Monday, June 30, 2014

I witnessed my children experience terror

I had to take a break from posting about Indiana to talk about our little adventure on Friday.

BG has an amusement park called Beech Bend, I've never taken the kids but we decided to remedy  that on Friday. We loaded up and headed out for an adventure. 

This is no Kings Island, but it's still fun. Many of the rides are reminiscent of the ones I used to ride at the Salem fair while I was growing up. Throw me on the Scrambler and I can have fun!

I didn't want to lug my camera around there, so here are some really poor quality cell phone pictures.

Kids were having a ball.

Slow to warm up to some of the rides

So we took it easy with some of the smaller stuff at first. 

Easy Like Sunday Morning right here.

It was hotter than hades out there, but once we got going we didn't seem to notice it all that much.

And the more we rode, the more adventurous they became.

"Hey this one looks fun! It will take you up and then drop you down, give it a try!" "Okay momma!"  Look at those happy, completely unaware children...

Ooooooo what fun we are having!

Look ma, still smiling at you!

And then it happened, I witnessed my children experience terror.

Like pure terror.

This may make me the worst mother that ever existed, but I was rolling. Like dying laughing. And I just keep snapping away, with the sun glaring I was clueless as to the pics I was getting.

Then I saw the pictures and I died laughing again.

After I snapped this picture I did ask the lady there chilling with her lemonade to stop the ride so my children wouldn't die from heart failure, maybe that redeems me a little?

But I can promise that those two babies will never ride that ride again.

From there I seemed to have lost the kids to heat, fatigue, and probably Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome. I mean just look at them, they look like they need to be sponsored.

But once we recovered they decided they want to go back next week. WIN!

Friday, June 27, 2014

Die? We did not. Get soaked? We did.

We are back home in BG now, and it feels good to be back in my routine, because I'm old like that. But I still have a lot to share from our time in the land that flows in milk-n-honey. 

You know who I miss getting my hands on? A little blue eyed baby, that's who. 

Christopher texted me one morning and asked if we were down for lunch and the walking bridge.

A chance to see these short chubby legs in person? I'M IN.

Christopher and Jaclyn live in downtown Jeffersonville, and I was amazed at how much it's grown down there. It's really nice.

And the Big Four Bridge is so nice!

A mile each way

That lulled my chubby buddy right to sleep.

And on the Louisville side there is ice cream, playgrounds, and a splash park.

We weren't prepared in way of a swimming attire, but that didn't stop Hope! Pierce didn't want to get his clothes all wet, but little did he know..

Yeah things were looking ominous.

And we eventually headed back to Jeff.

I took a selfie in case I died up there on that Big Four Bridge. "Woman takes selfie right before she was electrocuted to death."

Die? We did not. Get soaked? We did.

Running full speed ahead for two blocks in the pouring rain with Christopher so we could rescue the rest of the family who were taking shelter? Yeah I wish I could share that with everyone. Just imagine me slowly running behind jack flash screaming almost the entire way. It was ugly.

But we all made it safe and sound, and no one was electrocuted.

Just chalk it up to makin' memories.

Monday, June 23, 2014

The I gotta fit it all in effect

When I am dead and gone I expect my headstone to read: Always in bed by 10:30

Actually I expect to read many things: Devoted mom who was eventually wallered to death by her children, here she rests eternally in her happy pants

Just a couple options. 

I am many things, but one thing I certainly am not is a night owl. Anywhere from 10:00-10:30 you will find me watching my DVR'd episode of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, in happy pants, and gleefully anticipating sleep. 

But what is it then when I come up to Indiana I'm suddenly all like, I GOTTA STAY UP TILL MIDNIGHT? It's either the summertime effect, or the, I gotta fit it all in effect. 

I think I'm going with option #2.

I'm super fortunate to have people who want to spend time with me and do school girl things like try on hats and glasses.

And I'm fortunate that I get invitations to concerts like Lionel Richie, even if it means I stay out like super late, you know like 11:00.

But hey CeeLo Green? Kinda creepy.

In my sleepy stupor I must have started to lose my mind.

Check her out gleefully clapping with her bag in her lap.

God love her, she's old.

Perfect group to stay out late with.

Another great group to stay out late with?

Jo, Jaclyn, Christopher, Andrew and Allie.

Hey, we were out till 11:30!

And it was so worth it. 

I miss all of these people and these treats of staying out "late" mean a lot to me. Maybe because I know I just can't have one anytime I want.

Our time here is quickly coming to an end and I will be sad, but I will also be ready to get home to Paul, and my bed by 10:30.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

My dad can beat up your dad

I have a vivid memory of a kid pushing me down in the hallway at school. 

I was horrified and angry and my only defense I could muster up? "My dad can beat up your dad!!" 

I proceeded to tell that kid my dad was "bigger than Mr T!" And you know what, I'm pretty sure I believed that. 

Isn't that how all children see their dads? LARGER THAN LIFE. (In this picture I was 4 1/2 and my dad was 35! YOUNGER THAN ME NOW)

Sunday we celebrated dads.

Four generations of Robinson's under one roof.

I'm thankful for a dad that worked so hard for us, and also played so hard with us. I have clear memories of him going to work very early and coming home and wrestling with us, or playing tea party with me.

Dad, I know being a parent is crazy hard, so I apologize for all the grief I caused and for all the hairspray I got on your walls. Seriously, I could be the worst, so thank you for everything!

And for the record, I still think my dad could beat up your dad.