Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Cody Bear is 16.

Sniff.....Sniff......time keeps marching on!! My sister's oldest is about to turn 16, and we celebrated his birthday last weekend. I mean, really 16?? Who remembers being 16? I sure remember starting to drive and the freedom, and how great that felt. I'm not quite sure how Cody feels about turning 16, well, because he doesn't talk much ;-) He's a good kid, and I miss my little Cody Bear, and I know Jo sure must her little baby. Time marches on....

And let me tell you, the girls love this kid. He's a stud at Borden.
I had to include this one. So, when we sing the "happy birthday" song, well we BUTCHER it. I mean, we are awful!! My mom asked if we would all try this time to do a good job, and even harmonize. HA!!! Well, we upped the anty on the awful meter and it was quite hilarious. As you can see, we die laughing ;-)
Jo, and her boys. Love you Cody Bear!!! Your crazy aunt Gretchen!!!

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Tracey said...

That's funny that you said you don't know how he feels about turning 16 b/c he doesn't talk much! ;) Cute pic of Jo & the boys.