Friday, December 18, 2015

We're still here

Remember me?

If you do not, don't feel bad. I hardly remember myself these days either.

But alas, I am still here.

I have so many things to share! But seeing that 2015 is nearly over, I'm thinking most of it will have to wait until 2016.

How about a few highlights, shall we?

Remember that HORRID weight loss thing I was in at Thanksgiving? Well I ended up winning it! In five weeks, I lost 10.8 pounds. It was both horrid and fabulous all at once. If I were to give a speech about my win, I would have to thank my sister who guided me through it, and always talked me off the brownie ledges. Here's to you, Jo!

Tomorrow is our last day before break, and we are all pretty ecstatic. How fun are these shirts we all wore, in honor of the first lady, Mrs. Clark?! SO PERFECT.

Hope has been sick for almost an entire week, but before all that she was having a pretty good time in school, even being recognized as a Leader of the Month.

But there's this too...

I went to put Hope to bed one night and I was horrified when I noticed nearly 1/4 of her eyebrows were missing. "HOPE, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR EYEBROWS?" Her eyes darted around the room, and that's when I knew she pulled a Vanilla Ice and decided to play 'design a brow. WHY DID YOU DO THAT? She really had no reason. I guess it's no different than the time I decided as a young child to "cut all the brown out of my hair." Well, except my mom could just cut my hair into a bob, and all was well. I mean am I draw the brows on like an elderly woman? I think not. Just rock a funky brow, who knows maybe you'll start a trend.

Okay, and this?

Well this might be one of my favorite pictures of Pierce, ever. He was in a colonial program and when I got him his costume he was THRILLED. Seriously cracks me up.

He's still doing great in school, rocking the Beta club, the Leadership program, and now the Gifted and Talented program.

So yeah, we are all here. We are doing well, and I hope you are doing well. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I hope you can remain patient.

Here's to a fabulous 2016, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Hope made a turkey plea right before Thanksgiving...

Don't touch that turkey! Don't eat me because I am cute. I am also harmless. Plus I have never don anything too you that would kill you.

Her plea was in vain. Cute, but in vain.

The beginning of our festivities started with a Thanksgiving lunch at school.

It's cute that they still want me around.

Per the usual, we loaded up the family wagon and headed to the great North to see my side of the family.

The traffic was bonkers, like straight up bonkers. THEN THIS HAPPENED.

We safely made it to the land of milk-and-honey where we discovered it was time to buy FOUR new tires. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO US.

But we made it safely, so it's all good.

Thanksgiving morning Paul was up with the sun to make preparation for the bird, and then I made it down in time for the parade. I like my side of the deal better.

Mom set a pretty table, with each of the ladies getting a gift of a Fitz and Floyd Santa. Plus her homemade fudge. Oh, and I'm on a weight loss challenge, so how sad am I right now?

Back to the table...

Always lovely.

And then the bird that didn't make it, even with the plea of a cute eight year old girl. Really, Paul makes the best turkey, ever.

My sister, my mom, and myself were hoping for some cold weather.

We did not get our wish, but the warmer temps did make for a fun day of football outside.


So he's two, and we all knew he was there, because he's TWO.

His baby SISTER! is arriving this month, and we are all beyond excited about that!

And of course the round the table photo that my dad has made famous. So look over to the right, do you see Camden at the table? I COULD JUST DIE. We tried to get him to sit at the big table with us, but he was having NO part of that. He wanted to do his own thing. It looks like we've banished him from the family, but I promise we didn't. I just can't believe he stopped and looked up for the picture. Seriously, he's so cute.

As we do each year at Thanksgiving, there was also a birthday celebration.

And as I look at these pictures I'm reminded of the yummy food I ate on that one day. Blasted weight loss challenge.

Until next year pumpkin pie.

I miss you.

Thanks Mom and Dad for another great Thanksgiving!