Sunday, December 5, 2010


This weekend we packed up the family wagon, *again* and headed for French Lick!!! My parents heard about the "Polar Express" through my aunt a couple months back and asked if we would be interested in doing it, and we jumped on it!!! We always watch the movie about 10 times each Christmas season, the kids love it, so I thought this would be a sure hit. We decided to meet up early and eat lunch there, and take a look around before hitting the train. I hadn't been to French Lick, in for-ever. Those hotels are amazing!!

This was outside where we are lunch. This is the old hotel, it's quite beautiful.
There were so MANY beautiful trees!!!

They were loving it!!They love everything about this time of year....well, except for the big man!! HA!!
Daddy and Papaw showing them all the pretties in the window.
Then we headed to the other hotel, I don't remember the name, but holy cow it's gorgeous. It's this huge dome, and my camera does not do it justice at all. The rooms go up to $600 a night!!!
Kids were unimpressed with expensive rooms, but loved the room to run ;)
There were also old fashioned carolers, very neat.
Then we headed to the train ride. I had never been on a real train before, I'm telling you, I think I was the most excited one there. And it was snowing!!! It was an absolute perfect setting.

What kind of mom am I? Kids coats wide open, geez.This was our car, and you can kind of see the snow ;)
At our table and ready!!!
Neena and Papaw excited too!!

These little elves were our entertainment and really engaged the kids. Pretty cute stuff. Actually I think Pierce had a crush on this one!!
Watching the snow and ready to roll!!!
I know some of the pictures are jacked up looking, but they were really quite excited!!!!
See the man's hands over Pierce's head? The conductor came around and punched everyone's tickets over their heads. Super cute!!
Hopie too!!!
Then while the story was being read aloud, the conductor walked around and showed us the book.
Passing out the hot chocolate!!!
Cookies and hot chocolate. I was in heaven I tell you!!!
These are the cute mugs we got to take home.
When the story was almost over some of the kids got on the floor with the elves, and Hope made her way down there.
Then we finally made it to the NORTH POLE!!!!!!!!

And the big man, made his way on the train!!! He handed out bells to each one of the kids on the train. Here's the thing with my kids....they don't dig santa. HAHA. Even with that aside, it was a ton of fun!!! A wonderful Christmas memory, and thanks to this little thing called blogging, my kids will always have it documented. Thanks mom and dad for a fun, fun night!!!


Tracey said...

LOVE IT!!!! What a great experience. :) You did an awesome job capturing the night!

Jill said...

This is so cool! We went up to French Lick last year. It was pretty. I would definitely go back up for something like this. How neat!

Jami said...

That looks awesome!!! LOVE the pajamas.

The McAfee's said...

I AM SO JEALOUS!!!! By the time I heard about this, it was already sold out! Bummer!! I am so glad you had a good time!! You got great pics too! :)

Susie said...

That looks fun!! I love French Lick haven't been in a few year though. The other hotel is West Baden. They both are beautiful hotels.