Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Eve

I sort of took an unintentional blog break. I got up to Indiana with full intentions of blogging, but suddenly it dawned on me, I should just focus on these people who want to spend time with me. So I told my blog, it's not you, it's me, and we took a break. 

But now we are back together and it's all good. 

Overwhelming, but good. 

So I begin on Christmas Eve, my most FAVORITE day of the year. Because I believe the best part to almost anything is the anticipation. 

Jami and I began a tradition three years ago I think? We meet up on Christmas Eve morning for breakfast at McDonald's, even though I'm thinking next year we should do Cracker Barrel, what you think James?

But no matter where we go, I just love that we have this tradition. 

 Christmas Eve is all about preparations

Setting up the cute stuff

And lighting all the candles.

And you must know that my romantic side loves all the candlelight.

It's just good ambiance.

Then Dad reads the Christmas story from Luke

And this year Mom read something to us too.

And then we dove in! And of course we have the traditional, 'round the table shot. Missing Jaclyn (who had to work) and of course missing Aunt Linda...

But other than eating and preparing, there is just lots of hanging out.

You will find us all scattered around the house

Lingering and talking.

And hopefully getting out hands on our sweet Christmas gift this year!

Hope was all about that!

And once the last cup of coffee is gone, the last cinnamon roll eaten, and the last person is finished lingering, it's time to get to business.

Because the BIG DAY is just hours away....

Monday, December 23, 2013

A white flag made of pearls

Little girls have grand ideas about what they will wear. Or is that just my little girl? Because MY little girl is very, very headstrong about her outfits....

Setup complete. 

Last Tuesday night it was time for Hope's little Christmas program, which was all exciting and happy, or at least until it was time to get dressed. 

Only directions we were given was to dress the kids in a "Mexican" flair if we wanted. Program was about Pinatas or something. 

Well, we don't really run heavy here with "Mexican" looking clothes, but I did remember of a dress that Paul and I bought for her a couple years ago, from Mexico

Really can't get more authentic than that. 

I told Hope about it and she was on board with the idea, until, I shared that jeans had to be worn underneath. 

The dress is a size 4 and too short without something underneath, so I told her she had to wear a pair of jeans underneath said dress.  And well, you would have thought I signed her up for the guillotine or something. 

There was whaling, there may have even been gnashing of teeth, but momma wan't going to give in. 

Pick your battles they say, and this time I decided I needed to stand strong. I gave her two choices, and she was unhappy with both, so I let her come to terms with it on her own. 

BUT I did give her something to wear with it that seemed to turn the tide around, it was the white flag that ended the war.

See those pearls on the wrist?

Yeah, those were what brought this to a truce.

And the little girl that told me she was going to "quit the Christmas program" just an hour earlier, was all laughs and happy at this point.

She had her friends

And she had her performance.

As tiring as the battle was

I'm glad she has her own ideas.

And I'm also glad for a white flag

Made of pearls.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I had one jumper and one sad little girl

The kids have been doing this jump rope team thing for a couple months now. They are loving it, and keep telling me they are learning a lot. 

But I already knew that since they jump rope all.the.time, and I've noticed the improvements. 

But on Monday there was an official mini-performance so we could all get a look. 

Pierce was all business about it, and pretty darn good! 


I had to keep Hope home from school on Monday because of a nasty cough.

One doctor visit and a diagnosis of walking pneumonia later, and I was faced with breaking the bad news: NO JUMP ROPE PERFORMANCE FOR HOPE.


And general devastation.

I really felt sad for her, but what you gonna do? ( I comforted her with a milkshake, and in return taught her  to eat her feelings. WAY TO GO, MOM)

But I had to pay attention to the little guy. (Excuse the creepy smile face, not sure how else to protect the innocent from my tens of readers)

I had never heard of a school having such a thing as a jump rope team until we moved here, and I'm glad my kids are a part of it now.

And I will also be glad when there is another performance so I can watch BOTH my kids do their thing.

Love my jumpers! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Life according to kids

Pierce: "Momma, I cannot believe this year is almost over! This has been the shortest year of my life."

Hope: "Momma, I don't think I can ever get baptitized, because I fight with Pierce so much."

Pierce was trying to pick out a Christmas movie for us to watch..

"How about Santa hanging around 24th street?" (Miracle on 34th Street)

Hope: "Momma, I'm gonna keep all the things you've given me forever. That way when you die, I can always rememberize you."

Pierce: "Hey dad, your name is in the book of Philippines." (Philippians)

And now for some Christmas Carols according to Hope....

"And the prettiest sight you'll see is that holly that will be, on your own smart choice...."

"Dashing through the snow, and the little ones start again...."

"I'll be home for Christmas, you can count on me. Please have toast and mistletoes and presents under the tree."

"Oh Silent Night, the stars are brightly shinning, it is the night that our flag was still there."

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Missing Linda

It's been almost two months since Aunt Linda had her surgery.....

And as of today, it seems so dark and bleak. We all want to believe she will recover, that she will live a productive, healthy life. But it feels so unsure.

I know that God can bring restoration, I know that He alone can heal, but sometimes His ways are not ours. I've come to understand that truth many times, but yet, when it's someone you love you just don't want to accept it.

Last Friday, Linda had no pulse, but somehow they brought her back. She also has staph pneumonia, which is very deadly. Her poor little body is so frail, and her toes and fingers are black.

When you look at her, you don't see the woman that went into surgery, you only see a shell of a person. And as much as it pains you to feel it, you can't help but think, I don't want her to continue suffering.

But she has no brain damage, and when she is more lucid she will mouth things to you, and even smile. She knows her kids, she knows my dad, and she even talks about where she wants to go eat when she gets out of the hospital.  Things like that, give you hope.

She won't be home for Christmas, she will be in a hospital, and I'm just so sad about it all.

I miss Linda.

Monday, December 16, 2013


I've been a Warren East employee for about 7 months now, so I'm still a definite newbie. It's really a fun place to work, with great people, but right now at Christmas time, the fun has been amped up considerably. 

Mainly in the form of extra goodies, and tighter pants. 

But imagine my excitement as I went to experience my first work Christmas party, and in the words of the boss, not just any Christmas party but,  THE BEST CHRISTMAS PARTY, EVER!

One of my co-workers, who happens to work at many different schools, said "you can't miss the WEHS party, cause you got good country cooks!"

And that we do!

They food was to die for!

And I wasn't the only one who thought so...

Proof in the smile.

But the boss had more than good food up her sleeve...


So yeah, Santa and an elf made a stop by the party. And they weren't just there to be all, ho ho ho'ish, oh no, they were there to pass out gifts.

And let me tell you about the sheer horror that flashed before this boys eyes when he realized he had to go see Santa to get his gift.

He wanted the gift, yet, he didn't want to sit on his lap. WHAT TO DO?

I'll tell you what you do, you turn fifteen lovely shades of red and do what you have to do to get the goods.

Yeah, he was pretty much mortified, but we were proud of him for dealing with it. Ha!

Hope was slightly timid...

But much more open to the idea.

I might even say, happy about it.

But the kids weren't the only ones who got treats.

We played a dirty Santa game, with 'as seen on TV gifts'

It may have been mass chaos...

But it was a mass chaos of fun.

And that is exactly how I would describe the entire evening...


Maybe more fun for some than others.

What is this phase Pierce is going through? GRUMPY OLD MAN.

So, just show them how it's done.

Get your fun props...

And just be goofy.

And you know what?