Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Jumpin' skills.

Yesterday was a crazy-busy day, and all I wanted to do after cheer practice was GO HOME, but there was this health fair thingy at school and the kids were BEGGING me to take them. 

And of course, like the strong person I am, I caved. 

But I'm glad I did, because I got schooled in a talent that my kids have. Something I was totally unaware about. 

I'm busy working the room, in my typical G fashion, when I notice that Pierce just casually walked up to the jump ropers, and well, all I could was stand there in shock at how good he was! 

And once the shock wore off, I couldn't help but revert to my old rhyming days. 

Down by the river, down by the sea

Johnny broke a bottle and blamed it on me

I told ma

I told pa

Johnny got a spanking, so ha ha ha

How many spankings did Johnny get? 




Okay, that's where my jumprope rhymes end, but you guys, there's more! Because unbeknownst to me I've got a daughter who also knows how to jump. And lucky for everyone, I just happen to remember one more jump rope diddy from back in the day, you know when I could jump rope for more than .5 seconds and not want to die.

Cinderella dressed in yella'

Went upstairs to kiss her fella

Made a mistake

Kissed a snake

How many doctors did it take? 

It took 1....


And that's all I got.

I'm kicking myself for not taking any video of it! MOM FAIL. But maybe next time.

Thankful for my kids and their tenacity, and for the chance to dust off the old rhymes.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Another edition of G and T.

How narcissistic is it of me to think some of my conversations with T are so funny that I save them? 

But I happen to know of lots of other people who also enjoy reading our texts (HI MOM AND DAD!)

Listen, I'm a stay-at-home-mom, I just don't have much, okay?

BUT I do have a bestie with whom I share laughs with all the time.

Humor is a love language for me. 

And thankfully the good Lord has put many funny people in my life.

And even people that keep me on my toes.

And isn't that what its all about?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Perfect day.

When I awoke on Friday morning, I anxiously rolled over to check my phone and see if I had any good news.

And indeed there was good school today. 

And in childlike excitement I woke Paul up to let him know, but seeing that my announcement came at like 4 in the morning, he didn't seem all that excited. Whateves.

But when Pierce came bounding into the bedroom at 6 and I shared the news with him? Well, there was a praise Jesus moment between mother and son.

We were praising that sweet Jesus for a day at home.

We had been wanting a snow day for a long time!

So we carefully soaked up the day, because as Pierce said "we can't waste one minute of this day."

We played MANY games! (Can you believe how thin Hope looks?? She lost 5 pounds from the evil flu episode)

But I'm doing my best to put it back on her, and what better way than eating your mac and cheese on the floor while watching movies! I mean, that's where I like to eat my mac and cheese!

But Pierce was very diligent with his time.

And his diligence pays off!

And what do you think Hope did with most of her time?

I lost count at all her outfit changes

And by the end of the day she was in a bathing suit.

And by the end of the day, I decided a really nice meal was in order.

Maybe we should get iced in more often?

I'd say the kids would agree with that statement

And actually, so would I.
Perfect day.

Friday, January 25, 2013

You may never love me again.

 With the evil flu diagnosis, Hope and I have obviously spent a lot of time sequestered indoors snuggling and watching movies, but I eventually started to get bored. I could only sit and watch so much television, and I'm thinking it was during our umpteenth viewing of Tangled, that I decided I should get up and be productive. 

And so I began to do something that I've needed to do for quite some time. And then I thought, hey why not blog it? 

Honestly? You wouldn't believe all the things I consider blogging. About 75% of the time though I talk myself out of it, but this gem?  Well I suffered, and so should you.  It's not riveting, but hey, it's all I've got. 

But I must be honest. You may never love me again. 


But this is real life and I'm not trying to paint a picture of me that isn't real, this is just me. 

Are you ready?

You guys, this is what my pantry looked like.....


I'm sorry mom.

But after an hour of purging and being diligent, I got it looking like this...

I'm so proud!

And I vow to do my best to keep it like this.

But I also have 3 other hooligans that live here and help mess it up.

But I do vow, along with my wallet, to keep this straight! 2013 is my year baby!

I was feeling so inspired that I didn't stop at the pantry, I also tackled the refrigerator! I went through all the old stuff and scrubbed it down, goooood.

I'm still mad about this evil medicine sitting here.

Considering that some of Paul's medicine is THOUSANDS of dollars, I'm not sure why 200 has bothered me so much, BUT IT HAS.

I know this could possibly be the most boring post ever.

So, I will end with a few tidbits about the kids.

Thankfully Pierce has remained healthy

And spunky.

And Hope?

She's baaaaaaack!

And we are all happy about that!

Off to go organize something....