Monday, February 28, 2011

Doin' what best friends do best.

This past weekend, I traveled up to the promised land so I could have a fun weekend with my BFF. We haven't had much of an opportunity to do much since I moved, so we were super excited. Our husbands were sweet enough to give us the weekend, it was a nice break. Tracey and I have our things we like to do. We like to shop, eat, hang out with our other best friends, watch chick flicks etc., BUT this time we threw in something different for us. We did the Anthem 5k. This really isn't like us, but it was fun, even though we felt kinda out of place, with all the "real" athletes around us ;) However, we finished!!! Even if it was in the back with all the wheelchairs, old people and children, HA!

On Friday night, I stayed at Eric and Tracey's. I got Levi's room, and a sweet surprise waiting on my bed :-) Felt like I was at a B&B, it was super cute. The card was addressed to "Mrs. Rico Bush"

This was the inside....
Here was are, ready to go!!! HA! I love that my hat is blocking Tracey's eye.
Um, so I didn't know THAT many people would be there. Goodness. They said 10,000. Took us 22 minutes to get to the start line.
Here are the super athletes, cough, cough.
Oh, and check out this guy. Here he was running it for the 2nd or 3rd time? Tracey and I still hadn't finished. HA!!!
So, maybe we didn't break any records (well, maybe the slowest) but we did it, and I'm glad we did. It was a fun experience for us, but now that it was over, we could get to what we do BEST. EAT and SHOP.

We met up with Jami Leigh Lee, and it was so fun!!! I miss Jami :( She brought her handsome little man, and we sat and talked for and hour and a half. Felt like old times.
Like I said, we ATE. Always a common theme with us. After we had rested after our 'exhausting' morning, we got back out to do more of what we love to do.....Exhibit B.
And the thing that brings me joy right up there with eating......SHOPPING.
Can't you just see Tracey wearing this hat on the beach this summer?!?! Too cute.
We ended the night with Starbucks, cookies and chick flicks.
It seems like as soon as the weekend started it was over, but it was so fun!! I'm blessed to have such a wonderful BFF. Until the next getaway.....

Thursday, February 24, 2011

He came home with one less tooth!!

When I picked up Pierce from school today, I turned around and he smiled a big smile, and had one less tooth. He pulled another one at school today. He's losing them like crazy. I think it's pretty cute when the top two teeth are missing ;)

He's letting us all know...."I've lost 6 teeth and I'm 6 years old"
And a little unrelated ( I do this almost every post, put in something that doesn't quite fit, ha!) I tried rollers in Hope's hair. This brought back some serious memories of when I was a kid, wearing foam rollers!!! It didn't really work. Boo. She looks cute though ;-)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

He's happy, so I'm happy.

My single biggest worry (yes, I know I shouldn't worry) about moving, was taking Pierce out of CAI and putting him in a different school. I cried over that. Some of that was my own sadness, I just wanted him at CAI, and it broke my heart that he would be pulled out. The other part, was that I was just so worried about him. He's always been a shy boy, and takes longer to warm up to new situations and people, and I thought he might be traumatized. I don't know about you other parents, but I always wonder what decisions I am making that will mess up my kids, HA!

Fast forward to today. He's happy, and is doing so well in school. Makes this momma VERY happy.

Saturday I took him to his first birthday party of one of his classmates. Pierce and Owen, and even Harvey the Hippo. ;-) Note, the bright red cheeks!!! He played sooo hard!!
Look at his sweaty head!!!! Only a mommy could love this. Oh, and he only ate the icing of the cupcake. LOVE THAT!!
This is a little unrelated. I went to Pierce's school to eat lunch with him, and was waiting in the hallway. Here was his picture on the bulletin board, for being a leader. Of course, I had to take a picture of the picture!!! Obnoxious?? I don't care.
I'm just so darn happy :-)

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rico lost the love of his life this weekend.

We had a tragedy this weekend.

Here's the story....

I left Saturday morning for Jazzercise. Kiss the kiddos,kiss the husband, "see you in an hour" All was well. I called Rico after Jazz, to see if he wanted to go with me to Wal-Mart. He picks up the phone, and you know how you know your husbands tone?? Immediately, I said "what's wrong, are you okay" "I'll live" "what is it?" *SILENCE* "WHAT HAPPENED" "The kids broke the t.v."

I'll spare all the other details of the conversation ;-) Let me tell you though, Rico loves his t.v.!! We always joke about it, you know, he would take the t.v. over me kinda stuff. And heck, I love our t.v. too, and we can't just afford to go replace one like this, so it stings, but you know, stuff happens when you have kids!! It just does. Pierce was jumping rope and somehow the jump rope hit the screen and shattered the plasma part, GULP. We'll look into how much it costs to repair vs., buying a new one.

