortunately for my parents they opted to NOT eat said lunch. 

P and H don't get many lunch visitors these days, so I know it was a great treat for them.

Hope usually enthusiastically shows her feelings, while Pierce is a little more reserved these days. This tween stage changes things.

He didn't even want to swim in the hotel pool. :(

But Hope is still all about it!

But they both still love the idea of just hanging out with their grandparents at the hotel.

Kids were hanging out Saturday morning at the hotel and I decided to swing by and hang out too. While I should have been enjoying the company, all I could focus on was my dads impressive system he had going on.

I mean really dad?

Have Apple, will travel.

As with all our visits, it went too fast, and now we wait until the next one.

I did want to take some pictures before my parents hit the road, and I made the mistake of asking Paul to take them...

He think he's hilarious.

After a few threats he finally cooperated.

 Love this picture, love my family.