Monday, April 30, 2012

Trying our hand at four.

Take a look at these sweet faces! 

This was our view on Saturday night. 

Brittany and Blake had a shindig at their house, and wanted to be kid free for a some of it. So, I gladly said we could watch them. I thought it would be fun to get a little glimpse into what life with four might be like. And to those of you that do it for reals, like every single day? I tip my hat to you.

Actually the night went really well, and it's fun having the extra kids around because they entertain one another.  But I knew that we had to get these kids out and let them run and play.

And It's fair to say that they were pleased with my decision.

Honestly, it was such an awesome night.

The weather was glorious, the kids were running and playing, and I felt myself getting verklempt a time or two. Who's dramatic?

Check out his little underwear sticking out of his shorts. The mom in me found this cute.

And the PMS in me, found every little thing these kids did, just plain SWEET.

Like running up and down a hill repeatedly.

And being free.

I wish I could still feel that free.

Have mercy on me, I was just feeling it.

And about the time I could have started to ugly cry, Paul had a grand idea...
 "Who wants to go treasure hunting kids?"

A brilliant man who knows how to slip a geocaching trip into any situation. 
 The kids were pumped! I think they were expecting to find Lego's or something.

We hunted and hunted...

And some of the audience may have become bored.

But guess who found the treasure?

ME!!!! And sadly had to report to Layton that the "treasure" is a measly piece of paper you write you name on son. I don't think he was too impressed.

But good thing is, there were hills to be climbed.

And four little children with lots of energy to do such climbing.

And four little children who would have stayed outside playing until the sun was completely gone.

But eventually we had to call it a night...

I can't claim I could handle four of my own, but I can claim Saturday night a success, and here is my proof.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

One step closer to a black belt.

Pierce has been in Tae Kwon Do for 14 months now. A little over a year feels like a long time to be dedicated to one sport. There are no off seasons, you just keep on going, I guess indefinitely. Will Pierce want to keep this up forever? I'm not sure. But I'm proud of the fact that his little self has stuck to it thus far.

Last weekend was time to test again. 
 Just look at him standing there so serious. I love it!
 He nailed his form!
 And took on the bear hug with no problems.
 Of course they had to spar, and I've finally become comfortable with the whole idea of that, BUT check out the size of this boy! Uh, hullo?!  I about came out of my seat, and of course, Paul is all like "it's fine." Ugh. But his instructor must know more than me, because Pierce held his own just fine.
 And his biggest fan was there rooting him on all the way.
 And all of his hard work paid off, because he is officially a blue belt now.
 SO proud of our son!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Life according to the cell phone

I do believe that I've seen people out in the blog world, do a Friday photo dump? Put all their cell phone pics in some kind of cute collage and ta da! You have a cutsie post! Now you all know my knowledge of computer stuff stopped around Windows 99, and also considering my cell phone is kinda ghetto, there will be no cute collages. But I'm dumping them none the less. So, come hop around with me.

A morning note, and sweet plea from my boy.
 Lots of sweet snuggles with daddy.
 And a mommy who is STILL a sucker, and lets both the kids climb into bed with me, even when it means no sleep for me, and it chagrins Paul to no end.

Sweet lunch dates with Pierce.
 And the cutest little girl on the planet.

 Hanging out with my little buddy at church

And getting a glimpse of what life would be like as a mom to four.

Lots of play dates with our friends

 And loving these beautiful nights, while we are eagerly awaiting summer.
Happy Weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Celebrating Karen and Dwan, with the Starbucks Sisters.

Tuesday night, was an out of the ordinary, kinda night. Instead of a night filled with the usual mommy duties, I hired a sitter and went out to celebrate some wonderful women.

My special friend Karen, the friend who reached out to the lonely new girl at Chick Fil A, had a birthday that needed some celebrating.

The two elderly ladies of the group, representing 37.
Me the oldest of the group, and Karen trailing right behind me.
OH!!!! And Miss LeAnne here on the left, she's also included in representing the oldies of the group! Right Leanne? Don't roll your eyes at me LeAnne!! I AM your elder, and that's a sin.

The Starbucks Sisters, have taken a small hiatus during the month of April. With many traveling for spring break, and several on a mission trip to Greece, it was a good time for a small break. 
But we've missed each other so!

So a night out was a must.

I really wanted to try and capture some "casual" photos of the night. But every attempt I made, my subjects would either A) freeze up, or B) stop and pose for me, so I finally gave up my idea. Brittany grabbed my camera, and I thought maybe she, the professional, would get what I was looking for.

Not so much....
Just lots of awkward pics of me.

Good thing I like her so much.

But we also had one more very special thing planned for the night.

Our friend Dwan, on the right, is in the process of adopting a little boy from China. Cindy on the left, has also adopted from China, a sweet baby girl. I wasn't around when Cindy was in the adoption process, but Brittany had a doll made special for Ella. Then friends prayed over the doll, and wrote sweet letters to Cindy and the family. Cindy could read those letters for encouragement during those long months of waiting to bring their daughter home.

Brittany, being the sweet soul that she is, said it was time do the same for Dwan.

When Cindy went to give this to Dwan, she was COMPLETELY taken off guard.
And the moment was very special.
You see, Dwan's son said his favorite animal is a frog. So a frog that has been prayed over, blessed and loved on, is now just awaiting his arms.
Such a fun night with my Starbucks Sister....

Oh, and this picture right here? And me in it? Still totally surreal to me. But I'm ohhhhh so thankful to have met these women.