Wednesday, November 18, 2015

40 + 1

So I woke up yesterday a year older. 

I could complain about some wrinkles, or weird body changes, cause mercy knows there are some.  Instead I only want to think about what my kids did for me. 

Hope and Pierce parked themselves outside my door at 5:30 am, just waiting for me to wake up. Oblivious I was peacefully snoring and drooling. Paul put them out of their misery and woke me up at 6. "The kids are waiting for you. They've been working on something for you since Saturday, please look on the beside table."

Hobbity whobity whaty?

I sat up in my beautiful splendor and turned on the light.....

I heard snickers and saw smiles of two very excited kids.

Sitting straight up out of bed I had to think. Mercy.

First clue led me to two snow globes that Hope had given to me out of her own stash. Uh, precious.

When I found them they loudly pointed me to the next clue, "YOU'RE COLD MOM!" "NO WAIT, YOU'RE HOT!"

Inside the black table were two cards for me.

Third clue led me to Hope's room.

I realize this picture is the epitome of horrid but sue me it was 6 am.

A candle, a 10 dollar bill, and Panera gift card.

 And this sweet Christmas decoration.

Also, this was something Pierce wrote about me using my name.

Honestly, I am just so thankful for these two children. They made turning 40 +1, pretty amazing.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Last run

Running, for the time being, has come to an end. 

Kids had their last race a little over a week ago. 

This what what they call a "fun run." Not sure what kind of lunatic calls any run "fun" but you know runners are crazy like that. Fun run means basically anyone can run it, you don't have to have a physical form filled out, and it really doesn't count for anything.

This also coincided with the marathon that THE REALLY CRAZY runners were running that day, so there were loads of kids and people everywhere.

Parents could run along side their kids, so Paul told Hope they would run it together.

I kept asking Paul, "are you sure you want to do this?" He was like, IT'S A 2K GRETCHEN I THINK I CAN MANAGE.

I got my timer

And my place.

First kid had already run in, but I saw Pierce shortly after.

He was in a battle.

He was either going to end the race in second or third.

He didn't have quite enough to pass, and ended his last race in third place. THIRD! I was really impressed.

So Hope and running club. It's been a battle.

She was the one who decided she wanted to try running club, but it wasn't long after joining that she regretted that decision. There were tears at many races, and even some begging to not have to do it. We always said the same thing, Hope you never have to run again, but you must finish out the commitment.

She joyfully ran this race, because she knew it was the end.

I screamed her through that finish line.

 I knew she must have been feeling relief.

And I'd imagine Paul was feeling relief too, even it was "only a 2k."

Once it was over, with a pizza slice in hand, she told me she actually enjoyed it, SO WHO KNOWS. It's a definite love/hate thing for her. Later she even said she may continue with running, so I guess the high at the end makes up for all the misery.

Pierce on the other hand loves all things running. When he crosses that finish line and literally is almost in tears and looks like he might hurl, I'm always sure he will tell me he wants to quit the whole running gig. Never. He loves it. I would imagine we will be watching him run for years to come.

Until next season....

Friday, November 6, 2015

Halloween 2015

Hope has told me for a couple of years now that she wants to be a bride on Halloween. But what always happens? She gets distracted by something that sparkles, and bride goes out the window. 


She said bride, and actually stuck to her guns. 

Do you know how much fun I had with this? Dressing up your daughter and getting a glimpse of a future bride? 


You know when Paul and I got married back in 2002 the tiara was all the rage. Now a tiara is so early 2000's, but pretty perfect for a little girl dressing up.

Now Pierce.

"Hey mom, I wanna be a skeleton"


We don't do scary.

But I caved.

I guess it isn't all that scary, especially when the skeleton breaks it down.

We were ready to roll by 2:00

Plenty of time for me to take an unreasonable amount of pictures.

These are the moments.

So we did out traditional Halloween thing


We go to Brittany's and kill some time, you know so the kids ask every two minutes, WHEN CAN WE GO?

Finally we quit torturing them and we roll.

Just like riding a bike people.

And Emie who has never tick-or-treated in her entire three years, she got the hang REAL quick.

Hope stopped and ate candy after the FIRST house, but I can't bust on her and not reveal, I JOINED.

The veil didn't make it very long.

Nor the mask.

Hundreds of kids out there

And Hope runs into her bestie. Lots of squeals and giggles when that happened.

I think we lasted a good hour

But towards the end

The walking turned to running.

And eventually come-aparts.

The evening ended back at Brittany's

And that was my favorite part of the night.

Taco soup, fires, friends, conversations....

Like I said, these are the moments.