Monday, March 29, 2010

A bribery, a Sunday miracle, and popcorn tossin'

Anyone seen this show called LIFE, it's been on the Discovery channel, on Sunday nights?? It's like another version of Planet Earth.

Well, we are all about (okay maybe me not so much, cause animals get killed, which makes me all nervous and sad) but I like all the education, and it's beautifully done. The kids, especially Pierce, really love it. So, after it aired last Sunday, Paul made a bribe with Pierce, "if you are good all week, we will let you stay up late Sunday night and watch it"

Wouldn't you know I used that bribe all week. It was my friend. "You'd better straighten up, or you don't get to stay up late Sunday night" Kind of like a Santa in the middle of Spring, "be good, or you get nothing" tee hee....

So, this has bribe thing has worked to our advantage all week long, then on Sunday we said "hey, we're staying up late tonight, better take a nap"

Yep, this was our Sunday miracle. Little man does not nap anymore. Amazing what an animal show will do to this boy.
"Pierce you've been good all week, you get to stay up late buddy"

His moment arrived....

I think he thought it was worth all that extra being good stuff ;)

Then the popcorn tossin' started.....daddy started us off....

Little man was pretty good...

Hope was really good, but then again she would just toss back her head, and place it in her mouth.

Oh yeah, call the fashion police, and the psych ward, I look like a loony, and I also was no good at popcorn tossin', hmpf.

A fun night for the Bush family. Life lasts for 6 weeks, so, we will be a bribin' our way through the next few weeks, yeah cause, we're not above that ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yes, I compare my kids...

Have you ever noticed that many times parents say "Oh, I never compare my kids"???

Well I do.

Hear me out......I compare where each of their strengths are, and who develops which strength when. I do not compare in the fact, that either one is better than the other. They each will excel in their own areas at different rates. So, with that said, my little girl has taken to writing much sooner than her brother did, not because she is smarter or better, it's just an area she's takin' a shinin' to....

So, before the age of 3, Hope can write her name :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rather Be Shopping, right?!?!?

So, what were some of the posts I promised you????

1) I had BIG plans to tell you all about our Easter shopping adventures. BIG plans to go with my mom and my nephews, and well, what is the name of my blog??? "RATHER BE SHOPPING" So shopping is near and dear to me, anything that revolves around shopping, makes my heart beat a little faster, makes me sweat in places that I normally don't.....

The plan was to head out on Tuesday morning....Monday night, I hear those screams that a mom knows all too well. "MOMMY I'M SICK" Hope started to throw up early Tuesday morning, so our plans to go shopping were all but a dream. Both the kids knew that we were going to have fun on Tuesday with their favorite cousins, so breaking this to them would be hard....After some thought and discussion with my mom, I decided to let Pierce go and, and the most important thing??? I told my mom "You pick out the Easter clothes for the kids, I trust you" I do trust my mom, but this is like handing over my right to breathe. I would have no say in the Easter outfits....

I had a HEARTBROKEN little girl on my hands as they all drove away to shop and have fun. "Mommy I want to go, why can't I go" I kind of felt like crying the same thing, but I had to be the adult and keep this ship a float.....

So, what's a mommy to do???

First, let her baby girl sleep in her bed. For some reason it makes a child happy to sleep in mommy and daddy's bed. So POOF, I let it be. Then when I saw her looking out and the window, and crying for her brother, I said "what do you want to do, your wish is my command"

So, she was Cinderella...

And I was a mean stepsister....

Then we attempted a puzzle. I am HORRIBLE at puzzles, but good thing is she is 2 and I could fool her into thinking it was done.

Eventually I worked up some smiles.

Mom, returned with clothes (adorable, and will save the reveal for the Easter pics) and my boy. All was well in the world, or so we thought.....The throwing up had stopped, but the fevers got worse and then a rash. Weird stuff. So, I called the doc and we went in......"Hope has step throat and Scarlet fever"....."WHAT, SCARLET FEVER??" I immediately had thoughts of Little House on the Prairie and covered wagons!! I mean who gets Scarlet Fever these days?? Doc says, "if she was my daughter I'd give her a penicillin shot now, we need to treat this aggressively. This is painful, she'll never forget it or forgive me" Well, what does any good mom do?? She gets on the horn and calls daddy-o to come save the day. Cause this mommy hates to see her babies get shots, or have to hold them down. I get an F in that department. Daddy came, and after lots and lots of tears, the trauma was over...So, now we wait. Will is spread like "wildfire" as predicted or will this be the end??

My babes right before the big-bad shot....

So, hopefully, and prayerfully, we will all stay sane and healthy.....Life with children may never go as planned, but they are worth every detour in the plans. Yes, even the detours in shopping plans.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Forgive me bloggers....

I know, I know. I have been a BAD, BAD blogger.

In my defense, we've been having some computer issues, and then on top of that, well I just have been at a loss. Dry your tears, and pick yourself up by the britches, I shall be back.

And just to tide you over, here's a preview of what's to come....

