Monday, June 27, 2016

No more brace face

My little fella with his little fella teeth. 

My friends and I have discussed this many times, baby teeth are nice!

Straight and oh so white. 

But eventually they gots to go and make way for the big boy teeth.

Of course as his mother I always see cuteness

Without a doubt though, that mouth needed some work.

Around two years ago we began the process

That meant teeth pulling, spacers and all that hideousness. 

Then finally the first phase of braces. 

Mommy once again found this adorable.

It's so amazing how quickly the teeth move into place!

So here is an official before: Bless it, those teeth needed help

And official after.

Now we have a boy with a really confident, beautiful smile. All mom prejudice aside.

Now we take a breather for a hot minute and then start the whole process on Hope. But for now, no more brace face in the house.