Wednesday, October 30, 2013

She is still here

I thought I should do a little update on my Aunt Linda....

My parents have been doing a great job on keeping us updated on her condition, and let me just say it is a veritable roller coaster. 

One minute they are calling in the family, or we are hearing things about her body shutting down, and then the next minute you hear that she is perking up and showing signs of improvement. 

But as of tonight, as I type this, my Aunt is still here and we are still holding onto hope. 

As far as her condition? It still sounds bleak: Kidneys are not working, and most likely she will be on dialysis the rest of her life. They have to take out the respirator soon and if she is not able to breath on her own then she will require a trachea. Her blood count is still elevated and she's still running a fever. And I've also heard something about maybe losing some toes. 


But she is here

My hat wearing, wig wearing, question asking, beautiful smiling, fun loving, Aunt Linda is still here. 

Lastly I just wanted to share this...

Linda taught for 40 years, and one of her students wrote this about her, and I think it's beautiful.

12:36am Oct 29
Linda was just my teacher at Eastern in the 5th grade, but you see, saying she was just my teacher is not even remotely correct. I was a busy, talkative student who had my desk strategically located next to her desk to try to curtail my verbal enthusiasm. I was certain that I was not particularly smart or special because I had spent most of my first few years in school bored or reprimanded......
Until "Mrs. Wisecarver". She was the first one to show me that learning is an adventure! She was the first one who never let me be bored. She was the first one who seemed to have as much energy and enthusiasm as I did. Without a doubt, I am the doctor I am because she was " just the fifth grade teacher" that she was. Although I am not a close family friend who has kept in touch, I have prayed for her daily. I cannot imagine the emotional struggles you must all be dealing with. I felt compelled to share this and you may do so as you wish. I hope someday, you will have the opportunity to share this with her along with the many other messages that I am sure she has received.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A leader and two jumpers in the housssse!

A few weeks ago I received word that Pierce had be chosen for Leader of the Month. 

He didn't seem near as excited about it this time. I guess nearly being 9 (at that time) means showing way less emotion about such things.

But I'm still super pumped for him!

 ALSO, I've yet to mention that I've got two jumpers in the houssssse!

Hope and Pierce have both made the jump rope team, so we are starting a new little adventure!

I had never heard of a school having jump rope team until we moved here, but the kids have been asking since last year if they could do it, so we decided to let them give it a whirl!

I think it's going to be fun!

Seriously, this school year is flying by.....

Monday, October 28, 2013

I expect a stripper pole

Have you ever known someone that laughs with their entire being?

Someone that is so full of life you can hear them from ANYWHERE in the building?

This describes my friend, and boss, Nicole.

And Friday was her big 40th birthday.

The day was loud, fun, and at times slightly bizarre.

 Full of the typical, you be old jokes..

But the highlight of the day?

A stripper pole.

 I lost track of how many times I heard on Friday, "HEY, HAVE YOU SEEN MY STRIPPER POLE?"

And the all black was on purpose, I'm not attempting to channel my inner angst-ridden soul.

So, it was a fun work day full of old men and a stripper pole.


The party didn't stop there....

Her husband planned a surprise party that night.

Unfortunately I missed the big surprised-face-moment, but just imagine above pictures and replace that face here.

I got to thinking that night, the downside to doing all this fun stuff on your 40th birthday is it takes a full two days to recover. You know, because old.

Nicole is a loved person.

And I'm watching her take the 40th lead, since I follow closely behind.

And now I fully expect a stripper pole.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Time for birthday week to end

Birthday's seem to go on forever 'round here. 

 Gifts for days.

 I mean how fun is it to get a gift in the mail?!

 Thanks Meemaw and Grandpa!

And on Pierce's actual birthday there was no less than 478 pounds of sugar consumed.

But now birthday week will end, and it's back to switches and coal for this child.

But birthday or not,  do expect all future activities to be accomplished in this helmet.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Pierce Matthew, as of today you officially nine years old! 

We've been counting down to your birthday since August, you are so excited to be one year closer to the big 1-0.

And me? Well you know your mommy is a big wimp when it comes to you growing up, but I am so thankful for the 9 years we've had together.

This last year I've seen you stretch out more.

There are definite little steps you are making towards independence.

Like wanting mommy to keep her distance in certain situations.

But I get it.

You need to fly.

You are having another great year in school.

I wonder if you know what a blessing it is to us that we don't have to worry about you in school.

Can't always say that about you and Hope though, can I? You guys still fight like cats and dogs at times.

But you love Hope fiercely, and I have watched you protect her with all that you have.

I can say with confidence that your family is still your favorite. You love hanging out with everybody and they make you genuinely happy.

You know one of my favorite things?

That you still ask to snuggle with me every single night.

Let's keep that up throughout year 9, ok?

My dear sweet baby boy, I love you with all that I am.

Happy Birthday.

Love, Mommy

I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of Him. I Samuel 1:27