**Going shopping for Easter clothes for the kids

**Taking the kids to the dentist

**Hope writing her name

I KNOW, it's so EXCITING that you won't be able to sleep tonight. Try and contain your excitement and pray that these stories find you soon, because they will rock your world ;)

Sunday, March 14, 2010

I went on a date with a farmer.

I am a blog stalker. Unashamedly so. I find people that I don't know and I become a loyal follower. I try and learn their stories, and then when I become brave enough I will de-lurke myself and admit that I have been in the shadows reading their every word.

So, after following Jaime Mac for a while "The Farming McAfee's" I finally outed myself. I've been reading her blog for a long time, and she I think it's always a little nerve wracking to admit your a follower, you never know if the other person will be receptive to you. Well, Jaime welcomed me with open arms, and the next thing I know we are going on a date.

So, on Saturday, Jami Leigh Lee, myself, and Jamie Mac met up at Puerto for some lunch and of course good covo. It's strange to meet someone you don't know at all, yet you know so much about. Jaime was easy breezy to talk to, and quite a doll!! What a fun gal!!! Jaime thank you for being so open to meet some of your loyal stalkers, and giving us a fun blog to read.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I always knew that having kids would pay off one day.

All the hard work of being pregnant, sleepless nights, time interrupted, and just general giving up of self, is starting to pay off....

Look who I've got doing the laundry.
Yep, our stuff doesn't match, I know, kind of ghetto.
In all seriousness, Pierce is very eager to help me these days and I love it. I'm not sure when the shift happens and it becomes a fight, but for now I am enjoying having a helper ;)

Monday, March 8, 2010

So look who finally asked me some questions..

I was thinking my BFF was just gonna ignore this whole "watcha wanna know" thang, but alas she pulled a couple out.

1) If you had to choose between mascara or lipstick, which would it be?

Really Tracey?? Why don't you ask me to choose between my children. You have no idea how long I have stewed about this. Tossing between them, back and forth, thinking I had my decision only to second guess myself. So, with serious thought, I say I would choose MASCARA. I'm sure I would be allowed chap stick, right?? Maybe slightly tinted chap stick?? The world would never be the same without lipstick, but alas my mascara can never leave me.

2) If you were to have another kid, would you want a boy or a girl?

I'd have to say a girl. Maybe because I have a sister, and I know how wonderful that is, or maybe because a girl is just so much fun to dress. I've always heard that "girls are easier when they are young, and boys are easier when they are older" So, maybe having two teenage girls would be a mom's worst nightmare?!?! I don't know....but I'll think about adding a third, when you add yours, does that sound like a deal???

....And there was much rejoicing

What is the outdoors?? What is fun at the playground?? Those are just some of the things we seem to have forgotten over these looooong, cold winter months. And even though I feel as I'm cheating on Christmas when I long for Spring, I realize that it's time move on.

So, when I uttered the words "who wants to go to the playground today??"

There was much rejoicing...
Rejoicing stopped for a moment. No proper girl goes to the park without her lip gloss. I mean come on!!

We couldn't get there fast enough...

Even running with a purse to the park. Don't we all do that??

Oh my, the kids we're feeling things they had forgotten.

PURE JOY from a swing.

There was even some extreme sports going on...

And what day of rejoicing would be complete without some kite flying??

A Barbie kite no less....

It really was a glorious weekend and we are ready for more days of rejoicing.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Another question....

This question came after I had done my answers, but I didn't want to leave you out!!

From Amanda:

So, I am a total stalker. You totally do not know me, but a couple of blogs that I follows, have you as someone they follow, so I read yours sometimes. How did you come to know Jesus and where are you in your relationship?

Hi there Amanda!!! Glad I have some unknown stalkers, I totally stalk blogs as well....

I turned my life over to Christ on April 9, 2001. I grew up in a Christian home and church, but it did not become my own personal walk until my late 20's....My walk with the Lord has definitely changed over the years!! I have a serious problem with "religious" people and my prayer is that I never become one of those types. So many church types, sit in their pews, getting what they need, never giving to others, and then using what they learn to beat others up with it. My walk is trying to learn how to give to others, even when I think I deserve more, using the ultimate example of Jesus who all for loves sake become poor, disregarded, lonely, and ultimately died, for me ( and all) who did not love Him as should....I am a selfish creature to the core, but my hope lies in Christ that He will continue to transform me until the day my heart stops beating.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Watcha wanna know...the answers...

Okay blogger buddies, here it goes...

These next 5 questions are from Jaime Mac

1) When did you start blogging and why did you decide to do it??

I started August of 08', because my BFF told me I had to. She had just started to blog, and I guess felt the need to make me do it. I was not happy about it at all, and reluctantly agreed. Now I am a blogger at heart and can't imagine not doing it. How else would I share all of my riveting stories, vent, brag on my kids, or make new blog friends....thanks Tracey for forcing me ;)

2) Do you read the Twilight series? If yes, what team are you on?

