Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Family time

Yes, we are still alive. 

And even excited about life, as my staged expression shows here. 

Not long ago Jami and I were having a conversation and she said something that really stuck with me, "I think Instagram has taken the place of blogging." And that was like a lightbulb,YOU'RE RIGHT!

Over on Instagram you take a photo of the highlight of your day or weekend, throw a caption on it, and bam, here's my life. Quick and easy. So maybe that explains some of my blogging slump, that and time.

But here I am, alive and well, and intending on telling you who are chomping at the bit (HI MOMS AND DADS) some goings ons.

Spending time with family, THAT'S BEEN GOING ON.

You see how exciting we are when we're together.

Jo was here for a weekend. We managed to be a little more exciting than naps, but not by much.

Of course her visit warranted THE SELFIE STICK!

And there is only one reason I posted so many pictures of this...

Check out Paul.


How does one do that? I have no clue.

Also, Neena and Papaw came for a visit.

It was Grandparents Day and book fair all rolled into one. Kids were so spoiled by them, but I suppose books is a good thing to go overboard on.

The kids just love seeing their family.

And I am ALWAYS thankful for family coming to see us.

Until next time!


Jami said...

I am cracking up at Paul's expression, hilarous! And yes, IG has taken over blogging. Totally!

Susie said...

Great to see you are getting to spend some fun time with the family!! Missed your blogging too!