Friday, August 30, 2013

Michael Kors, except not even close, at all.

I haven't blogged in two days and here I sit on Thursday night racking my brain about what I shall blog about. I know of at least 4 people clamoring for an update, but you know I just don't have much. 

These days I feel like everyday is my very own Groundhog Day, go to bed, and REPEAT. 

So yeah, not super-de-dooper exciting. 

But you know something I really love to do at the end of each day?


Fully aware that I wont ever attempt to make, craft, or eat 98.76 percent of what I pin, because really who has time?

But I just love doing it.

All at once it makes me hungry, motivates me, and makes me laugh.

And hands down the things I pin the most are clothes.

Hoping all these pins will inspire me to get out of my box and try different things.

Who thought of this thing called Pinterest?


I'm sure I should be reading a book or something more productive, but nah.

And you guys, I'm seriously obsessed with Michael Kors.

His bags are divine, and I die for the watches.

Seriously divine.

However, I am not up to spending those kind of duckies on a watch.


That's right! And I am proudly gonna sport my cheap watch, until the day I finally get a real MK.

Signing off to go pin....

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Just like that

Funny how you can be going along your nightly duties of homework and cooking boring chicken when all of a sudden, BAM, you are suddenly slapped across the face with a big ol' dose of, OH BY THE WAY MOM I'M GROWING UP TO LEAVE YOU ONE DAY. 

Just like that. 

It all started with an idea I had...

"Pierce what do you think about mommy taking a personal day off of work on your birthday? I could come eat lunch with you at school, and bring some treats! Wouldn't that be fun?"

"Oh you mean, like eat with me in the cafeteria?"


"Nah mom, that's okay."

Mmmmmm k, not gonna lie, that stung a little bit, and he saw the sting in my eyes and hugged me to make me feel better. How sad is that? He's hugging me for giving me his honest answer. So I real quick like put on a happy face about it all, and then of course moaned about it to Paul, who always knows what to say...

"He doesn't want me anymore!"

"Yes he does Gretchen, just in different ways."

SERIOUSLY, WHY ARE MEN SO LEVEL HEADED AND LOGICAL?  Just once I want Paul to have a hissy fit about something so I can tell him to dry it up. 

And just as I got over all of that, my phone rang...


"Is Pierce there?"

UM. WHAT.  Did a small voice just ask to talk to Pierce? Am I in the twilight zone? Didn't I just give birth yesterday? Didn't he just cry for me as I dropped him off? IS THIS REAL?

"Yeah hold on a second"

And for the first time in his little life Pierce took a personal call, from a friend. 

You guys if you would have seen his face when I told him the phone was for him.


He could not hold back his smile.

And then for the next 20 minutes I listened to my little boy carry on one of the cutest conversations in the history of conversations.

All about games, and Pierce's sister, and Braden's little brother and how funny they are, and well it was all so innocent and sweet, I mean how can I be sad?

We want our kids to grow up and be independent, but who knew that getting there could be painful for us momma's? 

And just like that, he's one step closer to growing up.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Go buy yourself a puppy

Saturday night if anyone would have made a drop-by at the Bush residence they may have thought G had a secret baby.

Or just babysitting.

But a secret baby is much more Lifetime movie'ish, and interesting, right?

But yeah, we were totally babysitting.

Some friends of ours just had their second baby and needed a sitter for a few hours and of course we obliged. He's little, he's cute, and he's good. PLUS I get to see what life could have been like if we would have had just one more. 

And oh me, the kids were all over him! They absolutely loved it. 

I'm sure if we had our own they wouldn't remain this interested, but it was sweet to watch how much fun they had with him.

And not gonna lie, I had fun too.

It may have made me somewhat nostalgic for these years....

But I do believe my ovaries are slowly turning to dust.

Maybe it's time I get a puppy.

Or just think about how hard it is to be a parent

Or the teeny tiny fact that if I got pregnant RIGHT NOW, I would be 44 when it started kindergarten. (Not that there's anything wrong with that. You know who you are)

Okay G, back to reality.

And go buy yourself a puppy.

Friday, August 23, 2013

I guess aging means skin cancer tests and whatnot.

It was around three weeks ago when I awoke one morning with this THING on my face. And I say *thing* because I'm a general expert at face things. I know my zits well, and this was no zit. 

