Sunday, March 30, 2014

I was set up by Kentucky fans

It was Friday, the day of the big game and the day before Spring Break, so it was the start of a very good Friday. 

I was excited to put on my Louisville sweatshirt and go represent my team where I am vastly outnumbered. 

Here I am blissfully strolling into work, or maybe I should say ignorantly strolling into work, totally unaware of what was awaiting me. 

I did a dead stop. 


Oh no they didn't....


I may have screamed, and I may have said some words under my breath. 

And then I heard all the loud laughter of the masterminds behind all of this.

You guys, they went ALL OUT.

Everywhere I looked

And I mean EVERYWHERE, the devil stared back at me.

I mean they even hacked into my computer and changed my screen saver! Evil doers.

Oh and these girls had been setting me up for days! I get visitors each day and we chat about all kind of stuff, and they try and keep me up to speed so I'm not so lame. Anyways, I think it was on Thursday they sat in the office asking me what time I get to work, and I was all like, OH ISN'T THIS SWEET, THEY ARE INTERESTED IN ALL THE DETAILS OF MY LIFE.

Oh no, it was all a big set up!

 I did find a few smart people throughout the day, and I would scream and attack them. 

Pretty sure I scared a few teachers. They would stare at me like a deer in headlights while I screamed and jumped up and down.

Oh and in the midst of all the trash talking over the last week, there may have been a bet placed. If Louisville wins, the girls get me a Starbucks, and if Kentucky wins, I have to sing.


You guys, this day was so fun.

Even though these people are lost in their sinful ways of Kentucky, I absolutely adore them.

And they made me feel pretty special. I will never forget this day!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

One year as a Raider

Yesterday marked ONE YEAR since I became a Raider. And of course, such an occasion calls for a selfie. 

Before getting hired on at WEHS it had been eight years since I had worked full-time, so I knew it was going to be a big adjustment.

At times I wondered how I might do it all, and some days it can be downright ugly, but overall I love the job.

Awkward school pictures and all.

The thing I love most about my job is the people I work with. I know that sounds really cliche' but I work with some great people, who make my days fun.

Even though I get my fair share of hate at times.

Good thing I love them all!

Thankful to be a Raider!

Monday, March 24, 2014

One year

It's been one year since the Borden Braves won state

One year, since I personally experienced one of the most exciting things, EVER!

It's fun to think back on how exciting it was.

But it's also sad to think about how Linda was still with us.

She went to lots of Cody's games, and she travelled with us to Indy to be a part of the BIG game. And there she sat praying, and I mean literally praying, right in the stands. Photographed evidence of even a hand raised prayer. She was so funny.

Crazy what can change in a year.

Friday, March 21, 2014

Just watch him play

In the throws of baseball season, and the busyness of life, my mind often remembers the slower days. 

When my little boy and I would head to our back yard and I would just watch him play.

At the time those days seemed so long.

And now they seem so long ago.

If it were humanly possible, I would transport myself back into this picture.

And watch my little boy once again.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

In which I am a bonehead mom

Each afternoon when the kids get home from school we go through the usual routine.... 

Talk about the day, get a snack, and then the kids pull out their stuff from school that day. Generally just lots of papers, and homework, with the occasional surprise thrown in. And by surprise I mean like a field trip form or something. 

But yesterday, I was in for a BIG surprise. 

Hope handed over something to me that may have sent me into what some refer to as a come-apart. 

"Um, mommy, wait till you see THIS!" (Funny she knew I was gonna trip, but she never mentioned this to me on the day it actually happened)

And here it was. STARING BACK AT ME. 





You know I'm not exactly fond of that shirt, but Hope likes to wear it and her daddy bought it for her, so whatever that's fine. But would I knowingly send my little girl to school on picture day in it? NEVER.

In my defense picture day was after we had been out for a week of snow. So I think my ignorance is somewhat justified. And other moms said they had no clue either, which makes me feel a little better. I think.

Oh and Pierce also had his picture taken. Not near as impressive as the DD shirt, BUT...

And now I MUST order some of these.

As proof that I make boneheaded moves as a mom, and proof that Hope is cute in ANYTHING that she wears. Even a Duck Dynasty t-shirt.

Monday, March 17, 2014

This is what I did this weekend

You know the hardest part of doing a blog? 

Well, at least for me?

Starting it off. 

If I were in a conversation with you, would I just roll up and say, "so this is what I did this weekend." No. No, I would not. I would ask you about your weekend and then roll into what I did. 


But this is a little one-sided here, so I must begin my conversation with you this way...


My sister and my nephew came to BG for a visit, and I was thrilled!

We've haven't had visitors in a while, and it just makes me happy. I miss my family!

Anyways, Jo had an idea that she would like to take Nathan to go shoot his gun. Yes, we are gun people. Well, technically I'm not, I'm just married to a gun person. ANYWAYS, so apparently now Nathan is a gun person too. And with Paul knowing his business about guns, he was the man to give some lessons.

So we loaded up in the back of the truck and headed into the woods, like any good redneck would.

Time for Nathan to be put to the test.

And there may have been some fear.

But Paul is always very thorough with instructions.

At first we watched from afar

But you know us females couldn't keep our noses out.

Front row seats for this show.

Notice how much further back he is here than picture above? Yeah, that's one reason I'm not really a gun person. THEY SCARY POWERFUL.

Jo was eager to get a shot too.

Not gonna lie, it was pretty funny to watch the gun almost send her back to Indiana the first shot she took.

But once she learned how to do her stance and where to put the gun, she did much better.

But there was still fear.

But I just tried to sit back and enjoy the beautiful day.


As scary as it looks, it's actually only a 22. Whatever that means. I guess it would gently kill you.

But if Hope could do it, so could I.

And that was it for me.

But you know Paul had more teaching to do.

And they all lined up to try it.

I know there are lots of opinions on guns, but I'm glad my kids have been taught gun safety by their very knowledgeable dad. 

And now even my sister.

But what I'm most glad about?

Spending the weekend with my family.