Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sometimes a mom just has to be sneaky.

One of the things I wanted to do for Pierce's birthday was go eat lunch with him at school, and take treats for his whole class. You know, bribe all the kids into liking me with sugar ;) So, off I went to eat with a group of kindergartners. Like any good obnoxious mom, I brought my camera. I thought I could just take loads and loads of pics, uh, I got shot down. Pierce about died. I mean really?? He's just 6, and he's already embarrassed of him mom?? Well, maybe not of me, but he sure didn't want me making him smile and pose. So, like any good paparazzi, I got an unflattering pose and here it is for memories sake ;)

He was actually super excited to see me, and was so sweet!!! I didn't want to leave.

Little Girls.

My little girl, is just so girly....and I love it ;-)

Look at what she's holding in her hand, while she's sleeping.
Lip gloss......that's my girl!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

My boy.

Another year older!!! Such big stuff now, I mean you are 6!!! You are in Kindergarten, and when I pick you up, your feet reach my knees now!! I would imagine 10 more pounds and I wont even be able to pick you up anymore, but you can still sit in mommy's lap, for as long as you want!! You are my firstborn, and I learned about this whole mommy thing with you. It was hard to become a mommy, and you were such a fussy baby!! ;) It was all worth it though. You are my boy. I love you with all of my heart and soul, I have a very soft spot for you. You are such a good boy!! So, well behaved and still have a tender heart. You still love animals, and you are SOOO much like your daddy.

Pierce Matthew Bush, you make my heart.....beat. I love you!!!!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pierce's first day of school, round two.

The week we moved down here all the schools were on fall break, for the entire week. The following week, Paul and I were finishing our school tours and finally made a decision. I wasn't sure how much I wanted to talk about this decision, or maybe I should say the *torture* I went through, making up my mind. So, this is what I'll say....this was the hardest thing for me about the move....of course, leaving my family and friends was incredibly hard, but I'm a big girl....knowing my little boy had to be uprooted from school was killing me. So, on Monday we sent him to a new school. A school where I don't know a single soul, but just had to trust that God has him in His hands. I must have cried a bucket of tears, but Pierce has done GREAT. He's taken right to it, and I'm so relieved. I even went and had lunch with him today, more about that later!!!

He picked out his outfit for the first day ;)
Ready to go!!!

Oh, and his class has a mascot..."Harvey the hippo" Since it was his first day, he got to bring him home. Here's some fun with Harvey :)Harvey went with us to Cheddars...
...and read with us at bedtime ;)
Kids sure can handle more than we give them credit for!!! It's us grown ups that need the mental help ;)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It only took 2 weeks and I was back.

That's right, I made it 2 weeks, and we hit the road back to good ol' Southern Indiana. Paul had plans for months to go backpacking with some of his buddies this past weekend, these plans were set up well before we knew we would move. Once I realized he would be leaving for a few days, I knew I wouldn't stay here a weekend just me and the kids, when we don't know anyone. PLUS, a certain wonderful little boy is turning 6 very soon, so I knew we could celebrate with my family while we were down there. So, me and the kids loaded up on Friday, and headed back to the land that flows with milk and honey....

Friday night I got to go have sushi with my sis, since a certain BFF watched my kids for me, thanks Tracey ;) Then Saturday we had a playdate at Bob Hedge park.....
Sorry Jami, this is the best pic I got of Cooper!!
Jami and Cameron. Cute.
Tracey and Maggie May. Also cute.
So, it's kinda weird to go stay with your parents. Not a bad weird. Just a, "hey, I'm 35, I haven't been under this roof for quite a while now" haha. Kids were super pumped to take a bath in their giant tub. Pierce said "let's stay here for 2 weeks"

Then on Sunday, we celebrated little man's 6th birthday. He's not 6 yet, so I'll save my sap, gag, induced post for later ;)He's a joy to me.

So, here I am, trying to pose with my kids, while "Tyra Banks" would rather strike a pose. Seriously, she's too much. ;)
Hope with her Neena.Pierce and Pappaw.

Soooo ready to dive in!!!He loves to draw and color. He's actually pretty good. I'm not just saying that cause I'm biased....okay, maybe I am....

