Saturday, October 22, 2016


Dear Pierce,

I have to resist the urge to ask where the time has gone. MUST. RESIST. 

You are now, TWELVE.

As your mom, I just don't think of you that age.

You know I imagine when you leave for college, when you get married, when you venture off into adulthood, I will still be all like, WHERE'S MY BABY BOY GOING?

You are getting SO independent.

I guess being in sixth grade that's a good thing, I mean this is your last year of elementary school. Which by the way, you are still doing so well in school. Sometimes you think all the work and effort is stupid, which I get. However, you never quit. You always work hard and get the grades, mom and dad appreciate that about you.

That independence thing that you are getting so good at? Well, sometimes it stings for a mom.

You know what else can sting?

Your pre-teen attitude.

In your favor though, you ALWAYS apologize, which is a pretty awesome quality.

Something else I think is awesome? You still want to spend time with us.

I always hear of kids taking friends to the beach with them, and I'm sure one day you'll want that too, but for now you still think mom and dad are fun to be with.

You and Hope still fight a lot, but then you also take good care of her. Just the other night she was sick and I heard you telling her, "it's okay Hopie, you'll be okay." I just need us to remember those moments...

I think your past year of life has been filled with some pretty great moments, and yes, even some rough moments. Together we will always get through it though.

Like I've told you many times this last year: you are more than your grades, you are more than sports, you are more than our son, you are a child of God.

Wherever year TWELVE takes you, remember that.

Oh, and you'll always be my baby.

Here's to year TWELVE!




bethjosh said...

what a beautiful post!!!!

Susie said...

Happy Birthday Pierce!

Jaime Mac said...

Happy birthday, Pierce!
(And I know this post is all about Pierce, but man - Hope is growing up too!!!)