Thursday, May 19, 2016

Turn it up for nine

Oh hey, remember me?

I do believe this is the longest I've ever gone between posts. Listen sister is busy, and the ol' blog life is generally last on the list. I apologize to you faithful readers (grandparents) and do vow to ATTEMPT to keep up once a week. ATTEMPT being the key word.

I left off with my little love note to my sweet Hopie poo in regards to being a big 9 year old now. Much has happened since that day, but first I must backtrack. You know the kids moan about my picture taking, yet they do love to look back and read about their little lives on this blog. That's why I keep on keeping on here.

So here goes..

Not a joke, Hope starts the countdown to her birthday in February.

We did some gifts here at home before we had something special planned. How cute is this I had made for her room??

She opened some gifts from her Meemaw and Grandpa..

Jewelry and a diary! Fun!

She wasn't excited or anything

Really how can you not be happy watching your kids get so pumped?

The thing she had been begging for for months? An iPod. In her words "not that shuffle kind, I want one I can hold like a phone." 

She's asked for a phone and we always say no, so she shot for this one...

And what do you know

Mommy and Daddy came through.  Oh happy day!

We decided to do a little thing with some of her friends

Hot mess excited



Bless it they are sweet little girls 

After a fun time jumping we headed back to the house for a slumber party 

I made sure to belt out Happy Birthday in a fashion that would mortify her

Mission accomplished.

Embarrassed or not I think she had one of the best nights of her life.

This freckled nine year old is worth it all.