Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Let's Party!!

So, maybe it's just a 4 year old's party, but we still partied! Pierce is now a "big boy" he tells me and we had a party to celebrate on Sunday. Nothing big, but still a celebration for our boy! Here's a look......

Here he is ready to go!! :)
Thanks Tracey for such a lovely gun!!! (I will get you back) Levi and mommy before the dog bite.The Lee's....Pierce's pitiful cake I made himThe cowboy is ready for cake

Do you think Levi is excited?!?!?

Thanks everyone for coming and all the wonderful gifts. Pierce and Hope are both very fortunate to have such a great family and wonderful friends. Thank you Aunt Jo-Jo for letting us use your house.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Pierce

Four years ago today our lives changed forever. I was lying on my bed at 12:30 a.m. watching an episode of MASH when all of a sudden my water broke, 4 hours later at 5:10 a.m. my baby boy was lifted onto my belly and I was a mom. I had NO IDEA what was ahead of us and though some days I wondered what I had gotten myself into, a love affair began unlike any I had ever experienced. I thank God for my children every single day and for that day 4 years ago that our beautiful boy was born.
Dear Pierce,
* If I could give you perfect health I would
* If I could make sure you never got hurt I would
* If I could make sure your heart was never broken I would
* If I could give you daily happiness I would
* If I could give you unlimited opportunities I would
* If I could make sure you only had success I would
* If I could give you the WORLD I would...........but I cannot. What can I give you? I can give you unconditional love and share with you Jesus. My hearts desire is that you come to know Christ and He will be with you through all the joys and sorrows of this life. THAT IS the greatest gift I can share with you....... I love you with all of my heart!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY BABY BOY!!

"I want to go back in"

How adorable.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blow my mind

I just want to brag on my child a minute... Tonight Hope was letting me know that she wanted some Goldfish crackers to eat. I handed her the crackers and she just fussed and whined and I said "What do you want?" She looks at me and says "A Bowl" Well that blew my mind!! I said "You want to put your crackers in a bowl?" She said "Uh-huh" I didn't really think she would answer me. I am fascinated at the level of verbal skills she has, maybe it's a girl thing, or second child thing, I don't know but it's neat.......Oh, here are a couple pictures of my fly-girl she likes to go after the flies and try and kill them!!

"I am ready to kill"

"I am a warrior, I will have victory over all the flies!"

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Autumn fun with friends (but it felt like summer)

Tonight a group of us went to Deere Farms for a little "Fall Fun" the problem was it felt like "Summer Fun" it was blazing hot. So, besides the sweaty kids (and moms and dads) we had a good time. Packed our dinner, took a hayride, picked out pumpkins and even jumped in the moon bounce. Here's a little of our fun.......

Steve was my only willing participant to put his head in the pumpkin for me.
Jami and her cutie pie....
Hope enjoying a potato chip....
Hope also loving the moon bounce, too cute!!

The Murphy's on the hayride. Pierce and the Reids trying to find the perfect pumpkins!!
Hope was actually scared of the pumpkin patch, too funny!!Hope and her "boyfriend" in the maze.Pierce showing off his pumpkin!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What's One More?!?!

Yesterday and last night I had the "pleasure" of experiencing what life would be like if I were to have 3 kids all under the age of 3!!! Actually it went very well and the kids had a blast. Levi did great and only woke up once (my daughter a different story) So, while the Reids and the Murphys were away being "jet setters" I thought I'd show a little of what went on at home......
Here we are, ready to go!!
Tickle Time!!

Chowing on a little pizza.

Run boys, run!! (and Hope "trying" to run too)Seriously, how cute are these kids?!?!

"Hi mommy and daddy, I miss you!"

Adorable :)
Buddies forever!!!