Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!!!

I hope everyone had a great Mother's Day!!! Mine was great!! I love being a mom!! I was able to go do some clothes shopping on Saturday and also got some great cards and a gift card to Kohl's, WHOOP!! Here's just a few pics from the day....

Me and my babies...

A sweet message waiting for me when we left the LongHorn's.... ahhhh......

Pierce's 1st T-ball Game!!

Last Tuesday was Pierce's 1st t-ball game. Let me just say ADORABLE. Get a group of four year olds together for an organized sport and well, it is quite a hoot!!! I can't believe he's already old enough to play, and I think it's going to provide us great joy to watch him play this summer!!!

Standing in line for prayer...Pierce on the end, #6, and yes he has his ears covered for the prayer.
Warming the bench.
Warming up.
Running into home plate!!
Hope cheering on her big brother!!
In action....
Running for the ball....
Getting ready for his pitch.
I'll have you know he hit this one!!
My cute player ;)

Play Date with Jami, Cooper, Jill, Reece, and Jani

Last week we had a little playdate with some our favorite playmates!!! Jami and Cooper were there and we also had our first playdate with Jill, Reece, and Jani!!! Pierce loves playing with Reece (he's a big kid!!) We went to a really nice park in Jeff (name escapes me now) and it was a blast!!!

Take a look at the fun.....

BTW... we missed you Tracey and Levi!!!

Climbing a wall....

Janie being a cutie!!!

Tough obstacles!!!
Jill pushing Reece.

Reece and Janie.

Cutie pie!!

Cooper not impressed with the swing!!!
Hope not impressed either!!!
There was a baby at the park, and Hope was soooo intrigued!! She stood and watched that baby for a good 5 minutes.
Thanks guys for a really fun playdate, here's to many more!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Building Confidence

I try to work with Pierce almost everyday on his letters.
We go thorugh the alphabet and practice writing, sounds, and word association.
Some letters are HARD, for example, the letter G or K.
Sometimes before he even tries, he's rolling his eyes and moaning and groaning, "this is hard"
I always tell him, "you can do it, I believe in you, just try"

Last night we came across that hard letter G.

Quietly to himself he was chanting,

"I believe in myself"