So, Rico decided that the kids had to pay.

It was time for a showdown. Paul vs. the kids, those little t.v. breakers ;)
Yes, Pierce was the guilty party, but Hope had his back!!!
Justice was swift.
Do you see the fear??
Then he took on the littlest of the culprits.

Pile drive right into the floor ;)She almost lost her pants it was so brutal!!

After the beat down, all was well ;-) Or, as well as can be expected. I said "We've faced much worse, right?? We've lost almost everything, you've almost died, a broken t.v. is not that bad, right honey??" After some thought, he said "I'll get back to you on that" HA!! Silly boy!!!

Please join me in a moment of silence.......Do you hear that?? Yes, it's Rico's sobs.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The wind blown look is sexy.

Everyone has the spring fever!!! Temperature yesterday was 71, and it was in-credible!!! I really wanted to get the kids to the park yesterday, but Pierce had karate, so I promised them that we would go today. Sadly, the weather didn't cooperate as well today. It was in the 60's, but quite overcast and soooo WINDY!!! However, my two babies reminded me "you promised" (darn those promises ;)) So, we loaded up and headed our for some great play time at the park. They were like they had been freed from prison, I could almost here 'born free' playing in the background....

We have an awesome park.....

Even though this slide is the stuff that a mom's nightmare is made of. This sucker is HIGH, and I always have visions of one of them plummeting of the side.....
But I suck up that fear, well, cause they loooove it :-)
Wooo hooooo!!!


Get em' outside, and they play like a couple BFF's!

Just love this action shot!
Did I mention that it was W.I.N.D.Y today???

Incredibly so, and don't models stand around with fans on them, so they look sexy? The wind blown look is sexy, right?? I decided I would stand around and rock that sexy wind blown look.

Pure sexy right here.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

We might have a little holiday confusion here at the Bush's.

This morning bright and early, Pierce says to me "Happy Thanksgiving Mommy!!!" I almost didn't have the heart to correct him ;-)

Bright and early these little ones got some chocolate!! Look at their sleepy faces.

And I even let them have a piece of chocolate with breakfast. Revoke the mommy of the year award now.More holiday confusion. I have a card for Rico, with Easter eggs. It's the thought, right??
At least his big balloon has the right holiday!!!

Thanks for the cards Nenna and Papaw, and Memaw and Grandpa!!!All the loot from school!!! What a fun day!!!
Happy Thanksgiving Day or Valentines Day, whatever you prefer!!! ;-)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mom and Dad came to see us......

Okay, maybe not so much. A little over 6 years ago, I realized that my rank slipped a few notches. I think all you parents know what I'm talking about. You walk through the door, and everyone leaps for the baby in your hands, and don't even notice you are in the room ;) Not that I blame them at all!! I remember when my sister had her first baby, she would come over and I wouldn't even say hi to her, I would just run for that baby!! So, when I say that mom and dad came to see US, I would say that Paul and I just happen to be there, they really wanted to see those grand babies ;-)

Friday night was a good night to come down, this was Pierce's awards night at karate. He's now graduated to a purple belt!!! We're very proud of our "Lil' Dragon"
They called him up and presented him with his new belt.

Woot! Our little Jet Li.
Oh, and daddy wasn't there on Friday night. Why not, you ask?? Well, I say he's certifiably crazy......he went backpacking in this......
Can you imagine???? Him and a couple friends went to the Gorge and stayed the night. Crazy, I tell ya. He says it was wonderful.
So, back to Friday night. We all went to dinner at Montana Grill. Yummy!!! I realize I'm the one who actually looks crazy, but I'm telling you it's Paul, not me.
Neena and those precious grand babies!!
Papaw too!!!
Mom and dad got a hotel room, and the kids spent the night on Friday night, I went over on Saturday so we could all go hit the big town of BG..... Something epic happened this weekend, I realized we've ALL become connected. GASP, even my MOTHER. Please look at this picture, this is piece of evidence #1. Me on the blackberry (not a shocker) BUT MY MOTHER IS ON THE I-PAD.....
Proof #2....MOM ON THE I-PAD AGAIN, oh and check on the 3 year old.....
She's on the I-pod with headphones, watching a movie. What have we done to ourselves? Now our family bonding is all using our devices at once ;)
So, crazy man came back from the Gorge and we got a date on Saturday night. This was our Valentines. And we ended up where all hot dates end.......

The bath aisle at Target.
After a wild and woolly night at Target we figured we should go to church and repent.

Actually, we just wanted to show the rents where we now go.
And like all good Baptists, we did what Baptists do best. We went to eat after church.

And well, I think dad had enough. This time he was the one "bonding" with the family on his I-phone ;-)Thanks mom and dad for coming to see US :-) It was a really great weekend and we appreciated all that you did for us, and giving us time to get out without children!!