Thursday, February 25, 2010

My kids did not get blessed with a craty mama.

Yep, my kids got gipped. I am not a crafty mama. Not at all.

I'm the mom that will have my kids shopping pros. They will excel in shopping...colors, fabrics, to pace yourself when shopping....the art of a sale....the joy of the hunt....

However, when it comes to crafts, I have failed them...... I play with my kids..... I let them help me cook..... we work on school work, and numbers and letters...... we read....but crafts blow. Yet, when I read others blog's, I can't help but feel inferior. I won't name any names (Alicia ;)) but some of you moms rock at all things crafty, and scientific. So, I have vowed to become a better crafty mama.

Here's my first attempt. Please don't laugh, I know it is simple and easy, but maybe soon I'll work my way up into something more serious.
My children ate it up. They have been deprived.

Check out the artistry.

And then we even worked on a sun catcher. Yep, I'm feeling pretty bold these days ;)

Got these at the $1 bins at Target. Kind of junky, but the kids didn't mind.

So, stay tuned....I VOW to be a more adventerous, scientific, crafty mama!!!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Watch out LeBron James.

That's little basketball start finished another action packed season....what fun it is to watch little 5 year olds play basketball. I actually noticed a big improvement from the 4 yr old league ;) Next year I think they actually begin to keep score!! HA!! What's up next???

My little man....oh and of course miss thing couldn't be left out ;)

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My man loves sharks.

Paul declared that Sunday was going to be a "family day" He said it's been way too long since we went and had fun as a family, so off we went to Newport Aquarium.

It was a great day. The kids just LOVED it, and of course when your kids are lovin' it, then you are lovin' it.

Now let me say about my man......he hearts much so, that he forever inked his body all for the love of a big giant ugly fish. So, Newport is near and dear to him. Men are weird.

My boy standing in front of life size hump back whale. Those suckers are huge.
Come on now. I could have cared less about most of these little fishes, but this sure is cute ;)

Lots of time spent explaining.

Such neat stuff for a little boy ;)

Of course, a little time for me and Rico.

I love my baby girl. Love this pic....

Look at my men.....

Seriously, it can be intimidating, to see one of these floating over your head....

Or these teeth coming your way....

And my boy, got to pet a shark. What a difference a year can make.

So....maybe weird boys mostly like fish, but I had a good time and glad my man whisked us away for a family day....

And how do you know an event was a success???
Proof positive here.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Acute Pharyngitis

It's the weekend for love. Date nights, and time alone with your man. A chance to wear way too much mascara and of course heavy red lipstick. The kind of weekend that us, over makeup wearing girls live for.

Back the story up to last Tuesday....I woke up with a throat that was ON FIRE. Of course I thought with a few over the counter meds, I'd be well on my way to my night of heavy makeup. NOT SO. By Thursday I knew I had to be seen.....

Doctor: "Oh my, your throat is full of blisters, and is very swollen, you have acute pharyngitis"

Me thinking...."sweet, she's gonna hook with me with some Oxycontin, maybe methadone, ooooo maybe a pain patch"

Doctor: "Yes, this is extremely painful, will last 7-10 days, and there's nothing we can do for you"

Me: WHA?!?!?!?!?!?!?

Doctor: "Yes, it's caused by a virus, go home gargle salt water, take ibuprofen, and don't eat anything, except ice cream and pudding"

So, I left discouraged. Empty handed with no heavy narcotics, and knowing that my date night with big giant earrings and red lips was an empty dream.

Let me say, I have been miserable. The sickest I've been in a long time. Fevers, lack of sleep, HUNGRY, coughing till I gag, and of course the necessary meltdowns, "I can't take this anymore"

So what have been the perks????

A man servant at my every command. He's been busy going to the grocery store every other minute, bathing kids, fetching my medicine, freshening my water, fluffing my pillow, and any other thing that my little heart desires.....

In return this is what he got....... The picture of beauty, loveliness, and you might notice I do have some lipstick on. Girls we have to have our priorities........With that said, if I'm ever laid up in the hospital, each of my friends has a place to make sure that I look decent. I expect you girls to pluck me, put on some lips, and it feasible some hoop earrings. Thanks in advance.
Back to some of the perks......magazines, the best kind of reading. Pudding, who knew that pudding could be so good?? Of course lots of wonderful drawing from the best little artist in town.

Then, this little one. She kept visiting me to "sing and make mommy feel better" Now who wouldn't feel better with such a little visitor???

Like I said.....

Then there was this.....All three of them worked so hard on making me cards. I can't tell you how sweet it was to have them all march into my room, with their homemade cards in hand. I will keep them forever....
So, maybe I didn't get my night of red lips and big earrings, but I've had lots and lots of love surrounding me for days. I hope each of you had as wonderful a Valentines Day as me ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Rico doesn't waste his time making snowmen.

When Rico says "kids lets go play in the snow" He doesn't waste his silly time, making snowmen. He has bigger plans in mind.

While this one takes after her mama. Snow causes too much pain. She wants to be inside with her lipgloss, hot chocolate, and warm bath. Smart girl.
Why make a snowman, when you could do this.....what it is, I'm not really sure, but hey, Rico and his offspring sure think it's cool....

Those silly boys.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Well, here we are....

So, we are moved. My blog life has been ignored for a while, but now that I'm a city slicker and hopefully not as busy, I can get back to my riveting updates. I know ya'll have been shedding tears....

Mama is gonna like being close to everything. For over 7 years now, I've had to drive 20 minutes to get to anything. Just today we went to Meijers, only 2 minutes, SA-WEET. We are close to everything, I really am going to love that. I also really love my support system!! I can't even begin to describe what great friends and family I have. I AM BLESSED.

And just since it's been a while since I bored ya'll with my children, I am about to make up for it.....






TWO ;)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Nate Dog

Our little Nathan has turned 11....sigh.....all these kids keep growin' up!!!

Jo and C.T. had a nice birthday party for him and he got lots of "cool" stuff. Rather than show all the party pics, I thought we'd look at how fast time goes. It really does seem like just yesterday that my nephews were just babies. All of us mom and dads need to just enjoy them while they are little, cause it's for a very short time!!!!

Happy Birthday Nathan Corey, we love you very much.