Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Phone dump

Once I finally got rid of my GHETTO-BERRY, a whole new world opened up.  

Although, I generally don't understand any of it, I just know that I love my i-phone! I do all kinds of things with it, but by far I take waaaaay too many pictures on it. It seems my life is on that phone now.

And seeing as I have at least 8 people interested in my life, I shall share. (I tease. I love you my loyal bloggy people! LOVE!) 

On my phone you will find...

My adorable lunch date. SERIOUSLY. I know I'm her mom and all, but she's cute. 

My insatiable need for McDonald's diet cokes. They may be causing gout, dementia, and rickets, but I just can't quit.

Or how about every morning when I go in to wake up Hope, she's down UNDER her covers. 

Or this scary sight....

We've got two boys getting pumped for deer season, and causing me freakish nightmares.

And I will end my phone dump with this beauty right here.

 Poor, poor, Paul.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Prayers appreciated.

I very rarely ever discuss this topic.

Well, at least on my blog anyways.

Paul, as I think most people know, has Crohn's disease. He's been battling it for years now, and as long as we've been together, it's been a part of our lives. And for many years, it seemed Crohn's alone was our lives. But thankfully, for about 3 years now, he's been in remission.

He goes yearly for blood work, and just a general check-up to make sure everything is under control. His last visit, his numbers showed some "inflammation" so the doctor wants to do some scopes to check it out. Also, he's got some infected metal stitches, from his last major surgery, that have to come out. It's an outpatient procedure, but he still has to be put under.

Considering all the surgeries he's even gone through, this is cake, but still.

We will be heading up home soon, and I would appreciate prayers.

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Monster Dash

Saturday, as I already talked about, was VERY laid back, with us staying in almost the entire day. And Paul was also gone almost all day, working and junk. For the most part, a good day, but the boredom was starting to set in that evening. Thankfully, we had something fun in store.

Brittany, had told me about something called 'The Monster Dash' last week, and I knew we would be down for that.  A chance for the kids to warm up their Halloween muscles,  and for us to support our friends who are adopting.  And maybe, most importantly, a chance for me to steal candy from my children. 

As I've learned in my years of parenting, don't tell your children of impending fun until the last minute, as to not be worn out with questions, or in case something falls through. SO, when I spread the news of cheer to the offspring, they were PUMPED. 

I think I told the kids about 2 hours before we had to leave, and Hope immediately had to get in her cat attire. 

A cat.

All of her own idea.

I must have thrown a million different ideas at her, but she always went back to a black cat. So, a cat it was!

And being that this is the year of the Transformer, this of course, was a no-brainer. (Check him out smiling behind his mask. HA!)

And as with all masked costumes, the mask only makes it for an hour max. 

Cute, right?

So, we loaded up, and headed on down to support our peeps, and freeze off our bits. 

We got there early, per everyone's advice, and thankfully we had buddies to hang with.

Because my kids were wear-ing me out, asking "when can we go??"

And nearly two hours later, it was almost time to finally get going.

First the 5k runners had to get a head start. Running in the cold, and dark. Oy. 

And then FINALLY we could get going.

I tagged along with a group, and the kids gathered up their goods.

At one point they had us traipsing through the woods, and I'm not gonna lie, it was a little scurry! I tried to capture the moment, but as with all point and click cameras, all I got was a bunch of orbs. Annoying.

But we finally made it through, and frozen bits and all, we had such a fun time! 

Now we are on the countdown for the real deal Wednesday night!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Any given Saturday.

Any given Saturday at our house, you will find two little ones up way too early, sitting on the couch watching cartoons, and patiently waiting on momma to get out of bed. 

 And you will most definitely find said momma, once she drags her booty out of bed, enjoying early morning snuggles.

And you will probably also find said momma, in the kitchen making the kids a big ol' pancake breakfast.

 Any given Saturday, you will find the children taking extra long, play-filled baths.

And playing and enjoying each others company, what seems like more than normal.

And you will most definitely find this young one, surrounded by her beloved books. 

Any given Saturday, you will find us running our errands,

And me representing my Hoosiers.

Any given Saturday, you might find fun picnics on the floor while watching movies. 

And quick naps snuck in. 

And me stopping to enjoy my afternoon cup of coffee.

And any given Saturday, you WILL find me, enjoying my kids to pieces.
Such a Saturday, as today.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Flashback Friday! Halloween edition.

Since Halloween, is right around the corner, I thought it appropriate to do a little Flashback Friday of past Halloween's! 

But here's the deal with my Halloween past.

I only went one time. 

My parents decided that it was an evil holiday (hi mom and dad!) and we stopped all celebrations starting in 1980. 

But I did get to close out the 70's, with one Halloween under my childhood belt. And I must say, I was a cute little Indian! 

Seriously, did I adore my sister, or what? Remember my other picture, where I am admiring her? Well, here I am at 5 years old, doing the same exact thing. Can we say LOVE.

So, that's it. Not much for me to share, and I'm not bitter about that at all. (HI, MOM AND DAD!) 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

School updates

We finally received Pierce's professional team photos, and I must say, he's a cutie pants. 

We also, had our parent-teacher conference the other night, and for remembrance sake, I wanted to jot a few things down.

Pierce is still excelling in math, and considered above average, which tickles me to no end, because math and I are not friends. As far as reading/spelling, he's right on track. (I was a little concerned, but she assured me that he is where he should be) And behavior wise, he's awesome. Teacher said she can always ask him to do things for her, because she knows he will do what's asked of him.

After we finished with Pierce's teacher, it was time to see how our Hopie is doing.

They did some type of 'STAR Early Literacy' test, and Hope tested in the 80th percentile rank, which is great! In every other area she got Satisfactory marks. There were no bad marks for behavior, and her teacher said she's an excellent little girl.

There are times, I want to ring their little necks, but I know that they are great children, and I am SO proud of them both.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Being an aunt is bliss

At the tender age of 10, I became an aunt for the first time, to a sweet little boy, named Christopher John. 

And as a child who was obsessed with babies, you can only imagine how excited I was at the idea of having a baby around.  Bliss.

And I think that's the word that best describes being an aunt. Yes, being an aunt is bliss. 

And here he is now. A grown man, with a gown man job, and even a wife. 

But in my mind, THIS is Christopher John.

And as Christopher grew and turned 10 years old, I became an aunt again.

This time to a sweet baby boy, Cody Thomas.

Bliss again.

And just when I felt blissed out, I became an aunt for the third time.

 Adorable, Nathan Corey.


And I am sure, that these two boys are still this size, and I am also sure that if I swing by Jo's they will be watching Barney, and playing ball.


Well, someone needs to back the growing train up, because would you PLEASE look at this one named Cody Thomas.

You guys, he's a senior.


And he's tall, and plays ball, and has a girlfriend, and facial hair.  I'm telling you, it's gotten out of hand.

And Nathan, please explain to me what this is?

Why is your voice deep now, and you look like a young man?  Nathan, the buck stops at you, NO MORE growing up.

I know my sister's wheels are spinning when she sees these pictures of her boys, and knowing that this one is close to heading away to college.

WELL, Christopher, Cody and Nathan, I've got some news for you guys, so listen up. I'm going to continue to remember you guys as I see fit!  No matter if you are married, headed to college, or talking in weird, deep man voices, I will always remember you as my little, sweet baby nephews.

Yes, my little, sweet baby nephews.