Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Stinkin Cute

Yes Tracey, I know that you already blogged about this and posted these EXACT pics, but I just had to put it on mine too ;) I just think they are too cute.

Let's race......

Hopie giving it a try....
Road Warriors!!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Memaws Visit

We were blessed to have Paul's mom come down for a visit. The kids love it when Memaw is here and so do Paul and I, now if we can only get them moved down here!!

A few words about my mother in law........ I am so blessed. Many times you hear complaints about the dreaded "mother in law" however, you'll never hear that from me. Pam has always treated me as if I were one of her own. She's always been kind and gracious, with never an unkind word spoken to me. Through our tough times, she's always reached out to me and calls me to enocurage me and to pray with me. She's also never spoken unkind of me to Paul (even if there was just cause) I know that if I need her all I have to do is call and she'll be here if she can. Not to mention her trust in the Lord. She's watched her son suffer for many years and come close to losing him on a few occasions, yet her trust in our Lord is unwavering. It's something I have marveled at and admired for years..... Like I said a great mother in law and now let's all pray that God moves them down here soon :)

Few pics of some play time outside....

Throwing the frisbee....

Hope tossing it..........

Sunday, March 22, 2009


This was just pitiful!!!

Paul and Pierce were working in the yard yesterday and had come in the house for a little break. **Hope wasn't allowed to be out there for long because of a terrible allergy attack**

It was time for Paul and Pierce to go back out and do some yard work and Paul announces, "Come on Pierce it's time for the boys to go work again"

Hope was crushed and ran behind crying "I'm a boy!!"


What she's saying..

Hope's talking more and more these days. Some of the latest...

When she and I are in a conversation she constantly asks "what's that?"
Then I tell her and she says "Oh, I see"

Her prayers...
"Jesus, amen. Jesus, amen. Jesus amen"

Question to Hope:
"What does your Bible say?"
Hope: "Jesus loves me"

Playing with her dolls
"baby is stinky, baby poopie, change diaper"

Playing hide and seek with her brother, one eye is always open, counting "one, two, three.... one, two, three....one, two, three.... I WIN"

" Hopie no like it...... I skeeered"

"I secret" then whispers (um, talks loudly) in my ear, "I want juice, please"

She's saying much, much more but those are some of my favorites. Can't believe she will be two next month. Goes so fast. Sometimes I feel like I love my kids so much I might get sick to my stomach (nuts, hugh)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Hopie said....

Tonight Hope asked me...

"turn light on peeese"


"tank you Jesus"

Paul does manicures??

He does when it's his baby girl!