Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am here to wear things that sparkle and shine.
To always look pretty in pink.
To love all things that are poofy, shiny, and glittery.

And to have a shoe collection that is almost bigger than my mommy's.

Christmas with my parents...

Monday night was Christmas again....this time with my parents.

We had a lovely dinner, and then it was time to plunge in. Enough gifts for a small country. My children are so blessed. Not because of the presents, but because of all the people that love them.

So pretty. Checking out the goods.

Daddy, ehem, I mean Pierce, checking out his newest toy.
What a good mommy.

So cute.

More fun!!

I LOVE this one of Hope!!! So cute in her new pj's!!!

Thanks mom and dad for another great Christmas!!!

What we left behind..

Just a few pics of our last day in Michigan. The snow really started coming down the night before we were to leave. We decided to stay a little longer and let the kids play for a while. It is beautiful.

Friday, December 25, 2009


I gotta tell you, Pierce really made me cry tonight....

I was tucking him into bed.

"Did you have a good Christmas buddy?"

"Yes mommy........ You want to know what my favorite gift was that I got today??"


"It was you"

I love that little boy so.

Christmas has come....

The kids were up and at em' bright and early this morning. It's funny though, I was just as excited as them and it didn't seem to hurt getting up so early ;)

I think I took over 60 pics, I wont bore you with them all, just a few of another wonderful Christmas.

This was the kids at 5:00 tonight. They were out COLD.

Back track.......Christmas was waiting for them bright and early....
He got his YO-YO ;)

She got her pink baby ;)

Lots and lots of opening...

More opening!!!


Now at great-grandma's house......Oh yeah, Hope was channeling her inner RUN-DMC, rocking her gold chain ;)

What is with the kids weird smiles these days????

Me and Rico.

Got to love a real fire, ahhhhhh.

Now the kids are in bed, and mommy and daddy are ready to crash. I hope everyone had a blessed day!!!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve...

As I write this, we are watching It's a Wonderful Life, and the children are all "snug in their beds"

This is my absolute favorite day of the year. I love the anticipation of Christmas Eve, and then when you have children it even gets better!!!


Our day started with some serious sledding....
He loved it!!!

This face explains what Hope thought about it. NOT A FAN.

Drying off....seriously, what a face.

My cute baby.

Mommy reading the story of Jesus' birth.

We went ahead and let the kids open their stocking tonight. Oh what fun.....

I hope everyone of you has a wonderful CHRISTmas tomorrow.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I don't have to dream of a white Christmas...

This year, I will have a white Christmas.

We arrived in Michigan today and there was white stuff on the ground!! No sooner than we arrived, the kids were asking me "can we play outside." We loaded them up in their 95 layers, and sent them on out.

Paul's like a kid in a candy store. He hasn't been with his parents for Christmas in years......he's home.

I'm ready to go mommy!!
Little man was all about it this year. He played hard out there!!
Pierce took off, and Hope just kind of pranced around. She didn't want to get very messed up. Typical.

Of course daddy HAD to join the fun.

Look at this action shot. Pierce doing a "peter pan" onto his daddy!!

All roughed up.

Just cute.

Hope was over it, and ready to get back in and play dolls ;)

Monday, December 21, 2009

My Christmas babes ;)

Thanks to my mom for some super cute Christmas outfits for the kiddos to wear to church. Of course mommy had to torture them and take 100 pics. I wont bore you with all 100 ;)

I mean come on, how sweet is this?? I'm sure she's asking Jesus, "Please let me get my pink doll"
Little stud.

"Pretend you love each other please"

My sweet baby girl ;)

My little man.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Action Packed Biddy Ball....

You wanna see some riveting basketball? Watch a group of 4 and 5 year olds play some biddy ball. Wow.

This is Pierce's second year. I gotta say, I see quite the improvement from last year!! It's so stinkin' cute. I love that he can get out there with other little kids and just play. They don't keep score, but of course he wins every game

Take a look at my little athlete.

"I'm ready to be in the game coach"
Oh yeah, I'm all rebounds, all the time

Watch me sprint down the court

I don't care that your a girl, or on my team, this ball is mine

Look at that little man ;)
Good job buddy!!!!