Camo rules in this house.
His toy taste has really started to change. Trans Formers, Star more little kids stuff for my big guy!!!

REALLY???? They say "time flies when you're having fun" I say "time flies when you have kids"

I heart him, a whole, whole bunch!!!! ;-)
Now, we are back home and Monday was a SUPER big day here. I'll post about it later. It was good to go for a visit, and I can't wait to go back!!!!! Love you all!!!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

I am obnoxious.

This is a cute girl. Enough said.

Social Calender

Check out my calendar for September...
Now for October....
Moving messes up one's social life ;-)

Monday, October 4, 2010

They do have teeth in Kentucky!!!

I'm back up and running!! Since Thursday things have been a blur. First let me tell you about how I thought we were getting punked. Paul left on Thursday with some of his buddies to go pick up our U-Haul. The plan was to go get a bunch of our stuff in storage on Thursday, load up the truck on Friday, and then leave for Bowling Green on Saturday. Sounds like a good plan to me!! Well, when Paul gets back to the apartment on Thursday, he came without a U-Haul. Not good. Long story short, the company made a mistake on when we were to pick up the truck. GULP. Paul called around to several other companies, not a one had a truck. CRAP!! There for about 6-8 hours, we weren't going to be able to move as planned. I was *somewhat* excited about the idea of staying another week, but also knew I needed to get this done. Kind of like ripping of a band-aid, just do it!!! Well Friday morning, Paul called several places, and they all had nothing. But lo and behold, the last place he called, EUREKA. The move was back on....

So, here is it, the truck that saved us.

The kids were stoked about moving. Don't you wish you could wear a Tinkerbell costume and a camo hat?? Some of our friends came over on Friday to help us load up the truck. We had, Dan, Jill, Tom, Eric and Tracey. Boy, was Tracey ever a help.....texting.....
....asking me to get a re-fill on her drink......
Here's sweet Jill. She brought us food for everyone to eat.
Moving makes one fat. Here's the first of probably 5 pizzas over the next few days.
Oh, and I worked soooo hard, I broke my favorite pair of flip-flops!!!
Now, we are at Saturday. D-day!!! Kids were soooo excited.

Hope's exact words "I love moving" Geesh, I would too, if I was 3!!!
Who else do you have drive the mammoth truck, other than Mr. Transportation Man himself!!!Oh look, she actually does work!!!!! Teasing Tracey!!!
I kind of look like death, but still take time to pose with my girlies....
Look at waldo in the back there!!! Shout out to my sister, who on her day off, drove 4 hours roundtrip, just to help her baby sister move. Love ya, Jo-Jo!!!
Have you ever seen such dirty feet??????
Nathan was also a big trooper, and the kids loved having one of their favorite cousins here!!

First bath in our new place!!!Poor guy!!! Seriously, he wore himself out.
Okay, so I don't have many pics of the apartment to post right now. It's just way too messy right now. It's very nice. At least double the size of what we had (other than less cabinet space) updated, and lots of amenities here. I will post pics of the pad later. But here is our pool.
And gym!!! Time to work off the pizza.

Now, it's Sunday...we got up and went outside for a little play time. It was chilly!!!
So, I hope I don't offend any Kentucky peeps out there with my title ;) Not only do they have teeth here, they also have good places to eat!!It was time for some fun on Sunday. Play time outside, and yummy food.

Little cutie...Check her out, getting down on that salad!!
They have teeth, good food, and decent stores!!! We didn't hit Wal-Mart, it was Kroger for us!!!
My babes.
These two pics crack me up. They were so scared of the Halloween display. That is fear on his face.
And Hope made a mad dash!!!

Oh, and I'll finish with this!! Standing in front of a Christmas tree!!! It's coming fast people!!!I know it's only been two days, but so far it feels like I'm on vacation. You know like, we'll head home in a week or so. It's weird to turn on the news and not know any of the anchors, or not know the radio stations, of course I have no clue where I'm going. I have SO much to do, that loneliness hasn't set in. I figure that will come later. *sigh* And thanks again to all of you that helped us. You know who you are. I LOVE YOU!!!!