Thursday, June 25, 2015

Making the best of summer.

It was four years ago that I took a very unsure Hope Elizabeth downtown to play in the fountains, you know for FUN! Even though she wasn't so sure about how FUN it was. 

It was hotter than hot and she just stood back and watched. Those things freaked her out!

But given time she finally jumped in and had a blast.

Fast forward four years. 

Brittany and I decided to take the kids to the fountains for an afternoon of fun. And just like my baby, Brittany's baby was thinking I DO NOT THINK SO. 

The other four jumped right in.

Free fun, it doesn't get much better than that.

But it didn't take Emie long at all to warm up, especially with her buddy by her side.


You take them to play in water on a hot day, and they find a ball and decide a game of catch is a better idea.  SUCH BOYS.

But these two were in it to win it.

And it really was quite adorable.

Emie loved it!

And Hope loved that Emie loved it.

These two are just too much.

Finally the boys gave in a played IN the water.

Much better idea, IN MY OPINION.

Summer is already going by so fast!

And I'm bumming hard.

My summers as a child always felt long

Summer for kids these days are much shorter, and I hate that.

But hopefully we are making the best of it.


Jami said...

Hope is so sweet and cute with Emie. We have just 5 weeks left and it stinks.

Susie said...

To cute!!

Tracey said...

Fun! :)

Jaime Mac said...

Hope has gotten SO much taller! She's growing into a lovely young lady! :)