Tuesday, January 27, 2009

What does she eat?

My daughter, Miss Hope Elizabeth 21 months old likes to eat the following:

Cole Slaw
Raw Brocolli
Raw Cauliflower
Tossed Salad

Those are just the things I think are the most strange for a child under two years old.

Today I offered her a marshmallow and she saw that I was fixing myself a salad and said "no mallow" and then pointed to mommy's salad. She wanted a salad over a marshmallow, I just find that incredible.

**On a side note, Pierce was stuck in a jam today and I heard him yelling "Lord help me" ....How funny is that?!?

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Tracey said...

See, another reason they are meant to be! Levi doesn't like sweets. He'll take a cup of fruit over a cookie! (Not my child for sure) Very cute that Pierce said "Lord help me!" Adorable kidos.