Saturday, April 16, 2016



You've entered your last single digit age. NINE. Next year will be a big one, what with entering double digits and all. 

You know I get all tore up about you growing up, but it's also really fun experiencing it. 

I just love how much you enjoy talking! I can always count on you to jump into the car after school and fill me in on who did what and why. Everyone says those days are numbered so trust me I savor how much scoop you give me.

Your wit and comedic timing have really emerged this last year. Just the other day as we were sitting together on the couch you said "I have something to ask you mom, I think you will say no, but I say go big or go home, so here goes..."

You know if I'd let you, you'd wear a full face of makeup and high heels to school. You are all about fashion and being girly. Of course I don't let you, but I get it, I was just like that.

And it slays how much you enjoy shopping and not just for yourself. You will spend hours looking for something you think looks good on me. I mean it's just in your DNA.

You think about others, especially your brother. If we are together and you ask for a pack of gum, you always tell me to pick one up for Pierce too. If you take money to school for the sweet shop, you always leave back some to get some candy for Pierce. Just the other day you picked up an extra cookie, wrapped it in some tissue paper and had me hold it for nearly a day, just so you could give it to your brother.

You are also very protective of your friends. One day when filling me in on some school scoop, you let me know you told a certain someone that you would not put up with her unkind words about your friend. Even when she apologized, "that's not gonna cut it." Yeah, we had to discuss accepting an apology, but I couldn't help but be impressed at how quickly and fiercely you stood up for your friend.

You've even decided to keep sticking with running, even though you hate it. Why? YOUR FRIENDS ARE THERE.

You just have a way to make most everyone feel like your friend, me included. I mean I know you and I aren't supposed to really be friends, but sometimes we are buddies.

You laugh big

You love well

And you are just plain fun.

Happy Birthday to the girl who completed our family NINE years ago.



Monday, April 4, 2016


We might all be suffering from this. Fatigue. Only FIVE more days, just FIVE more days. 

Between the bouts of fatigue we celebrated Easter.

One of the first things we did when we arrived at my parent's was an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

 Hope was excited!

She runs around and laughs all about it.

Excited at every egg she spotted.

She also helped her brother out when she knew he couldn't see an egg because of his color blindness. "Pierce there is a green one in this shrub let me get it for you because you'll NEVER see it."

 Her brother.

He's so in the "tween" stage of life.

 "Pierce do you want to hung eggs? I guess so, but I think this will be my last year."

 Not quite a baby, not quite a teen.

 But he did it and dare I say, enjoyed it.

Finding money in an egg didn't hurt at all.

At least I still have one left who doesn't think she's too big yet. :(

 Per our normal tradition we always celebrate the April birthdays on Easter.

Of course the grand baby landed a picture on the table.

We got all gussied up and went to our old home church Easter morning

Then Hope obliged me in a little picture time

She was in an extra good mood since we were getting close to celebrating her birthday with the fam.

Mom cooks, we stand around and wait to pounce.

Like literally just watching and waiting...

 You know how fun it is to have a two year old in the family? I SO LOVE IT. Errrrrrbody knows when Camden is in the house, because you hear him SCREAM as he runs through the entire house. SO SO TWO.

Hope was so happy to help him on his own little egg hunt. 

Sometimes his little two year old eyes just skipped over the eggs, because hello he's two.

 But the big 8 year old was all about guiding him.

Honestly, it's just the sweetest.

He's a mess and I just love it.

As you can see Lyla was just thrilled with it all.

Have you noticed all the outfit changes? Pretty sure it was a four-outfit-change-day.


Lined up again...

Chaos usually ensues

But it's always fun to see what everyone gets.

Lyla even perked up to par-tay.

Jo, Paul, and Hope all don't have birthdays until later this month but this officially began the festivities.

Soon to be 9. Gah.

I really do love my April people.