Tuesday, July 19, 2016

From 6 to 6th

Look at this little fella about to experience his first day of kindergarten, for the second time. I remember he picked out his outfit, he was a little anxious, and I cried a bucket of tears.

He was six years old and I dropped him off at school I knew nothing about, didn't know a soul, and then I went home and imagined horrible things. You know because that's what moms do, we imagine the worst. 

In all my horrible scenarios I never saw this. 

A well adjusted child who would soar. 

And ask me how glad my neurotic fears never came true. Just ask me.


Pierce finished out his fifth grade year with straight A honor roll.

He's also in gifted and talented, but he really doesn't care about that. He was most proud that he finished the mile first in all of the fifth grade classes. Priorities mom!

From 6 to the 6th grade. 

My neurotic mom heart is happy.