Monday, August 3, 2009

A little b-day party action...

Sunday night, we went to my mom and dad's for a birthday party. We celebrated my dad's, Christopher's (my nephew) and Jaclyn's (Christopher's fiance) We had lots of yummy food, and desserts and hung like a family does......bummer was Paul wasn't able to make it, he got sick early Sunday morning.......and then on the way home, I hit something and my tire blew out, so it made for a VERY INTERESTING's a look at some of the fun.

My handsome nephew!!!
Dad and Jaclyn.

The three birthday amigos, blowing out their candles.

Cody playing "princess purse" with his cousin =)

Cutie pie, Nathan!!

Christopher, Nathan and mom listening to a story.

You should have seen the fight Cody put up when we told him he had to have a pic taken with his mom....oh to be fourteen again!!!!!

The three little ones hangin out....OK, Nathan, your not little anymore ;)

Yes, that's Sacagewa hanging out!!! Seriously, my parents keep their house at 19 below, so I had to warm up.....that's my Aunt Linda who is also "playing Sacagewa" (my dad's sister)

My pretty blue eyed boy!!!

Showing off her brand new "princess purse"

Enjoying some yummy dessert!!!!

Happy Birthday....DAD, JACLYN, and CHRISTOPHER!!!!!!!

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Tracey said...

Such good pictures! I love the one of you and your aunt both being sacagewia! Hilarious. You look scared, like someone is chasing you. :) Your nephews are all quite adorable as usual!