Sunday, October 12, 2008

Blow my mind

I just want to brag on my child a minute... Tonight Hope was letting me know that she wanted some Goldfish crackers to eat. I handed her the crackers and she just fussed and whined and I said "What do you want?" She looks at me and says "A Bowl" Well that blew my mind!! I said "You want to put your crackers in a bowl?" She said "Uh-huh" I didn't really think she would answer me. I am fascinated at the level of verbal skills she has, maybe it's a girl thing, or second child thing, I don't know but it's neat.......Oh, here are a couple pictures of my fly-girl she likes to go after the flies and try and kill them!!

"I am ready to kill"

"I am a warrior, I will have victory over all the flies!"


Tracey said...

Hilarious that she tries to kill flies! Oh, and you added labels!! You go girl!

Jami said...

she is too precious.