Okay, brace yourself Jaime Mac.....NO, I DO NOT READ TWILIGHT.....did I just lose you?? Will you now remove me from your list?? Or sent me hate mail....Sorry, but I just don't get the whole "vampire love" thing.... I know, I know, I am lost and need saving. I've had MANY women try to convert me to the vampire movement, but I am standing firm...besides those guys are just way to pasty white for me.

3) If yes about #2, wanna go see Eclipse with me in June??

Sure, I'd go, but I think you'd kill me. I'd be rolling my eyes, and making snide comments,
while you were feeling it. I think it be best if you took a vampire lover with you. (BTW, the other JAMI, has read all the books, hit her up)

4) What do you do for a living?

I am a stay-at-home mom....I pick up messes all day long, wipe bottoms, put out fires, work on ABC's and 123's, watch cartoons, attempt to be crafty, make and clean up meals multiple times a day, wipe tears, read books written for pre-k children, master the art of candy-land, discipline......and some days wish I could do it all drunk....but I'm exactly where I want to be.

5) Do you have any hobbies (besides deceiving your children)

Deception out of love, is not deception, right?? Let's see....honestly, I am a shopper. If I had more money, it would be a serious problem...I enjoy being with my girlie's....I work out...and if I had more time I would scrapbook (I could totally help you with that scrapbook you've been slacking on)

From Jami

1) If you were to have another kid, what are some of the names you would use?

Well, I'm a one syllable name kind of gal (i.e., Pierce, and Hope) I've always like Sam, or Jack....can't really give you any girl names. I can tell you what I don't like (hope I don't offend anyone) I can't stand made up know those names that people just pull together from who knows's a serious issue for me.

2) If you were to go back to work, what would you want to do, or what would be your dream job?

Well, I'd love to shop for people. You know those women that are born without the shopping gene. Poor women......OR, I'd love to decorate homes, if I could spend another person's hard earned money at Pottery Barn for them, well, consider me in Heaven.

From Alicia

1) Why don't you come to Jazz?

Sniff, Sniff.....well, when we moved, I decided to start going to the gym that is 2 minutes away from me, and also cheaper....I've been going to Jazz since I was 15 years old, so I am sure that at some point I will be back. I miss it, and I miss chatting with the girls, it's just what I needed to do for now....sniff, sniff.

From Betsy

1) How did you and Paul meet?

We met at SouthEast Church....I was hanging out with his sister Rhonda, and he came with her to visit a few times. I knew right away, that he was not the one for me...we all went out one night and he was showcasing all his dance moves, while I did appreciate his affinity for the sprinkler, we just had nothing in common....then one night, just the two of us ended up going out, and well he won me over with his RICO ways.

From Jill A.

1) I know you are a girly girl but did you do any sports growing up? Soccer, cheerleader, tennis.....anything??

First of all, I love the way you say "anything" HA HA, you know me well....The Lord passed over me when he was forming the sports gene.....Okay, I did play tennis. I was just okay....HOWEVER, I was on the DANCE TEAM. Need I say more?? OH, I was also in choir, and on the drama team....BUT if hair and makeup could have been a sport, I would have been MVP.

Thanks for all the questions...glad I could let you in my I just hope you still want to know me ;)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Whatcha wanna know??

So, Jami started this ask and you shall receive thing.....and being that I'm not creative enough to think of something on my own, I will copy.

So, ask and I shall tell.....whatcha wanna know??

And also, since I am nosy to the core, I expect ya'll to do the same thing.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'm inspired...

So all this crafty/scientific talk has brought out a new side to me.

I'm determined.....and yes, I think we'll even do that disgusting caterpillar thingy.

I'm starting small, but check it out!!!

Oh, and look who I drug in on the crafts!!!!

I know you guys are riveted. I'll keep you posted......

Monday, March 1, 2010

Just call me Candi Spelling....

....So, I kinda like Tori Spelling....Yeah, I know, I know....and yes, I've read her book (please don't judge me)

If any of ya'll have read it, do you remember the story of Tori's mom, going to beach and putting the giant manufactured shells on the beach for Tori to find??

Okay, so I've set the stage...let me tell you the other part of the story....

Pierce has an obsession about "building a collection" From where this began, not really sure. However, we talk about it, oh man, do we talk about it. EVERY DAY....."Mommy when it gets warm I will build my collection"....."In my collection, will be FEATHERS, TEETH, STICKS, and MONEY" ...Over and over, I hear about the FEATHERS...."where can I find feathers mommy?" "what kind of feathers do you think I will find" "when can I go look for my feathers" ....I know that this collection is bizarre, but it is important to my boy, so it's become important to me.

So, let's move to in Michael's, looking at all the CRAFTS (gaging thinking about all these crafts I need to do, so I don't suck as a mom) when all of a sudden, there it was, shining like a beacon in the night....FEATHERS..... So, I did it..... I pulled a Candi Spelling.....bought the feathers and placed them in the woods for him to find.....Yes, just call me Candi.

Oh my, what could this be??
Oh my land, check out this feather!!!! Another one!!!

So, when he finds out one day, that it was his mom whose idea it was to put these in the woods, will it be added to his therapy???

I hope he knows I did it out of love :)