Thursday, September 25, 2014

Boring G and her bad thyroid

So this beaut of a gal came to see me this past weekend. 

And what are the odds that she showed up on the weekend that my kids had their fall festival. JUST LIKE LAST YEAR. 

Best friends stand in the heat and watch your kids play games.

Poor Tracey.

Even though we both perked up when the kids did the cake walk. We both spotted something we wanted, and we were seriously cheering them on for a win.

AND WHAT DO YOU KNOW?! Pierce won an entire cake. It was quite hilarious and he loved walking around the entire evening showing it off.

Once we finished our time at the fall festival it was time for our weekend to begin,

And here is where I will veer off for a few.

Tracey and I made our usual plans: Eat. Shop. Eat. Shop. But I have haven't been myself for a while, so our usual plans actually turned more into something like this: Eat. Moan about how I feel. Shop. Need to stop and get something to drink. Eat. Complain that my stomach hurt. Shop. Stop and fan myself while I break into a sweat. Eat. Decide I'm ready just go home and lay down.

What I'm saying is basically I was NOT FUN. I tried to keep up the fun and I did have moments of semi-clarity, like my hunt for the perfect pearl necklace.

But for the most part, I just wasn't myself. Not even Michael Kors or Gigi's made me happy.

I tried all weekend to be fun, but sadly for my friends I wasn't great company.

I went to the doctor Monday they ran a bunch of tests, and the culprit for all my issues is my thyroid. Suddenly it all makes sense, and I am so glad to have an answer.  I've started some medicine and I am anxiously awaiting to return to my normal, or at least what's normal for me, self.

Sad I wasn't the greatest of company for Tracey this weekend, but thankful for a friend who is okay to hang out with boring G and her bad thyroid.

Friday, September 19, 2014

A little offspring update

I know of about eight certain folks who would like an update on some certain little ones. It's been pretty much the usual around here, with a few exciting things thrown in. 

Like, HAIR. 

Hope's hair specifically. 

Hope is all about wanting to let her hair grow, but the longer it gets, the stringier it gets. I went searching the internet and found this little inspiration. Time for a few layers. 

And oh my, it's adorable. And she absolutely ADORES it. It's just a sass-fest up in here with this hair.

Never fear, she doesn't just spend all her time flipping her hair around, she's also doing awesome in school.

As is Pierce.

And as pained as this child looks in this picture, this was a fantastic race for him.

Previous race Pierce had placed 38th, which we of course were pleased with, we just always tell him to try and beat his previous time.

This race he placed 18th out of hundred or more runners.

He even received a medal for placing in the top twenty. He was so proud.

I'm pretty proud too.

Of them both.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Four Eyes. Except totally not.

Ah, the weekend. 

And what a fabulous weekend! (Other than me getting sick) The weather was PERFECT, and we were picture perfect busy bees getting our errands done and doing so with a little extra pep in our step thanks to a perfect 65 degrees. 

Kids were pumped because this was a payday weekend, they are always eagerly waiting on allowance. Pierce, of course, saved his money and Hope was asking every other minute, "when can we go shopping?!"

She's had something in mind for several weeks now. A very specific item.


You want glasses??

And suddenly I had a flashback to a little G who also wanted glasses. Oh and braces, and crutches, and if I were super lucky I could have had a wheelchair for a brief time. I basically wanted to be semi-disabled. I also may have even stretched out paper clips to put them across my teeth to simulate braces. I was a strange child.

So her desiring glasses? I get it.

And she's committing to this glass persona 100%.

They are pretty adorable on her.

And now our resemblance? Well,  I think its pretty uncanny.

Who knows maybe next paycheck she'll ask for braces. Good thing I know how to hook her up with some wicked awesome paper clip ones.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Life According to Kids

*It's been quire a while since I did one of these posts, so some of the things the kids said are from the end of last school year.* 

One day as I picked up the kids from school, Hope excitedly jumps into the car with big news!

Hope: "We have a talent show at school on Monday!"

Me: "Oh fun! What might you do?"

Hope: "I don't know mommy! I have so many talents, how can I choose?!" 

Pierce was talking to me about teachers he hoped to get or not get, and was explaining to a certain to teacher to me.

"Well she's kind of old. You know like your age."

Hope was giving me the scoop about a child in her class.

Hope: "Well, she picks her nose and eats her boogers! I see her trying to hide it!"

Pierce: "Man, even I don't do that."

Pierce is my old soul child, always has been. Sometimes it's just more evident than others.

A  young girl came flying into our parking lot and I was busy staring her down and Pierce could see I was about to confront her.

"Mom she's a teenager, what do you expect? Remember you were like that once and I bet you drove  fast too."

Monday, September 8, 2014

Best week ever

VH1 used to have this show called, Best Week Ever. Maybe they still do, I don't know? But the whole premise of the show was to talk about the previous weeks happenings and talk about who had the "best week ever." 

That show would pop in my mind every so often when I would think about Pierce's week and I could almost hear them announce: "And for that reason, Pierce you are having the BEST WEEK EVER." 

Immediately following Pierce's baptism, he was nominated by his classmates to be the Leader of the month. Before when he has received this award it was always his teachers decision, but now they let the kids in the class decide, I think he felt pretty proud about his classmates thinking he's a leader. 

He also had another race.

Did you know Cross Country is such a big thing? Well I sure didn't. Which I guess isn't all too surprising seeing as I'm not exactly an athletic gal, well unless you qualify dancing as a sport WHICH I TOTALLY DO, then yeah I'm athletic. Anyways, so there are like hundreds of people at these races, with tents set up and people just camping out waiting.

And that seems to be what we do a lot of, just hang out and wait.

Things of late have sort of revolved around her brother, but her time is coming.

She has jumprope tryouts soon and she is thinking she wants to get back into dance soon.

 Besides when we are sitting around guess who pouts and then gets treats?

LOOK AT THAT FACE. Spoiled I tell you.

So this race was in the crazy heat, which was UGH. We are all over the heat.

But heat can't stop these guys.


He said with the heat he really struggled this time, but he finished strong.

And to conclude his best week ever? He was able to wear an Under Armour shirt to church (thanks Neena!) you know things like that are important to a nine year old boy. :-) Great week!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

A day I will always remember

 Sunday morning at approximately 5:45 a.m. a soft voice wakes me, "momma I can't sleep I'm just too excited."

I open my eyes and there stands my 9 year old boy who in just a matter of hours is about to be baptized.  In my sleepy state I smile and I whisper back "that's just fine you can be awake, I understand."

He showers, he gets dressed, and then he waits. He waits for the moment we've been talking about for months.

And I wait for the moment I've been praying for since October 22, 2004.

Pierce prayed and asked Jesus into his life when he was seven, and at age nine he decided he was ready to take the final step and make it a public profession of faith.

From the moment our children entered this world we have prayed that they come to saving faith in Jesus.

One of the steps before baptism is to write out your testimony. The question presented to Pierce, how is your life different since you became a Christian? 

In his young but firm nine year old belief he said, Jesus is in my heart and there is nothing to be afraid of, and Jesus gives me hope. 

What more could we want for our children?

Buried with him in baptism, raised to walk in newness of life.

After baptism was over and he was all dried off he came back to sit with me and had the best smile on his face. Such a special day for him.

After church we all went to have a little celebration.

Family drove two hours in pouring rain to watch him be baptized, and it meant the WORLD to us to have them there.

August 31, 2014, a day I will always remember.

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in truth. 3 John 1:4