Sunday, September 11, 2016

My mud running boys

My idea of swimming, is in a POOL, with clear water, on a float, maybe drink in hand. If someone is on the bottom of said pool, I enjoy being able to see them. No critters floating around my ankles, oh no. No possible rip tides. CLEAR BLUE WATER. 

So the idea of people lunging into water like this, ON PURPOSE, and actually PAY for it? Uh, crazy.

Or maybe I'm the crazy one. Or just boring? 

Because there are HUNDREDS of people who pay to run through mud. 

I happen to married to one of those people.

Look at all these men and women living out their, I'M A WILD MAN OF THE WILDERNESS fantasies.

Probably pretending they are in Nam or something.

Paul has been Mr. Active this year.

Training for races that involve obstacles and mud..

Look at the mud splashing right in his face. Blech. Oh and look at that guy in the background flexing a muscle, men really never grow up do they?

While I myself would never want to do this, I admire all these people that do it.

Especially Paul.

He decided months back to do a tough mudder, and I was all, that's nice dear.

I thought maybe it was a couple mud puddles.

That's his friend Phillip with him, who decided last minute to join and killed it!

Anyways, it was a lot more than some puddles.

It was legit!

And Paul rocked the whole thing!

I was tired just standing there taking pictures.

So yeah, I couldn't swing this sorta thing.

But watching all this fun got one certain person thinking he wanted to do one too.

Stands about 5 ft tall, and a cutie patootie.

So this got things rolling..

A father/son run in the mud was in order.

Somehow Paul managed to find another mud run, sorta last minute.

I already had plans to be gone the day of the race, so I missed it. Ugh. Look that is my first born scaling a mud wall. 

I mean can you believe I apparently missed Paul falling right on in. Ha! 

Quality of pics are poor, but you can see what I see. MY BABY IN MURKY WATER. Oh my lands. This goes against all water safety protocol that I deem necessary.

Probably a good thing I wasn't there, can you imagine my screaming and carrying on?

Pierce absolutely loved it!

He's really been struggling with his allergies/asthma with running this season , so I was so happy he got to do this and have fun!

So proud of my mud running boys!