I was utterly perplexed at what it was, so I did what all rational people do....

Took pics, texted it to friends and family, and waited for their reactions. Then of course googled it which is always a bad idea, but in the end I just decided it was some sort of bite. 

But days turned into weeks, and it never went away. It got better, but there was still just this strange little thing on my cheek.....Do you see that faint red spot with a circle around it? Weird, right? (And who needs to work on her eye makeup? Goodness. Estee to the rescue STAT) 

You know that getting into a dermatologist is like the worst right?  Well thankfully I'm vain and already had a standing appointment.

Mr. face doctor can clear up the mystery of the face...

"Mrs Bush, let me take a look at this place on your face here"


"Well, sometimes skin cancer can come up like this. An unexplained place on the face that just doesn't go away. We probably should biopsy it."

*blink blink*

"I'm sure it's not, but we need to test it to be sure."

And just like that a needle was stuck in my face and skin was being cut out.

There may have been a brief second where a tear welled up in my eye, because you know I'm tough like that, but overall I held it together.

But the best part is I get to walk around with this little band-aid on my face looking like my Grandad until I heal.

When he put the thingy in the jar he did comment that it looked more like a cyst, which I guess is good? OH LORD.

So is this all age related? Is this paying for my sins of belly shirts and tanning beds in the 90's? I haven't decided yet.

But I'll keep you posted.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Runaway groom

With over two months until Halloween, we have an early decision made for the big night

Normally we are second guessing up until the very last minute, but this year Hope has her mind made up way early in the game. And unless she pulls a fast one on me, this is the year of the bride.

The dress, the veil, the shoes, the flowers. SHE WANTS IT ALL.

Not gonna lie, I LIKE IT!

And I even tried to convince Pierce to be a groom, but I was shut down in record time from both Pierce and his dad. Whateves, boys are totally stinky and dumb.

So here we are over here discussing hair options, flowers, comfortable yet cute shoes,mother-of-the-bride dress,  you know ALL THE IMPORTANT ASPECTS OF A GOOD WEDDING...

And maybe all the bride talk got us to thinking? OR maybe Brittany and I are just sort of looney and thought we had ourselves a cute idea, but suddenly we had ourselves a wedding..

The bride wore a lovely dance ensemble, carried mis-matched flowers, and a beaming smile. While the groom wore a lovely shade of orange, with a slightly less enthusiastic face.

It really was a beautiful ceremony.


 Some may have noticed the death grip that the bride had on the groom. Or the fact that the groom was VISIBLY TRYING TO GET AWAY FROM THE CRAZY BRIDE. But man was it beautiful.

Sometimes love just has to be forced. MAKE HIM MARRY YOU HOPE.

And no matter how hard he tries to run away, DON'T EVER LET GO HOPE, DON'T EVER LET GO.

Monday, August 19, 2013


Seems lately all of our weekends have been so busy, you know with baby showers and reunions and such. So when I realized we had absolutely nothing planned this weekend, I became excited at the idea of an ordinary weekend. 

Sometimes you just need ordinary

So with my ordinary weekend I decided I should be productive. Which by the way, productive in the mind and the productive in actuality are two totally didn't things, aren't they? When I had all these clothes to deal with I suddenly decided being productive was completely overrated. 

So I had to motivate myself....


And coffee made it somewhat bearable.

Oh and the fact that Paul got the kids out of the house helped too. He took them to see Planes, and didn't take a single picture! It's like he forgot he's married to a mommy blogger. I mean, really.

You know I pretty much stayed makeup-free and in my happy pants all weekend, except for a little excersion with Hope.

We went to the happiest place on earth..

 Where I told her she could get  a "reward" for sleeping in her bed all night. (YES SHE IS SIX AND STILL GETS IN OUR BED. JUDGE NOT LEST YE BE JUDGED)

Here's a funny about my girl, she opted to look for clothes instead of toys.

And just so you mom to girls know, once you move up to the "bigger" girl clothes, be prepared for an onslaught of hoochie trashy looking junk.

And sadly on our ordinary weekend Pierce wasn't quite up to par.

I'm praying it's just allergies.

Sooooo that's it.

Boring, ordinary weekend, and I loved every minute of it.

Oh, but I do have to show this....

Paul somehow either heard about this, or saw this somewhere and just had to try it. Seriously you guys.