Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The lake doesn't just breed diseases. It also breeds fun.

On Memorial Day, we were invited to Grand Rivers, Kentucky to join Blake and Brittany's family for some lake fun. 

Now I gotta be honest. Lakes freak me out. What doesn't freak me out, right? But for reals, I think lakes are scary! You can't see what's under your feet, or how deep it goes, and you just know some freaky diseases are brewing in there, along with some crazy river monsters. BUT, I don't let my fears stop us from doing stuff, because if I did, we'd sit indoors all day, and suck our thumbs. 

After a two hour drive, they were itching to get out there. 

We were geared up and ready to go. 

Personally my favorite part is the boat ride, and I think the kids felt the same way!

We were all warm, enjoying the sun on our faces, and content on the boat.

Or maybe that was just me? Because it didn't take long, and one by one they all left me.

Isn't anyone going to stay on the boat with me??

YES! Me and my eating buddy were perfectly content staying on the boat, downing our graham cracker sticks, and Chex Mix. AIN'T NO REASON TO GET IN THAT LAKE WATER.

Except for the fact that I was YELLED AT, the entire time, and then physically threatened. I knew I had two choices. 1) Get in on my own 2) Be manhandled into that lake. So, I did what any woman of 38 years would do. I put on a life jacket, like one of the children, and got in, screaming and kicking the entire way. 

Paul kept telling me to not wear a life jacket, but I didn't listen. 

Within a couple minutes I understood why he said that, then I screamed to get it off. Who's dramatic?

I am happy to report though, that I did survive my lake experience, and I may have even had fun. Turns out being scared of everything for no reason, is just a personality flaw I don't need after all. WHO KNEW!

So, look at Paul behind us....

Known the man for 12 years now, and I had no idea he could water ski so well.

Color me impressed.

I really did have a great time on the lake, no joke. But after the lake we took the kids to the local pool, where I must admit I'm slightly more comfortable.

There's a super fun slide there, that the kids must have gone up and down a few hundred times or so.

And I being the irrational, overprotective mother I am, make Hope wear a life jacket and or floaties, the entire time.

We have been working with her from time to time on swimming, but not enough. So with a shove nudge from Brittany, I decided to really let her do it.
And just like that, she had the concept down.

Swimming like a little fish!! 

Just like training wheels I guess. You have to take them off to learn, and with adults by their side, they not only get it, they flourish.  And next thing you know they are JUMPING into the pool!!

I'm really excited for her.

I still remember the feelings I had when I learned to swim, and what fun those days were.

And Mr. big stuff, at only 4 swimming like a champ, may have been the nudge she needed. And Lukey  bear, holding his own at only 2!!

You know what I know? Besides that face that I'm dramatic, and scared of just about everything?

I know I'm thankful.

Thankful for the summer.

And thankful for the memories we are making. 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's summertime, and the living, is in fact easy.

While I consider myself a fall/winter girl, there is something special about the beginning of summer. Suddenly I want to roll the windows down, crank up the music, and feel free like a kid again. I think summer livin'=youth. 

It also equals LOTS of ice cream stops.

And visits from Neena and Papaw.

So, they can see the summertime freckles in person.

And witness the new summertime swimming skills the baby of the family is learning.

WITHOUT ANY HELP!!! Big stuff.

Summertime livin'=FUN.

And summertime livin'=the first family vacation in 16 years. NOW LESS THAN A MONTH AWAY.

Thank you summertime for being so much darn fun.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

End of the year activities.

We've finished another school year, and it's been a great one!

As much as Pierce can complain about school, he really is a great student. And of course watching him grow and mature, makes me a teary mess. 

These last two days, have been all about fun, and I'm so happy I was able to join. 

Wednesday was field day.  My idea of a nightmare in school, Pierce's idea of delight. 

 At 80 something degrees, in the direct sun, I found it odd he wanted to wear TWO shirts.

But as his mom, I find almost everything he does ridiculously cute.
 I volunteered to help out for the morning, and they put me at the water game station. Of course, a bonus of volunteering is keeping your eyes on your child.
 When breaks would come up, I would look for the class in green and go snap a few pics.
 His class dominated in the good ol' tug-of-war.
 And I'd say he was pretty happy about that.
 Oh my, these feats of athleticism stress me out.
 My mind kept wondering how Hope would manage in these events next year, SINCE I WILL HAVE TWO KIDS IN SCHOOL. I'm not sad about that or anything.
 None of the events seemed to faze Pierce.....except for the relay race. HE WAS NERVOUS.
 I placed myself at the end of the track to get a birds eye view of the action.
 I was ALWAYS last in running. Thankfully, Pierce got his father's athletic abilities, but I could see that he probably wasn't going to win.
 A big deal in the scheme of things? No. Big deal to a 7 year old? Yes.
 After some brief sadness, field day came to a close. But we still had one more day of school, before we could seriously celebrate.

Today, Hope and I headed to school so we could experience a special treat.
 We placed ourselves on a blanket, underneath a tree, and Pierce read to us.

He's come a long way with his reading this year, and we are all so proud of his progress.

Hope and I relaxed.

While we listened to Pierce read about our continents.

 And I sat back and took in my sweet kids.

An official second grader, and kindergartner.

One last time at his first grade desk....

And well, THIS says it all, doesn't it?

Let's get this summer started!!!!!