Saturday, October 31, 2009

New Jammies

Don't you just love it when your little one's get new jammies?? My mom and dad just recently got back from a trip out west, and one of the things she brought the kids was new jammies. They are too cute. Just had to show them off.

'I MOOSE be sleeping'

'BEARLY sleeping'

Happy Halloween

I was so relieved when once I knew the weather was going to cooperate on Halloween. It was a bit chilly for the kids, but hey, they are kids, they don't care. We headed to my sis's, my mom and dad's, and then to Tracey's neighborhood. Oh my goodness they kids got a TON of candy, but that's what it's about. Fun night.

First stop, Aunt Jo-Jo's.... Then Neena and Papaw's

Stuffed animals and candy at Neena's!!

Hope getting right into the swing of saying "trick or treat"

Happy boy....lots and lots of candy!!!!

The whole gang!!!!!!!!

Run Superman, run!!

Bob and Superman

Daddy's spooky teeth...

At home checking out the loot...

Mommy and daddy deciding what we want ;)

Hope everyone had a fun night.

Friday, October 30, 2009


The burning bush in our side yard, is OH SO PRETTY in the fall. Of course an opportunity for a little photo shoot :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I've already told you about my kids making friends with the little neighbor girl.....Both the kids have been sick, and I couldn't let them go out and play with her for the last week. Oh man, have they been sad about in point, they would stand at the window and yell for her......

Pierce yelling, "Mackenizie come see us"
Hope actually broke into tears, yelling "friend, friend, Kenzie my friend"


Rip My Heart Out (TWICE)

Since becoming a big man of 5 years, Pierce has been telling me over and over....

"Mommy, I don't need you anymore"

Oh yes, that's right...riping my heart out...

However, Hope saved the day...

"Mommy, I still need you"

Oh yes, rip my heart out again :)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Birthday Party #1

Friday night was the night set up for Pierce's big 5th Birthday party bash!!!! Well, I'm not going to bore everyone with all the details, but Hope got sick and we had to change the party around. Instead of being with Pierce's friends, it would now just be a family party....friend party to follow :)

Here's a look at his party, what fun we had and what great presents Pierce received :)

Spiderman cake...

Killing time before the party...

What fun playing with balloons....

Mommy and Hopie...

Pierce having pizza with his cousins he adores!!!!


OH MY!!!!!!!!!

Walkie Talkies for "hunting"

Oh boy!!!!!!!


Playing with Nathan.

Hopie and Aunt Jo-Jo playing :)

Cake time!!!!!!

Seriously, how sweet is that??

Christopher you look good holding a baby...hint, hint!!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for coming out and for all the great gifts for Pierce. We love you!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


10-22-04, the day that changed my life forever. The day that I gave birth to my firstborn, a son.

What is the common theme among all moms? "Where has the time gone?" OR "Where has my baby gone?" So let me start with that question, REALLY WHERE HAS THE TIME GONE? Remember when your baby is first born and you feel as though they will be your helpless little baby forever? Then the years start slipping away and your baby is now a toddler, and then your toddler is a little boy....I guess I will be asking myself this question for the rest of my life.....

About my little boy.....he is such a joy, a true joy. He has a tender heart and yet is feisty. He is well behaved and yet a challenge. He loves playing outdoors, and showing off for whoever will watch. He aggravates his sister, and yet protects her. He's a lover, a true lover, who still wants his mommy to "hold him" and "snuggle" on a daily basis. He loves animals and I am sure he will be a hunter. He ADORES his father, and I see so much of Paul in his mannerisms and personality.

My prayers for myself as Pierce's mommy....that I do not get in the way of who my children are meant to be. That I am always more interested in my children's hearts more than my own selfishness. That they can trust me. That Jesus through me will help me love my children unconditionally. Above all, that my children will see Jesus in me, not in words but in the love that only HE can give me for them.

My prayer for Pierce....that he will come to know Christ and love Him more every single year. I'm not here to just get my kids "saved" I want them to know Jesus and live for Him. If that happens the rest doesn't matter.

Happy 5th Birthday Pierce Matthew Bush!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Boo At The Zoo

Yes, my post will be almost identical to Tracey's ;)

Tonight was our first outing as new zoo members. This 'Boo at the Zoo'thing is HUGE!!! There were TONS of people, but once we got in there, it wasn't too bad. The kids really had a great time and I am very glad we went. Sad to say Paul couldn't be there, he would love it, oh well , maybe next year!!!

My bumble bee and Superman :)
STRONG Superman


LOOK!!!! It's Superman, Bob the Builder, and a BEE!!!!!

HOLY COW.......It's another Superman and Batman!!!!!!!!!

OH and two Bob's!!!!!!!!

Little man decided to take on this giant brave.....what else would you expect from Superman though??

Cute Bob.

Look at that tush....

How wonderful...we got to meet Belle......

.....and Snow White :)

Oh and of course, no event is complete without a self portrait :)